Pokémon GO Community Day: How To Get The Best Shiny Bagon

This Saturday, April 13th, will be Pokémon GO Trainers' chance to catch a shiny Bagon, one of the more popular Dragon-type Pokémon. While collecting one is cool in and of itself, some players like to go for an extra challenge. They want a shiny Bagon with 100% perfect IVs.

IV stands for "Individual Value." It's basically an indicator of your Pokémon's potential for ideal maximum stats. The number isn't immediately visible, you have to use the "Appraise" function on your Pokémon's info screen to see how they stack up. That would normally involve clicking through text for every Pokémon you catch, but Reddit user Zinfogel created a quick guide to what a perfect IV Bagon looks like.

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What To Look For, And When

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As is the norm now, Community Day will run from 3PM to 6PM your local time. During those three hours, you'll find Pokémon GO flooded with Bagon spawns. A few of these will be green, the rare shiny form of this dragon tot.

If the Bagon you catch has a CP that matches one on the chart below, it has a good chance of having 100% perfect IVs. Nothing is guaranteed, mind you, but these offer the highest chance of perfect IVs and will help you efficiently go through the many Bagon you'll encounter.

Windy weather will boost the CPs even higher, giving you a chance for a more powerful perfect IV creature. Of course, you can't control the weather, so all you can do is hope.

Other Bonuses


While you can walk around and search for a perfect Bagon, this Community Day is making it a little easier to park in one spot. That's because lures will last the entire three hours. Of course, it's always better to walk so you can hatch eggs. But we won't judge you if you want to catch Bagon from the comfort of your own home.

Make sure to catch enough to get over 125 candy, because you need that much to fully evolve Bagon into Salamence. Doing so by 7PM will get you the exclusive Community Day move Outrage. Salamence is already a strong raid contender, and Outrage only further boosts its power.

Happy hunting! And be sure to check back with TheGamer for more tips and tricks.

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