Pokémon Go Glitch Is Deleting High-Level Accounts, And Niantic Is Ignoring Support Queries About It

High level Pokémon Go players are finding their accounts suddenly deleted, and can go weeks without any sort of helpful response from Niantic.

It seems the Pokémon Go player base is in the midst of a weeks-long problem, and the game's developer is doing little to stop it. Players with accounts over level 35, a feat which takes massive amounts of dedication and possibly more than a few dollars, have found themselves suddenly unable to log into the game. After discovering that they were deleted, they contacted support only to get generic responses more often than not. Now, about two months since the first report of this phenomenon, several players are still accountless and answerless.

The issue is just now making waves thanks to a post on the Silph Road, a subreddit that acts as a hub for Pokémon Go players. The writer of the post, StrangeFreak, reports that their friend lost their account in December and hasn't received any help from Pokémon Go developer Niantic. StrangeFreak also dug up two other posts telling similar stories.

While circumstances differ slightly, the basic events are the same: Player can't log in, player contacts Niantic support, player gets a message saying the problem is known, player hears nothing for days, player reaches out again, and player finally gets left hanging with a vague "we're working on it" type message.

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Even more troubling for players is that after spending days going back-and-forth with Niantic to get these kinds of disappointing responses, many get an auto response that tries to close their case despite it being unsettled.

After Reddit user Tezarc spent most of this month contacting two different Niantic support employees to get his account back, his latest message read: "Thanks for your patience, we’ve identified your account as one of a small subset of players who have been experiencing this issue."

"Then," he wrote in a post, "...6 hours later I also received the 'Do you still need assistance?' message trying to close out the support ticket."

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Unfortunate as this all is, some players might take comfort in knowing that this isn't their issue, that is supposedly only affects "a small subset of players" as Niantic claims. Except it does carry lasting implications for one of Pokémon Go's biggest features: gyms.

"I also verified that any gyms that I'm currently in becomes inaccessible to other trainers. Those that have a 'mon inside the gym can see their 'mon from their gym list, but both attempting to access the gym remotely or on location gets them Network Error 2," said Tezarc.

At the moment, Niantic hasn't made a public comment about the issue. And while it hasn't affected enough players to truly doom the game, it has caused those with deleted accounts to question if they even do want to go back.

Reddit user Henchman_twenty-four, who lost a level 40 account, said "...maybe the longer I go without playing, I'll realize I don't miss it and won't come back and Niantic loses a customer. Frankly, I'm wondering how much is left for me in the game as it is and maybe this is what ends it for me."

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