10 Hilarious Pokémon GO Logic Memes Every Trainer Can Relate To

Since Pokémon GO came out in the sweet summer of 2016, memes have abounded across the Internet. The initial hype may have died down, but that hasn't stopped local meme enthusiasts from churning out fun, relatable content for all trainers to enjoy.

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The best memes of all, though, are the ones that perfectly encapsulate the Pokémon GO experience. Video game logic doesn't always make sense with real-world logic, and the same can be said of everyone's favorite app. These ten memes get right to the heart of every trainer's experience in the world of Pokémon GO.

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10 It's A Bird, It's A Plane, It's... Another Rattata!

No matter what level you may be in Pokémon GO, a Rattata surplus is still a relatable experience across the board. The app has since added more generations of Pokémon for trainers to capture, but especially in the early days, every player was inundated with swarms of Rattata.

Even now, wandering out into the Pokémon GO wilds can still grant you with encounter after encounter with this familiar purple rat when all you want to do is uncover that one rare Pokémon you're missing. Lapras has to be out there somewhere!

9 Egg-cellent!

Ever get one of those "Hmm" moments? This is definitely one of those. Pokémon eggs don't make a whole lot of sense in general if you think about them too deeply, but when it comes to Exeggcute, the logic really starts to fall apart.

How can a bunch of eggs—half a dozen, to be exact—come out of one, smaller egg? Maybe this is a "bigger on the inside" situation, kind of like Pokéballs. But then why is one of Exeggcute's eggs broken? What happened inside of the original egg?! Either way, DW's skeptical expression captures all of these contradictory thoughts perfectly.

8 Waiting, Waiting, Waiting

Though the difference between the two loading screens may be hard to spot at first, once you realize that the Loading bar has changed just slightly, you'll instantly relate to this meme. Pokémon GO can sometimes be a tricky app to boot up. It's improved a lot over the past few years, but even still, there's a lot of content to load in every time you open it.

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Waiting for that loading bar to spike up thus becomes a tense moment every time. We might even get into Spongebob's familiar fetal position here while we anxiously stare at the Loading screen, hoping that it'll work this time. Spongebob's pure joy in the second photo captures what every trainer feels when it finally does.

7 Nothing To See Here

When it comes to deciding where wild Pokémon will spend most of their days, it seems like Pokémon GO has it a bit backward than what we'd normally expect. Even though there's tons of tall grass out in the wilderness, it's hard to find even one Clefairy hiding out there on a good day!

The second you get anywhere near a town, city, or, in this case, a huge Wal-Mart, the Pokémon start to pop up. Guess we'll stick to the city streets to find Pokémon!

6 Is... That A Pokémon?

Oh dear. Poor Exeggcute got crushed again! Though the artist's rendition of this merged monstrosity is a bit extreme, the site up top isn't unfamiliar to any Pokémon GO trainer. Sometimes, Pokémon will load into the world in the same spots as others, leading to some funny combinations.

In this case, though, the artist took it in a horror direction and managed to capture the sense of shock we may feel when we see a blend of Pokémon appear on our screens. Pokémon GO might just be adding some new creations to their Pokédexes!

5 How Far Away Is Too Far Away?

Like the above entry demonstrates, Pokémon GO can have the occasional bug or glitch that often causes amusing results. In this case, though, it's both funny and frustrating for any trainer that just wants to capture a nearby Pokémon.

That Eevee sure does look close to the player! But not according to the map, which claims that it's "too far away." Every trainer who comes across this little error has probably felt the same jolt of annoyance at this particular strain of Pokémon GO logic.

4 It's Team Valor Time!

Ah yes, team memes! How could we leave out Teams Valor, Mystic, and Instinct from this meme lineup? When a trainer first hops into the world of Pokémon GO, they're asked to choose a team to stick with moving forward. Soon enough, memes were born from these early trainer decisions.

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That includes this one, which characterizes Teams Mystic and Valor perfectly while also demonstrating some of Team Valor's own brand of Pokémon logic. Team Mystic usually seems to control gyms during the day, but when trainers come back for another round of battling in the morning, Team Valor has always somehow taken over. They might just all be night owls!

3 Everything's Been Turned Upside-Down

Another meme about the placement of Pokémon in the world! This time around, though, we've got a pair of maps that compare the original Pokémon games—Red, Blue, and Yellow—to the app.

In this case, the Pokémon are all hiding out in the tall grass, as expected, in the original games. The towns used to serve as reprieves from continuously running into Pokémon out in the wild. But in Pokémon GO, the Pokémon have all decided to run straight for the cities! This meme definitely strikes a chord with any trainer that played the original run of games.

2 Eevee, No!

The AR (Augmented Reality) mode in Pokémon GO was bound to spawn its fair share of memes. Any trainer could run out into the world and find Pokémon in the strangest of places—and in this case, it ended in "tragedy."

This poor Eeevee was just hanging out, waiting to be caught, until a car swept by just in time for this trainer to capture it on camera. Anything captured in AR mode doesn't exactly affect the Pokémon, though, and so this Eevee was, thankfully, completely unharmed. This does lead to another break in logic for the game, though.

1 Where Did That Pidgeot Go?

Pokémon GO's weight and height specifications are cool details to feature prominently on every Pokémon's page. It's also neat that the weight and height of each Pokémon are unique, ranging from extra small to extra large.

But with every set of fun details comes confusion. In this case, this poor Pidgeot somehow ended up being only 0.01 kg (or 0.02 lbs) heavy and 0.07 m (or 2.8 in) big. The reverse can also end up happening, where a Pokémon is way too big to imagine in real life. On the bright side, though, this trainer now has a pocket-sized Pidgeot to ride around with them on their shoulder!

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