Pokémon GO Halloween 2019: All The Quests And Rewards

The fall festivities are in full swing for Pokémon GOas all of the Halloween events started yesterday, October 17, and will run through November 1. With all of the ghoulish antics taking place, there are tons of activities and event prizes to cover.

Halloween Bonuses and Additions

Given the Halloween theme, it is only fitting that Dark and Ghost-type pokémon receive increased spawn rates for the festivities. Typical for Pokémon GO's Halloween events, double candy will also be awarded for catching, hatching, and transferring pokémon. This year some of the pokémon will be in costume, providing Trainers with chances to catch their new costumed versions- Shiny forms too- along with opportunities to catch Yamask and its newly attainable shiny form as well. Though not an Easter event, pokémon Eggs will be benefiting from the festivities too, with Poochyena and Murkrow hatching from two and five-kilometer Eggs respectively.

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Field Research Tasks

This Halloween has brought with it a long list of research tasks to be completed and they are all either ghostly in nature or give out spooky rewards.


1. Catching 5 Ghastly or Shuppets will award the Trainer a Sneasel.

2. Catching 10 Ghost-type pokémon will earn the Trainer 1,000 stardust. This task pairs nicely with the one above as both Ghastly and Shuppet are ghost-type. Completing the 5 Ghastly/Shuppet task will see half of this Ghost-type task out of the way already.

3. Evolve 3 of the Flying/Ghost-type pokémon, Drifloon or 3 of the Poison/Dark-type pokémon, Stunky to obtain 1 rare candy.

4. The Ground/Ghost-type pokémon, Golett will be awarded for completing 3 excellent throws consecutively.

5. It wouldn't be a holiday without Team Rocket trying to crash the festivities. Defeat a Team GO Rocket Grunt to obtain the Ghost-type pokémon, Yamask.

6. Lastly, get your cameras ready to capture the paranormal with 5 snapshots of Ghost-type pokémon. This feat will award the dual Dark and Ghost-type pokémon, Sableye.

New Shadow Pokémon


Team GO Rocket brought some ghosts of their own to the festivities. Shuppet, Sableye, Lapras, Trapinch, Duskull, Weedle, Electabuzz, Magmar, and Cacnea are all Shadow Pokémon now. Battle at Rocket Stops to add them to your team and stop them from looking so angry.

Event Raid Bosses

No Pokémon event is complete without some festive battling, so Pokémon GO has lined up a series of thematic Raid Bosses.

Tier 1 Raids feature Charmander, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Pikachu, all in costume, along with the Ghost-type Drifloon and Misdreavus. Rounding off the Tier one line-up will be the Steel-type pokémon, Klink.

Tier 2 Raids are hosting Sneasel, Yamask, and Sableye, along with the Fairy/Steel-type Mawile.

Tier 3 Raids boast the following roster: Gengar, the Poison/Ghost-type pokémon, Dark-types Sharpedo and Skunktank, along with Raichu in its psychic Alolan form.

Tier 4 Raids are paying homage to the darkness with Tyranitar, Umbreon, and Absol taking their positions. Marowak's Alolan Fire/Ghost form will also be joining the fight.

Tier 5 Raids will round things off with a showdown against the Mythical Dark-type pokémon, Darkrai.

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Happy Halloween!

`Pokémon Trainers will have no shortage of tricks and treats this Halloween, with so many events lined up throughout the season. There are bonuses a-plenty and many tricky endeavors for the more advantageous adventurers, so be sure to set aside some time over the next few weeks to get out there and catch 'em all!

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