31 Things That Make No Sense About Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go. It’s hard to remember a time when it was not in our lives. While the hype has settled down over the last year or two, many people still play the game. While it was at its peak, did anyone else feel like a kind of peace fell on society? So many people were playing, battling, hanging in parks, and helping each other out; it was a really nice vibe. It was great to drive around at night with friends catching Pokémon or spotting other players wandering around. The world was a little more chill for once, which was great. I miss it, to be honest. We could do with that kind of vibe again. So many people were brought together and bonded over one thing; it was so big that I honestly feel that Pokémon Go will be written into the history books as an iconic moment in human history. Look forward to seeing our memes in textbooks, friends.

That being said, it has also had some crazy stuff happen to it. There were bad events, mass hysteria, crimes were solved (and caused) because of Pokémon Go. People are really into Pokémon and Nintendo underestimated how huge a little prank would become; not that they are bothered since it made them bank. It was a crazy trend that made crazy things happen all over the world. People were really into this game, so things were bound to happen. Also, I was a proud member of Team Instinct, so get wrecked.

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31 Weird Location Much?

Via: GameCrate

One neat feature that Pokémon Go has is the Pokéstop feature. Pokéstops often pop up in historic locations or tourist spots to encourage you to explore. The White House, the MI5 building, and the Pentagon have all had Pokéstops on them. However, Pokéstops sometimes plant themselves in weird places and call them strange things. From a grave it labeled ‘mother’ to a park called ‘young human entertainment’, there have been some wild Pokéstops out there to find.

30 The New Popular Kid In Town

via imore.com

Unless you hid under a rock for the entirety of 2016, it was hard not to hear about Pokémon Go, it seemed that just about everyone was playing it. It turns out that it became something on a social media juggernaut. Players were spending more time on Pokémon Go than other social media apps like Tinder, Facebook, and Instagram. Not only that, but it is one of the most downloaded apps in the world. Talk about a social superstar!

29 Not Just A Prank Anymore

The idea for a fully immersive Pokémon experience was put into the minds of many in April 2014. On April Fool’s Day, Google released a YouTube video showing a fake competition. In it, they stated that whoever caught all 150 original gen Pokémon using Google Maps would become Google’s official Pokémon Master. The video featured some wild augmented reality software and really amped up Pokémon fans and tech geeks alike. Luckily, it wasn’t just a prank for long and became a cultural phenomenon.

28 Another Game Helped Make Pokémon Go??

Via: YouTube (Ingress)

Ever wondered how Pokéstops pick where to be? It turns out that another game helped Nintendo figure out the logistics of getting them to work. Back in 2012, Niantic released a game called Ingress, which allows teams to use portals placed on landmarks to capture geotagged locations on the map. Over time, people submitted their own location requests and expanded the network. The technology was converted and recycled by Niantic to create the Pokéstop system that we see used in Pokémon Go today.

27 Hopping On The Bandwagon

Via: Dice Insights

It is not just the various companies above that profited from Pokémon Go’s success. Other businesses were keen to get in on those sweet Pokédollars as well. For a period of time, avid Pokémon Go players could hire Uber drivers to drive them around town and hit up various Pokéstops and gyms. This was popularised by certain YouTubers and influencers who took this route to help them catch ‘em all. Pretty smart business move if you ask me.

26 You Could Have Gotten A Pikachu From The Start

Many kids growing up really wanted their own Pikachu. At this point, we have been basically brainwashed to be into the little electric rat. That being said, many were said that we could not get Pikachu as our starter Pokémon when we opened up Pokémon Go for the first time. Or could you? If, when presented with the starters, you turned away from them and walked away you can sometimes find a Pikachu on your path. Do not weep, veteran players, you have plenty of Pikachu to catch.

25 Buddy On My Shoulder

Via: IGN

Continuing this chat about Pikachu, you can actually get this yellow mascot onto your shoulders in the game. Having a Pokémon on your shoulders may seem normal after the release of Pokémon: Let’s Go Eevee/Pikachu, but it has not always been a thing. Once you have collected over ten candies walking with Pikachu, then he will automatically sit on your shoulder. That’s such a sweet little detail that is appreciated by many fans. Go ahead and try it.

24 Oh Snap, I See That Reference

Via: Syfy Wire

In case you somehow missed the boat on this, Pokémon Snap was on the N64 and is a cult classic. In the game, Pokémon ran wild and you took pictures of them for Professor Oak. It has a massive cult following that has been clamoring for a sequel for forever. Niantic may have snuck an Easter egg in there while we weren’t looking. If you hold your finger on the Poké Ball icon in the menu and drag it over the other menu options, they will glow red, blue, orange, and purple respectively. These are the colors of the pester ball and it is a sneaky touch.

23 Missing No Reference

via pokemon-glitch.wikia.com

In the Pokémon series, there is tell of a glitch that can give you unlimited rare candies and evolve into Kengaskhan. The Missingno glitch hides on Cinnabar Island waiting to be found. Cinnabar doesn’t exist in real life, but you can find the glitch in Pokémon Go. All iPhone users have to do is head to the egg tab in game, select an egg and double tap the phone’s home button. This will trigger an intentional bug out and make the screen glitch with numbers and letters. Never thought I’d be touched to see a glitch in a game.

