How To Cheat At Pokémon Go Without Being Caught

Even as Niantic gets better at catching cheaters, there are methods at hacking Pokémon Go any Android user can try.

Pokémon GO has been a sensation since its release in 2016, but along with hordes of aspiring trainers came a slew of cheats and workarounds. Niantic has been pretty militant about catching and banning cheaters, from identifying Pokémon caught using third-party apps to soft-banning trainers that use GPS spoofers to so they can only catch common Pokémon.

No system is perfect though, and there are still ways to cheat at Pokémon GO without getting caught. Here’s how you can still spoof your GPS without being stuck with hundreds of Pidgeys.

Step 1: Root Your Phone

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This first step depends on your device, and really only works on Android phones. Also, you’re going to have to revert to Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) if you’re on a current device running Android 7.0 (Nougat). To do that, you can use some tools on the website here.

Once you’ve got your phone rooted, you’ll need to install Xposed Framework, as well as updating Developer Options and allowing your phone to install apps from Unknown Sources. Both of those are under the Settings menu of Android, but getting them to work can be tricky. For Developer Options, you’ll first have to go to About Phone, and then tap on the Build Number entry at the bottom 7 or 8 times. For Unknown Sources, you’ll have to then go to Security and flip the tab.

Step 2: Install Mock Mock Locations

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Now that you’re phone is rooted you should be ready for the next step, and that is to install Mock Mock Locations.

You may be wondering why that’s even necessary. Well, the reason is that while a GPS spoofer may be providing the app a fake location, modern apps will still be able to access your real location using the actual GPS on your phone if you don’t turn it off (that’s the next step). Mock Mock Locations is an app that essentially blocks your other apps from being able to tell your GPS is disabled.

You can download the module here from the Xposed Installer app. Be sure to reboot your phone and activate the module before going on to the next step.

Step 3: Disable WiFi & Cell Network Locations

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Now that you’ve got Mock Mock installed, it’s time to turn off your phone’s GPS. Head into Settings, then Location, and then Mode. From here select Device Only. This prevents your phone from using other sources, like your wi-fi or cellular network, to determine its location.

You’re not done yet though. Go back to Location, and then hit the three dot menu in the upper right-hand corner and then select Scanning. Make sure Wi-fi and Bluetooth scanning are both turned off. Now you’re done, and we can move on to the fun stuff.

Step 4: Install GPS Spoofer

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There’s a ton of these apps around, and they all basically do the same thing: they make you appear as though your cell phone is somewhere it’s not.

Some of these are a little more Pokémon GO oriented than others, but it really doesn’t matter. Just pick one go start spoofing!

Step 5: Start Spoofing, But Be Careful

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Niantic may not be able to tell you’re using a GPS spoofer via the Pokémon GO app (since we disabled that with Mock Mock Locations), but it can still keep track of where your avatar appears in the world. If they see you teleporting from Los Angeles to Riyadh to Tokyo they’re going to get wise and ban you.

To stay safe, only spoof your GPS a few miles at a time. You may be able to get away with a big leap here and there since people do travel every once in awhile, but constant shifting across the globe will put you in their sights.

And that’s it! Now get out there and catch ‘em all!

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