Pokémon GO’s Extraordinary Raid Week Strategy Guide

It's becoming a weekly tradition for Pokémon GO to have some sort of event. There was a time when fans complained that there wasn't enough content, and Niantic's response was to provide these regular mini-events focusing on different aspects of the game. This time it's raids, and trainers will be teaming up to get some new shiny Pokémon.

In what's being called "Extraordinary Raid Week," Pokémon GO trainers will see an increase in raids from May 21st to May 28th. You can find out all the details here, but we're going to break it down to the basics so you know which raids to seek out and when.

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How Many Raids Can You Do, And When?

The event goes from 1PM on the 21st to 1PM on the 28th. You get one free pass a day. That's eight passes, as long as you collect before 1PM on the 28th. Furthermore, Saturday the 25th will give you four extra passes. So you can do 12 raids for free. Of course, you can do more if you want to spend real money on more passes.

You are limited to carrying one free pass at a time, however. That means you have to raid at least once a day in order to free yourself to claim the next day's pass. On Saturday the 25th, you'll have to raid four times to claim those extra free passes. So what should you use your daily pass for?

Hunt Shinies Or Fill Pokédex

Niantic is advertising this event to do two things: up the chances for certain shiny Pokémon and put more rare evolved forms into the world. You may want to decide before you start raiding which one appeals to you.

Shinies are always prized for looking cool, but they don't actually fight differently. Hunting them is a challenge for those who have played Pokémon Go regularly for years now, and have pretty much caught 'em all. If you're caught up on the current generation, you'll be looking for Bronzor raids. This is the first time Bronzor's shiny form will be available, making it your first chance to hunt this new variant (the green one).

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Longtime players will also want to clear their schedule for Saturday the 25th. On that day, Lapras raids will appear. The shiny Lapras has been available for a few weeks, but is insanely rare. You'll get at least five chances to do a Lapras raid on the 25th, and you won't want to miss them.

If you're not the kind of player who monitors subreddits and raids with Discord groups, the shinies might not be your priority. That's because several rare Pokémon will be part of this raid event. Slakoth, Kirlia, Bronzor, Dragonite, and Clamperl aren't common spawns in the wild. This week of raids is the perfect chance to guarantee an encounter, as well as use a Pinap Berry to farm candies to evolve these elusive Pokémon.

Essentially, take note of the gaps in your Pokédex before the event starts. If you're missing any of the featured Pokémon or their evolved forms, focus on finding those raids. If you're caught up, feel free to put all those raid passes into shiny hunting.

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Consider Your Community

One last thing to think about is who you will raid with. If you're going for shiny Bronzor, you can take it down by yourself. But if you want Metagross, Dragonite, or that Saturday Lapras, you'll need a team.

Discord is a good resource for finding raid partners. Many serious Pokémon GO players start a Discord group to coordinate raiding with local players. The app is available on phones, so setting up a raid is as easy as sending a quick text. If you plan to raid during Extraordinary Raid Week, especially on Saturday the 25th, consider asking local players if they use Discord. You'll know who they are because they'll also be staring at their phones and tapping like crazy. You may find valuable allies and even make new friends.

Happy Hunting!

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