22 Businesses Are Catching Players

Source: Comicbook.com

As I mentioned earlier, everyone wanted a slice of the Pokémon Go pie back in its heyday. From Uber to fraudsters, everyone was trying to cash in. Stores, cafes, and other businesses would even make accounts for their stores and purposefully drop a lure over their building. This would lure not only Pokémon but wannabe trainers as well. More potential customers meant more potential profits so it soon became an industry secret. Talk about a cheeky tactic – Team Rocket would be impressed.

21 Lighter Than A Feather

via: globalnewshunt.com

Weight seems to be an issue for Pokémon Go. Not for players – walking so much catching Pokémon has done wonders for many people’s health and mental wellbeing – but for the Pokémon themselves. Some Pokémon are very light, sometimes to the point where they weigh almost nothing at all. For something like a Pidgey this is one thing, but a Doduo? A Ryhorn? A Gyarados? I don’t think so, Niantic. Feed these guys some candies or something before they keel over.

20 Heavier Than An Elephant

via thegamer.com

Just like how some Pokémon are too light to be healthy, some Pokémon are way too heavy for their kind. There are some that weigh double or triple what they should weigh in the mainline Pokémon games. I know that the Internet is all about "chonky bois" but this is a bit too much. I mean, how are some of these guys not damaging the pavement that they walk on at this point? We do not advocate weight shaming of any kind, but some of these guys could do with a walk or two.

19 This Common Pokémon Cannot Be Found

via: modojo.com

It is well known that some Pokémon are more common than others. Whether it is Pidgey, Rattata, or Magikarp, you are bound to have plenty to ship to Professor Oak in no time. That being said, this rule does not apply to Pokémon Go. Certain Pokémon that are usually really common are simply difficult to find. Magikarp is one of the bigger examples of this. While a player’s location has some impact on the Pokémon found in the game, it should not affect how many are around.

18 Excuse Me, This Pokémon Has How Much CP?

Via: EN Gadget

Another weird thing about Pokémon Go is CP. If there is some logic to how it is doled out to different Pokémon then someone please explain it to me because it just seems random. When catching multiple Vulpix, you will inevitably have varying stats between them. However, sometimes your level one unevolved Pokémon will have way higher stats than even a second or third evolution, meaning its overall stats are usually better. This makes no sense – evolution means improvement or leveling up.

17 Why Is There A Diglett In My Toilet?

Via: Forbes

One of the joys of Pokémon Go is that any Pokémon can appear at any time. Whether you are at the park or at work, Pokémon are everywhere. However, sometimes Pokémon show up in some strange places. They have been seen in the can, in frying pans, in warzones, and in police stations just to name a few. Sure, some Pokémon are sure to show up in graveyards or other creepy places, but in the Pentagon? There’s a conspiracy theory just waiting for Shane Dawson there.

16 Hello Professor Willow

Via: Bustle

It is well known in the Pokémon community that the professors in the games keep getting more and more attractive. It is a weird phenomenon that just does not make sense. There is literally no need for them to be handsome but the lineup keeps getting better. It all culminated in the arrival of professor Willow (and later Professor Kukui in Sun and Moon). There is no shame in admitting that he is one handsome dude who looks good in leggings.

15 Team Rivalries

Via: Geek And Sundry

Once you have warmed up a little and are ready to get serious about your Pokémon journey, you can choose a team to join. There are Team Mystic, Team Valor, and Team Instinct, which are run by leaders Candela, Blanche, and Spark respectively. Each team has its own associations regarding its ethos, but most choose based on color or meme value. However, Mystic and Valor became the Slytherins and Gryffindors of Pokémon while the memesters joined Instinct; Instinct members are the Hufflepuffs of Pokémon.

14 Good Events? What Good Events?

Via: IGN Southeast Asia

When you have a franchise as big as Pokémon and you have a big holiday or event coming up, of course, players are going to get excited to celebrate. They start to wonder what will happen in the event to make it stand out from the everyday game. But Ninatic usually rolls out some cosmetic stuff and some loot boxes and calls it a day. Sure, it could be worse but with the amount of dough the game has made, you begin to expect more.

13 The Math Of EX Raids

via: Nintendo-Insider

Started in mid-2017, EX Raids are battles in which players are invited to battle and you can get legendary Pokémon like Mewtwo. The problem is it seems that there is no rhyme or reason to getting a pass. There are so many conspiracy theories over how to get one and how the system works that it’s hard to keep up. Some say you should raid a lot of gyms frequently, while others say to do it only a little and honestly reading up on the theories can feel overwhelming.

