Pokémon GO Snoozing Snorlax Event Has Begun To Promote Pokémon Sleep

Pokémon GO Snoozing Snorlax Event Has Begun To Promote Pokémon Sleep

There are a lot of Snorlax littering the world of Pokémon GO, and they’re all promoting the recent announcement of Pokémon Sleep.

Which is like the opposite of GO.

In the olden days, a sleeping Snorlax was sure to block your path in Pokémon, but these days there’s a Snorlax on every corner. And instead of blocking your way, you just catch him like you would any other Pokémon. My, how the lazy have fallen. Asleep.

But it turns out there’s a reason why we’re seeing a bajillion Snorlax out there in Pokémon GO, and it has everything do with a little thing called Pokémon Sleep.

Yesterday, Nintendo held a press conference that updated everyone on all the fun new things to come in the world of Pokémon. Among several game announcements was something called Pokémon Sleep, which aims to "turn sleeping into entertainment” in the same way Pokémon GO turned walking into spending hours trying to catch that one freakin’ Zubat--er, that is, entertainment.

We don’t know a whole lot about it other than it will connect to your phone via the Pokémon GO Plus+ device (something that was also announced), and it will probably monitor your sleep habits in the same way as certain wearable technologies like a Fitbit or an Apple Watch.

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The whole sleeping thing also ties in nicely to everyone’s favorite Pokémon beanbag, so Niantic decided to host an event that showered Pokémon GO players in Snorlaxes.

Starting May 28th (the day of the Pokémon conference) and ending June 3rd at 1 PM, there will be a whole bunch of sleeping Snorlax to find in Pokémon GO. Consider it like an extended Community Day event, only without the bonuses to hatching and free stuff.

But you CAN get a new move on Snorlax, and that’s Yawn. Which is kinda boring since Yawn doesn’t really do anything, but again, this is all about the sleep motif.

The real draw here is to take funny pictures of sleeping Snorlax. Check out the Pokémon GO Twitter feed for some interesting shots.

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