Pokémon GO Community Day: How To Get The Best Shiny Treeko

This Saturday, March 23rd, will see another Pokémon GO Community Day event, this time focusing on popular Grass-type starter Treeko. A lot of the usual rules apply, and one big change shakes up the day, but the goal remains the same: get a shiny Treeko. For more dedicated players, the goal gets more specific and becomes "get a perfect IV shiny Treeko."

While nothing is guaranteed in Pokémon GO, there are some patterns you can follow to up your chances of getting top-tier shiny plant lizard. First, the basics.

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What To Look For, And When

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Pokémon GO's next community day will be on Saturday, March 23rd. There's a big change happening to the time of the event in that it will happen from 3PM to 6PM no matter what time zone you live in. Past events all happened at once by region, but now there's no need to mess with time zones. As soon as your clock says 3PM, you should start seeing Treeko pop up all around you.

If you want that rare shiny (and who doesn't?), you'll be clicking on every Treeko you see and looking for the teal guy pictured up there. There's no way to ensure you find a shiny. However, you can take advantage of the event's three-hour lures to turn your local PokéStops into Treeko fountains.

The IVs To Watch Out For

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IV stands for "Individual Value." It's basically an indicator of your Pokémon's potential to reach its maximum possible power. The number isn't visible on your screen, you have to use the "Appraise" function to suss it out. That would normally involve clicking on every Pokémon you catch, but Reddit user Zinfogel created a quick guide to help you quicken the pace when it comes to Treeko.

If the Treeko you catch has a CP that matches one on the above chart, it has a good chance of having the best possible IVs. Nothing is guaranteed, mind you, but this is the best way to raise your chances and efficiently go through the many Treeko you'll encounter.

A Few Final Tips

Keeping an eye out for the CPs posted on the chart and using your lures will be a big help in getting the shiny Treeko of your dreams, but there are a few other things you can do to get the most out of Community Day. Egg hatching will be dramatically easier for the event's duration, so be sure to walk a lot and use those incubators. Treeko can also learn a special move if it evolves before 7PM. Take the best Treeko you caught and evolve it as soon as 6PM hits. Finally, use berries and curveballs as usual to up your capture chances. Follow this advice, and you can come away from Saturday a Pokémon Master.

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