12 Walking To Hatch Eggs...Yeah, That Makes Sense

Via: Eurogamer

One fun bonus to Pokémon Go is hatching eggs and getting new additions to your Pokémon team. You walk for a certain amount of time and a cute little Pokémon will hatch for you. The weird thing is the fact that you actually have to walk to make this happen. There’s no incubation, no swaddling or bright lights; just walking. Doesn’t that seem weird to anyone? That is not how it works in real life or the mainline games.

11 The Tracking System

via pokeassistant.com

Ah, the tracking system; the bane of many player’s in-game existence for so long. While it was an excellent idea, in theory, to keep you catching and exploring, it did not always work that well. You would walk and walk in the right direction but still could not locate that Charizard. Eventually, you would end up walking around the neighborhood in circles hoping that you will stumble upon it at some point. It has improved over time but man was this thing a pain back then.

10 So Many Pokémon, So Little Storage Space

via theverge.com

It is super fun actually being able to live the dream and catch Pokémon – or at least, get as close as possible to actually catching Pokémon. However, sometimes it can get a little tedious, especially when there seems to mainly be one or two types of Pokémon around. I always seem to find a million Pidgeys and maybe one in every twenty catches will be something else. It’s annoying seeing my friends with their full Pokédexes and then looking at my hundreds of Pidgey candies.

9 What Is In This Candy?

Via: Comicbook.com

Something strange is going on with the professors. You send a bunch of Pokémon to the professor and get some candies in return. Sometimes the candies are even Pokémon specific. The age-old question is this; what are the candies made of? Are they made out of the Pokémon we sent to the professor? I know that Pokémon lore gets pretty dark but surely they won’t go this dark. I am sure there is a perfectly reasonable and non-lethal ingredient list for these candies somewhere.

8 Weight Vs. Damage

Via: Medium.com

Continuing on with the weight issue from earlier, what a Pokémon weighs versus the amount of damage they do can be really off balance. The lightest Diglett can do a ton of damage while a tanky Ryhorn can barely dent a car. It doesn’t make sense in any way, shape, or form. You expect abilities and sizes to be different for every Pokémon you catch, but you have to admit that this is pretty broken.

7 An Egg Was Born From…Another Egg??

via youtube.com

Hatching eggs in the game can be really exciting. After all that hard work, you finally get to see who you have been waiting for. The tension rises as you wait for it to hatch and then bam! You got…an Exeggutor?? Now, there is a reason that the question of which came first is the chicken and the egg, not the egg and the egg. I don’t really know how most Pokémon are born in the regular games, but this doesn’t seem like the right way, chief.

6 Gotta Go Fast

Via: Android Central

So while we all love to play Pokémon Go any chance we get, but there are times when you definitely should not be playing. Work and while an emergency is happening are two examples, but the most common one that people break is playing while driving. Pokémon Go even has an automatic safety warning that appears when you go above a certain speed. The problem is that this also appears when you are on a train or are the passenger in a car ride.

5 Equivalent Exchange My Behind

Via: Youtube (Clash with Cam)

When exchanging Pokémon for candies, things can sometimes feel a little unfair. Sure, you will send your weaker Pokémon over but sometimes you send over one that is strong, just not as strong as your best. In exchange for this Pokémon with pretty high CP, you get a couple of measly candies in return. Surely the amount of candy you get should equal the amount of CP the Pokémon you exchanged had. This does not feel balanced at all.

4 Ooohhh, Shiny!

Via: Forbes

Shinies in Pokémon are a big deal. You can play for months and maybe only come across one or two; if you’re lucky that is. While it makes sense that shinies would be just as rare in the real world as they are in the game, I don’t know how I feel about their colors. Shiny kinda implies that the Pokémon is going to be shiny, so a gold Magikarp makes sense. But a red Gyarados? Or a green Zubat? Maybe they were going for jewel colors, but I want them to be shinier.

3 I Am A Legendary Pokémon (But So Is He)!

via imore.com

Legendary Pokémon are awesome! You have the literal gods who walk the earth and could destroy us at any moment watching over the world. They are both spooky and awe-inspiring; they deserved the title of legendary. However, in Pokémon Go, there is more than one of each legendary just out and about for the catching. Multiple players can catch a Mewtwo at EX Raids or find one on the street. It doesn’t make sense, man.

2 Why Is Pikachu Following Me?

Via: Polygon

Augmented reality is still in its infancy and Pokémon Go has been a pioneer for the movement. It was amazing to see a Pokémon on your living room floor for the first time. That being said, if you move your screen side to side or up and down, the Pokémon will move a little in that direction even if it is sitting down. This may just be me, but this takes me out of the immersion and bothers me a little. Them moving to avoid my Poké balls is one thing but moving involuntarily feels weird.

1 You’re Different Than I Thought You’d Be

Via Polygon.com

Seeing Pokémon on the small screen for decades has skewed my view of them a little. It is one thing to see their stats and know how big or small they would be in theory; it is another thing entirely to see it right in front of you. It is crazy to see a giant legendary bird bigger than a car or tree come at you. Sometimes, however, a Weedle appears bigger than it should be when put next to another real-world object which makes things confusing.

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