Pokémon GO Players Respond To Legendary Lunch Hour With An Overwhelming 'Meh'

Pokémon GO's first ever Legendary Lunch Hour took place this past Thursday, and while fans weren't blown away by it, it didn't completely disappoint either.

No franchise has the ability to remain relevant quite like Pokémon. It has been well over two decades since we were first introduced to the first 151 creatures, and you could argue that Pokémon as a whole is currently doing better than ever. Between 2018's Let's Go release and the imminent arrival of Sword and Shield, there is a lot for Pokémon fans to be excited about right now.

Above all else, the success of Pokémon GO has been incredible. Yes, it is nowhere near as popular as it was upon release in 2016, but it is still doing well. The last 12 months, in particular, have been great for the game as Niantic has been adding entertaining elements left and right. The latest of those elements came in the form of a Legendary Lunch Hour event.

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The event took place between 12 pm and 1 pm on March 13th. During that time, the number of available legendary raids greatly increased. The day after the test events, Niantic asked trainers what they thought of the event on Twitter. As you can see, players were not exactly blown away by the idea. As has been discussed on Reddit and Pokémon GO Hub, there are a number of reasons for that.

Despite the name of the event, some players were disappointed that there wasn't more of a variety of Pokémon to choose from. All of the raids were legendary ones, and some have suggested including lower level raids, should the event become a permanent fixture. Many also treated it as an opportunity to catch as many Pokémon as possible, where it seems as if the intention was to help those who normally can't or don't raid to catch a legendary Pokémon.

The timing of the event also wasn't ideal. There is a Rayquaza event going on as we type this, and since the Pokémon hasn't shown its face for about a year, many trainers will have been saving their raid passes for that, instead of the Legendary Lunch Hour. This was a test event though, so if Niantic is listening, when they try the idea again, hopefully some of the criticism will have been listened to and taken into account.

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