Pokémon GO: How To Discover And Catch Smeargle

Trainers, it's time to test your photo skills. And by that I mean it's time to spam the photo button on your phone, because that's the only way you'll catch Smeargle, the painter Pokémon that just snuck its way into Pokémon GO today. Since this is one of the few Pokémon not available by walking, questing, or battling, we're going to show you how to use the new AR photo function to nab the sneaky artist.

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Fire Up The Upgraded Camera

As long as you have the latest Pokémon GO update, you should get a notification that your camera has been upgraded to this shiny new orange one. This will allow you to take pictures using AR+ if your phone allows it. If not, you can still catch Smeargle with at least game version 1.35.0. Either way, find your "Camera" item in your bag.

Pick The Right Pokémon

The importance of this step depends on how much you care about competing in Pokémon GO. If you're just in it to collect, pick whatever Pokémon you feel like taking pictures of. If you want to trick Smeargle out, pick a Pokémon with awesome attacks. This is because Smeargle will copy the attacks of whatever Pokémon it photobombs (more on that later).

Basically, if you want Smeargle to have powerful moves of a certain type, pick a Pokémon that has those moves to photograph.

Take Pictures... And Be Lucky

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That's really all there is to it. Keep taking pictures, about ten at a time. Eventually, or soon if you've got good luck, you'll notice a surprise when you review your photos. Once you leave the camera screen and go to where the photos have "developed" you might find that your Pokémon has been photobombed like in the image above.

Catch Smeargle


Once you have confirmation of a Smeargle photobomb, you can exit the camera. When you return to the usual world map, you should see a Smeargle spawn right next to your avatar. Then it's business as usual. Give it berries, throw balls, do whatever you do to catch a Pokémon. Just be careful, because Smeargle can flee. If that happens, you have to wait until tomorrow, because Smeargle will only appear once per day.

Pokémon GO subreddit The Silph Road currently has a thread in which users are gathering more data to figure out Smeargle's behavioral trends. It might be worth checking in to see if they made any new discoveries that make summoning Smeargle easier.

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