Pokémon GO: All Of July's Quests And Rewards

July means the summer sun is heating up, which makes it the perfect time for a Pokémon GO Fire-type event. Except... that's not happening. Rumors instead suggest that something is going on with Team Rocket and the mysterious Shadow Pokémon. But even that hasn't been officially announced. For the moment, all us trainers can do is keep trying to catch shiny Pokémon.

With that in mind, let's take a look at July's quests. Every month sees a slight shift in Research Tasks, with some new Pokémon being added as rewards. This is a great boon to trainers, as many of these Pokémon are ones that don't often spawn in the wild. Missed out on shiny Onix during the Adventure Week event? There's a quest for that. Trying to get the ridiculous Alolan Exeggcutor in shiny form? There's a quest for that too. There's even a shiny for Spinda now. So without further ado, and thanks as always to The Silph Road, here are all the quests and rewards you can currently get in Pokémon GO.

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There's been some discussion in the Pokémon GO player base about how developer Niantic goes about releasing content. The trend seems to be to small waves of new Pokémon, with lots of events featuring shiny versions old ones to space them out. This drip-feed of new creatures to catch has many getting bored. Collecting shiny Pokémon is quickly becoming the game's chief activity, and that's a disappointment to those who feel this game could be much more expansive. However, there is one benefit to all these shinies being released.

As the number of potential shiny species increases, so does their presence in the Research Tasks. Just take a look at the chart. You'll find that the majority of Pokémon on it now have the chance to be shiny. This makes it a great time to farm tasks and increase your chances for a shiny. Of note are "Send 10 Gifts to Friends" which gets you Alolan Exeggcutor, and "Make 3 Great Throws In a Row" which gets you Onix. Both are relatively new shinies. Also brand new is Spinda, gotten from "Make 5 Great Curveball Throws In a Row." Spinda was just given a shiny form this month, so this is your first and only chance to collect it.

As always, the odds of a shiny are still low, about 1-in-450. So good luck!

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