Pokémon GO Is Finally Doing A Raid Event After Work Hours

Pokémon GO is finally giving working adults a chance to get in on a Legendary Raid.

It never fails. You’ll be idly checking your phone at work only to receive a notification that a Raid is about to start not a few minutes away. But you can’t join in on the fun because you’re at work.

Well, it looks like Niantic has finally considered the plight of the working adult. That’s why they’ve just announced a new Legendary Raid Hour for Pokémon GO players that can’t get out of work to go raiding.

Starting this Wednesday, every week will have one hour where Raid Battles will appear in greater numbers and there will be a higher chance that those Raids will feature Legendary opponents. The first will be on Wednesday, June 5th, from 6 to 7 PM local time, and will feature a greater chance of encountering Cresselia, the Lunar Pokémon.

Cresselia will have a better chance of appearing as well on Wednesday, June 12th, from 6 to 7 PM.

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From June 19th to 26th during Legendary Raid Hour, Kyogre will appear more frequently as Raid bosses. And from June 27th to July 4th, Groudon will appear more often. These Raids are far more likely to be a full 5-star difficulty, so be sure to bring your best Pokémon.

In other Pokémon GO news, a recent update found added data for Jirachi, the mythical 3rd-Gen Pokémon. Extremely rare, it was at one point only possible to obtain Jirachi by pre-ordering a copy of Pokémon Colosseum, but Nintendo has since started handing Jirachi out at certain Pokémon-related events.

June 8th also brings the latest Pokémon GO Community Day, featuring Slakoth and new moves for Slaking. A leak from the Chinese Pokémon GO Twitter account revealed Slaking’s exclusive move to be Body Slam, which helps Slaking’s offensive threat slightly but doesn’t do much to improve his damage potential.

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