Pokémon GO Has Made Over 2.45 Billion Dollars

Pokémon Go alone has brought in over $2.45 billion, with only $50 million being brought in by the other Pokémon smartphone games combined.

Pokémon Go has been an incredible success story that has helped to revitalize the franchise and started a nostalgia boom for the original generation of Pokémon games. The effect of Pokémon Go at launch can only be described as a phenomenon, with people all over the world going on the hunt to try and catch them all.

The measure of Pokémon Go's success can also be determined by the cash it has brought in, as Sensor Tower has revealed that Pokémon Go alone has brought in over $2.45 billion, with another $50 million being brought in by the other Pokémon smartphone games, such as Pokémon Duel and Pokémon Quest. 

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The fact that Pokémon Go has brought in almost 2.5 billion dollars is an incredible amount of money for Niantic, as Nintendo is rumored to only receive around 20% of what the game makes, but even that is still an amazing amount of profit. It's no surprise that the first Pokémon RPGs released on the Switch took a lot of inspiration from Pokémon Go, as Nintendo wanted to emulate the success of the smartphone game on their new console.

Pokemon Go
via Niantic

With incredible numbers like these, it's a wonder that Nintendo and the Pokémon Company hasn't abandoned the console market altogether and moved entirely into the mobile gaming market. The Pokémon: Let's Go games have only brought in a fraction of what Pokémon Go has on its own and they were probably a lot more difficult to develop.

It has recently come out that Nintendo has been reigning in the smartphone developers they work with on games like Dragalia Lost and Fire Emblem Heroes and have made less money in the process, as Nintendo sees their mobile games as a means of promoting their console games, rather than being the focus of their business, which suggests that they think that the mobile gaming bubble could burst and they don't want to sour their image in the eyes of their hardcore fans.

Pokémon Go might not have the same number of fans as it did when it launched, but there is still a strong following for the game and the revenue it's bringing in suggests that there won't be an end to Pokémon games on smartphones any time soon.

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