Pokémon GO Spring Equinox: All The Quests And Rewards

The Pokémon GO spring Equinox event is in full swing, and while it's pretty tame compared to previous events, it still offers goodies for players who know how to take advantage. One way it rewards persistent trainers is with special research rewards. These mini-quests of sorts task you with catching certain kinds of Pokémon. In exchange, you'll get Poké Balls, Stardust, or maybe some healing items. You can also get mystery Pokémon to appear.

This being a spring event and all, the theme is Grass-type Pokémon. The quests, then involve catching the various Grass-type Pokémon this event is spawning. The rewards are also a handful of mystery Grass-Type Pokémon. To save you the trouble of wasting time on a bogus quest, and thanks to Reddit user MrMousePad, we'll reveal the event's quests and rewards below.

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Evolve 2 Grass-Type Pokémon - Reward: Tangela

With so many Grass-types popping up, you should have no trouble getting the candy to evolve a few. This quest is useful to those who live in areas where Tangela don't spawn very often. Especially when you consider Tangela needs 100 candies to evolve into its new evolution Tangrowth. This is a great quest for farming Tangela candies.

Evolve 5 Grass-Type Pokémon - Reward: Venusaur

Most trainers probably caught enough Bulbasaur to evolve a Venusaur ages ago. But this quest has a more subtle use. It's great for farming Stardust. As an evolved form, Venusaur gives out more Stardust upon capture than most Pokémon. Smart trainers will stack these rewards, completing the quest but waiting to actually capture the Venusaur until a Stardust bonus event happens. Then they'll be swimming in dust.

Catch 10 Grass-Type Pokémon - Reward: 1000 Stardust

This is a more direct way to farm Stardust. It might be useful if you have a Star Piece active. Otherwise, it's up to you to decide if you'd rather take the immediate Stardust reward or stack the Venusaur quest for a bigger payoff down the road.

Catch 3 Bulbasaur or Chikorita - Reward: Turtwig

This quest seems to be the lamest of the bunch. There could be players out there who missed Turtwig when it first appeared. Maybe this is for them. Or maybe Turtwig fans want a better chance at a perfect IV one. Of course, Turtwig is pretty much guaranteed a Community Day in the future, so we're all better off waiting for a shiny.

Those are the quests! Overall, the Tangela and Venusaur ones are the two to watch for. Happy Hunting!

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