Pokémon GO Players Have Collectively Spent $2 Billion On The Game

The latest figures reveal that players have spent over $2 billion dollars on Pokémon GO since its launch.

Pokémon GO fever isn’t showing any sign of abating. The latest figures reveal that players have spent over $2 billion dollars on the game since its launch.

So, Pokémon GO, huh? All kinds of gamers will have all kinds of mixed feelings about this one. Maybe you’re a casual dabbler still, or you dropped the app like a hot, radioactive potato during its troubled launch. Whatever the case, one thing’s for sure: lots of us are still playing. The game has just hit another huge spending milestone.

In a lot of ways, the app was a victim of its own hype. Prior to launch, this real-life Pokémon experience was… well, the premise speaks for itself. It was so hotly anticipated that Niantic had to get the launch right. Sadly, it all played out in a Grand Theft Auto Online sort of way, with bugs and glitches abound as the entire planet tried to log in at once.

Gamers, as we all know, have long memories, and this early shonkiness was difficult to forgive. What with the questionable early tracking and the fiasco that the big Pokémon GO fest turned out to be, many of us hopped straight off the hype train as quickly as we’d boarded it.

To give Niantic their due, though, they’ve been working hard at playing catch-up since. Whether your loyalty never waived or whether you’ve been tempted back by all the trading, lucky Pokémon and such that have been added since, you might well have paid for a microtransaction or two. If that’s the case, that’s one heckola of a prize pot you’ve been adding to.

Via: Apptopia

As Nintendo Life reports, an estimated $2 billion has been spent in in-app purchases since GO’s release in July 2016. They've reached that goal. In the game, as is usually the case with mobile titles, you gradually earn currency you can use to purchase cosmetic items and those that affect gameplay (outfits, egg incubators and the like in GO’s case). You earn them automatically by occupying gyms, but there’s a strict limit on that (50 coins per day is the max) for precisely this reason: Niantic want us spending our real cash.

And spend it we certainly have. As the above chart from Apptopia shows, users worldwide took a collective 811 days to spend $2 billion. GO was pipped to the post by Clash of Clans in that regard, which took 768 days to reach the same milestone.

Still, it’s faster than Candy Crush, for what that’s worth.

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