Pokémon Go: 10 Pokémon With The Highest HP

Switch's upcoming Pokémon Sword and Shield seems to be all the talk of the Pokétown these days. Yet, there is still a relatively thriving community for the endlessly appealing AR mobile game, Pokémon Go. You may still see gaggles of people conglomerating in an attempt to lock down a gym, or to get in on some exciting Raid action with friends.

Though the popularity of this app may have waned a bit, the enticement of taking over a gym and letting those coins role in, or capturing a powerful Pokémon will always be there. For the purpose of holding down the fort for your team and being an asset in those tricky Raid battles, nabbing high HP Pokémon is crucial.

So let's examine some of the beefiest, tankiest fighters who will help you notch plenty of Poké-riches. These are the Pokémon with the absolute highest HP.

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10 Blissey - 496 HP

This Normal egg-dorning Pokémon clocks in at a massive average base stat of about 265. For the sake of reference, this is compared to some of the weaker, more common Pokémon that hover near or at the low 100's. It currently has the highest base HP as well.

Unlike her unevolved counterpart, Blissey is useful as both a tank and something an offensive force, with its devastating Hyper Beam Charge attack. Though, since she is an evolution of Chansey - an already somewhat rare variety - she's not easy to snag. You'll at least have an outside chance in catching one when prowling highly populated areas or using a plethora of candies to evolve your Chansey. You can also walk around with a 10km egg and cross your fingers for the rare occurrence one will hatch.

9 Chansey - 487 HP

Unlike her older, more powerful sister, Chansey's role is more confined to merely holding down a gym and gathering as many coins as you can. This is because its base attack is rather weak compared to other tanky Pokémon. However, she still is capable of the same attacks that Blissey is, and her base HP sits at a more than sufficient 487.

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This is still quite a separation from the remaining 8 tanky Pokémon featured on this list. Because of these factors, Chansey proves a highly effective weapon for gyms and Raids in Pokémon Go, regardless of whether or not you're able to evolve it.

8 Wobbuffet - 382 HP

Many Pokémon fans, particularly of the old school Generation 1 ilk, think of this guy as that annoying nuance that obstructed everything in the earlier Smash Brosofferings. Yet, getting beyond its goofy punching bag-esque appearance, this oddball Psychic type is actually pretty useful.

This evolution of Wynaut can pack quite a punch in Pokémon Go, as his Counter and Mirror Coat moves come with an absurdly high DPS. But, because of Wobbuffet's defensive/protective nature - especially when it comes to its tail - it's also effective in the wars of attrition that are Raid and gym battles. It comes with a robust amount of HP; taking a top 3 position in the game.

7 Wailord - 347 HP

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Yes, as it turns out, this Generation 3 water type can be quite useful beyond simply transporting Ash across the ocean as occurred in the TV series. It's also a beast when it comes to HP, and can help you outlast opponents in Pokémon Go rather effectively.

It perhaps goes without saying that this massive whale Pokémon can withstand some devastating blows. But what you might not know is that this beast comes with the highest average base stats for water type Pokémon, as well as the highest HP of that type, sitting at a whopping 347. Sorry Lapras, but when it comes to sea creatures, Wailord reigns supreme.

6 Snorlax - HP 330

Ah yes, the laziest Pokémon of them all, the great Snorlax. Despite being an old timer Generation 1 variety, Snorlax manages to hold onto his spot as one of the top 5 highest HP Pokémon and is a terrific go-to when seeking a solid tank.

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He may be slow and cumbersome, but Pokémon Go's lack of a speed stat makes this basically irrelevant anyway. His massive body allows him to withstand quite a few blows from trainers looking to claim his resting place at gyms. In the many wars of attrition you'll be waging in Pokémon Go, slow and steady often wins the race, and Snorlax can outlast just about anyone under the right circumstances.

5 Drifblim - 312 HP

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Nope, "Drifblim" isn't the name of some old Viking hero as it may sound. Rather, it's a Flying and Ghost hybrid Pokémon that appears to be a cross between a ghoul and a hot air balloon. These suckers aren't easy to catch, but can often be seen wandering (or perhaps haunting?) residential areas and churches, particularly at night. They can also be evolved from the more common Drifloon.

Simply put, there's a reason this ghostly balloon managed to defeat Ash's well-seasoned Pikachu in the TV series; it's a force to be reckoned with. This Pokémon has an overall base stat approaching 200, and a base HP well north of 300.

4 Hariyama - 302 HP

A fighting force of nature, Hariyama has far more going for it than his offensive prowess. With an average total base stat of 208, and HP over 300, this is one of the most effective fighting Pokémon to battle with, bar none.

Its Charged Attacks like Heavy Slam and Dynamic Punch can pack quite a punch indeed, and its Counter move further makes him a solid choice for both an offensive and defensive fighting weapon. As they can be found practicing their moves in a variety of locations they're also not particularly hard to nab, especially if you opt for its more common unevolved form, Makuhita.

3 Wigglytuff - 295 HP

If you happen to be attending college, you may want to keep your eyes peeled for this evolution of Jigglypuff, as they can often be seen singing the night away at campuses, and other places of interest. Don't let its cute and non-threatening appearance fool you though, these little guys can be deceptively tough.

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Its potential moveset is impressive to say the least, featuring a devastating Ice Beam, Hyper Beam, and Dazzling Gleam. Not only this, but it's also got one of the highest HP totals in the game, which nears the 300 mark. Simply put, you don't want to be lulled to sleep by this guy's serenading lullaby.

2 Slaking - 284 HP

Just like some others featured in this list, Slaking comes with an appearance that doesn't exactly ring as intimidating. It's perhaps second only to Snorlax in its lazy and overall sedentary lifestyle. Yet, this Generation 3 Normal type can be anything but normal when it comes to its power.

Not only does this bearded ape-like creature rank high in the top ten when it comes to strength, but its HP is also no slouch, sitting at 284. Its moves can send foes running for the hills too, with its powerful Earthquake and Hyper Beam attacks.

1 Giratina - 284 HP

While the unevolved form of Snorlax, Munchlax, slightly edges out this legendary Ghost/Dragon type in base HP, Giratina easily deserves a spot on this list. It comes equipped with a more-than-respectable 284 base HP of its own, solid defense, and a CP potential that's absurd, hitting a whopping 4619.

Good luck catching one though, since - as of now at least - only specific Raid events which began at Halloween of 2018 allow you to get your hands on this rare winged beast. Even then, it'll be a struggle, as it possesses some very tough Charge Attacks, and you'll likely need several people at least close to the level cap of 40 and some dragon Pokémon to have a fighting chance.

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