Pokémon GO Hosts Europe-Wide Event To Make Up For Technical Difficulties At Dortmund Gathering

After difficulties at the Dortmund Safari Zone event, Pokémon Go is giving all of Europe the rare Corsola. But some players aren't happy about that.

While U.S. Pokémon trainers are gearing up to enjoy barbecue and fireworks, European Pokémon Go players have their own reason to celebrate. Corsola, a Pokémon never-before seen in the continent, is available all over Europe as part of a special event. Some players, however, don't see this as a cause for partying. That's because the event only exists to make up for another troubled event.

Last week saw Dortmund, Germany hosting a Safari Zone event. These events are once-a-year occurrences where Pokémon Go basically takes over a city. Rare Pokémon spawn in droves, contests are held for huge rewards, and nearly-impossible Pokémon like Corsola make limited appearances. Corsola was actually the big draw for Dortmund's Safari Zone, and many fans spent hundreds of Euros traveling to Germany just to capture it, Eurogamer reports.

However, in what has become expected of Pokémon Go, the Safari Zone was plagued by technical issues. As an apology, the game's developer Niantic decided to make Corsola appear throughout the entirety of Europe for 48 hours. It was a decision that brought as much rage as it did joy.

via: usgamer.net

Corsola is what players call a regional Pokémon, due to the fact that it only spawns in one particular place in the world. These Pokémon are the bane of every Pokémon Go player, making it so that one has to literally fly around the globe to catch 'em all. So Corsola leaving its usual home near the Equator to make a special appearance in Europe presents a unique opportunity. An opportunity many players paid for.

Those who traveled to Dortmund for the exclusive right to catch Corsola were surprised to find that their prize is now being distributed all over the continent. Many took to Twitter to bash Niantic's decision, saying that the apology gift was like a slap in the face to those loyal enough to attend the event.

via: twitter.com/kayotickitchen

Of course, there's also a lot to be said for someone who spends 300 Euro just to catch a Pokémon. Perhaps enjoying a trip to Germany should have also been on the itinerary.

Still, Niantic does deserve a heaping portion of the blame, as well as the loss of trust. Regardless of how well its event did or what kind of apology gift it gave out, the fact is that regional Pokémon shouldn't even exist in the first place. Locking content behind traveling to other countries is a cheap way to extend your game's lifespan. Perhaps if Niantic acted less out of fear that people would catch 'em all and put more effort into the successful systems like Friends and Trading, Pokémon Go wouldn't be the subject of regular embarrassment.

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