Pokémon GO Eggstravaganza: All The Quests, Rewards, And Shinies

Pokémon GO is celebrating Easter and Spring with an Eggstravaganza. In keeping with the theme of eggs, hatching Poké Eggs will yield double the usual candy, and Incubators will hatch eggs in half the usual walking distance. Lucky Eggs will also last twice as long. Finally, Spring and egg-themed Pokémon spawn more frequently. All of this will last until April 23rd.

While we can't really give you a guide on taking advantage of these bonuses (it's easy, you just walk a lot), there are still some new research tasks to watch out for. There's also two new season-appropriate shinies. So without further ado, let's get cracking.

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The Shinies 

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The mascot of this event, it seems, is Buneary. The adorable pink Buneary is its shiny form. You should have no trouble finding them, they seem to be spawning everywhere. They multiplied like... well like rabbits.

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Also of note is the Jigglypuff family, now in shiny form for this event. While many fans more readily recognize Jigglypuff due to its cartoon antics, the shiny seems to be more common in its baby form, Igglybuff. Which brings us to...

Egg Changes

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It's all about the eggs. Not only are they hatching twice as fast, but there's also been a shift in what Pokémon hatch from what egg. Baby Pokémon, infamous for their rarity, are now appearing in 2km eggs alongside the typical 7km. This makes it way easier to grind through eggs to find the elusive Chingling and Riolu. You should be hatching as many 2km eggs as you can until the 23rd.

The Quests

Hatch An Egg - Buneary

By hatching one egg, you'll get a Buneary to appear. With Buneary being newly shiny, you'll want to find every Buneary you can. Especially because quest reward Pokémon usually have great IVs.

Hatch 3 Eggs - Azumarill

There's only one actual bunny Pokémon availavle at this time, and that's Buneary. So it looks like Niantic decided to adjust its definition of rabbit for this event. Azumarill does have long ears, even if it does evolve from a water mouse. This is a strange reward, but I guess a good one if you're a newer player who never caught enough Marill to evolve.

Evolve 5 Eggs - Chansey

This one will take you the longest, but it's still not difficult by any standards. If you're playing regularly during this event, you should be hatching eggs frequently. Especially if you follow the earlier advice and focus on 2km eggs. Whether or not Chansey is worth the wait is a matter of need. Do you still need a perfect IV Chansey? Or more candies to evolve your Chansey into Blissey? If so, this quest is for you.


Hopefully this guide helps you get something rare. Happy Hunting!

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