World's Best Pokémon GO Player Completes 50 Raids Per Day

Pokémon GO player BrandonTan91 attends 50 raid battles during a 12-hour window per day, making him one of the best players in the world.

If you want to be the very best, like no one ever was, then you need to have 12 hours of free time on your hands each and every day.

Depending on how much and how often you play Pokémon GO, the game can actually become incredibly frustrating - most notably during those first few months when we were playing it more than we ever have done since. Due to the fact that hardcore and casual Pokémon fans alike were playing the game, Niantic didn't make any updates for a while since it didn't need to.

That left those of us who raced through those first few stages twiddling our thumbs somewhat. Even though updates are a lot more frequent in Pokémon GO today, that can still happen on occasion. The only thing that pushes us to keep playing on a daily basis is the prospect of being labeled the best Pokémon GO player in the world one day. Sadly, we now know that is never going to happen.

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That's because we have seen the world's best Pokémon GO player, and no matter how hard we try, we will never show the dedication that he does to the game. His name is BrandonTan91 and he lives in Singapore. Trainer Tips spent a day with him in 2018, during which Brandon attended 50 raid battles during the 12-hour window. What makes that even more astonishing is it wasn't a one-off, that's the trainer's daily grind.

Brandon has got the process down to a fine art. Since you can be as far away from a raid as you like once you have entered it, as soon as he does so, he hops in his car and heads to the next location. Due to his bending of Singapore's more lenient driving laws, he can play on the go. Providing the phone is docked and not in his hands while he's moving, he is technically not breaking the law.

According to Dexerto, Brandon has amassed an incredible 900 million XP in Pokémon GO. That's enough for him to have leveled up to 40 more than 30 times. We understand that Pokémon GO doesn't have rankings and standings, but surely Brandon has to be considered the game's very best player. If anyone out there has a solid argument for it to be someone else, we would love to hear it.

Source: Dexerto

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