Articuno And Lugia's Pokémon Go Raid Battles Are Frustratingly Hard, Plagued With Bugs

The recent addition of Legendary raid battles in Pokémon Go has turned out disastrously, with bugs and unfairly difficult fights.

Pokémon Go, as even the most ardent fan of the app will tell you, has its foibles. Its flaws. Its humongous, glaring gripes that Niantic haven’t bothered to deal with, because they’re too busy adding odd functionality like the buddy system. The game was a real phenomenon on launch, based on its catch-Pokémon-in-the-real-world premise alone, but shonky servers and the like saw the playerbase dwindle at frightening speed.

For the first anniversary of the app, though, the devs are trying everything in their power to get some of that incredible original userbase back on board again. In recent weeks, overhauls to Go have included reworked gyms and the addition of co-op raid battles, and there was also the Pokémon Go Fest, a live event held in Chicago, Illinois last weekend.

At the event in Grant Park on July 22, as we’ve previous reported, Niantic offered attendees the chance to battle the game’s first legendary Pokémon. It’d be a raid battle, something like the original trailer’s co-op battle with Mewtwo, only about 0.0000017% as badass. Defeating the beast live in Chicago would see it ‘unlock,’ and begin to roll out to official raid battles in gyms across the world.

Pokémon Go Fest, predictably, was hit with technical issues-amundo, but the upshot of it all was that Lugia became available to challenge at a raid spot near you. Shortly afterwards, Articuno was also added, owing to Mystic winning the competition between teams to catch the most Pokémon during the event.

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On a case-by-case basis, legendary creatures are set to be available only for a very limited time, and may have already disappeared by the time you read this. If you have missed out, you can take solace in the fact that Articuno’s fellow legendary birds will be on their way to the game for their own run ‘soon.’ Further, at least you were spared the pain that is battling these behemoths.

First up, of course, a healthy dose of good old fashioned RNG is required to even make a legendary raid egg spawn. Should that happen, we’re then talking about CP levels around about those of Tyranitar, with a monstrous 40,000. As Forbes reports, that’s a tall order, requiring a co-ordinated team of around about ten players to reliably take down. Players in rural areas have complained since the game’s launch that they struggle to find even basic Pokéstops and gyms, so the chances of making this happen are slim to bupkuss.

Even if the fates favour you, the stars do align and you manage to deplete their health, there’s then the whole rigmarole of capturing to go through. Forbes put the capture rates of these elusive beasts at a meagre 2%, so you’d better have a whole lot of Poké Balls to hand.

Throw in, again, a heaping helping of the game’s patented network errors, and you’ve got an all-round super painful experience. And yet another PR nightmare for Niantic.

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