Pokémon Go Fest Is Coming Back To Chicago Despite Disastrous First Try

Niantic will be trying their luck again with another Pokémon Go event in Chicago this Summer.

Niantic will be trying their luck again with another Pokémon Go event in Chicago during the Summer. This follows a previous event that was so mismanaged that it ended in litigation.

Pokémon Go Fest 2018: A Walk in the Park will be held on July the 14th and 15th in Lincoln Park in Chicago. A single day pass will set you back $20. The event itself will offer fans a chance to catch rare Pokémon across a 1.8-mile walking course while being given an opportunity to mingle with other fans of the game.

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The fans who attended the previous Pokémon Go event have every right to be concerned about another one, considering the fact that the previous one was so poorly managed that it resulted in a lawsuit.

The previous Pokémon Go event was held at Chicago Grant Park. You had to pay in order to enter, which many fans willingly did, as the event gave everyone a chance to catch the elusive Lugia.

It seems that Niantic wasn't quite prepared for the massive turnout for the event, as the attendees suffered from connectivity issues that made Pokémon Go unplayable. The twenty-thousand attendees were unable to do anything but stare at a blank phone screen.

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Niantic tried to placate the audience by giving everyone a Lugia for free. They later offered to refund all of the ticket prices and gave attendees a one-hundred dollars of Pokémon Go's in-game currency.

A class-action lawsuit was launched against Niantic, which resulted in them being liable for paying the travel & residence costs of those who journeyed from outside of Chicago, so long as they kept the receipts.

Since the original Chicago event, Niantic has hosted several successful Pokémon Go events across Europe and Japan, so it seems that they have finally worked out the bugs and can make up for the debacle that was the previous Pokémon Go even in Chicago.

Tickets for the Pokémon Go event in Chicago will go on sale on the 11th of May. The event itself will be held on July the 14th and 15th of 2018.


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