Pokémon GO Players Have Already Defeated Team Rocket Leader Giovanni, But There’s More In-Store Next Month

Some players have already achieved victory against Team Rocket leader Giovanni, but Pokémon GO promises there will be more monthly endeavors.

Pokémon GO's Team Rocket questline has been a slow process culminating in a showdown against Giovanni himself. The next endeavor in the gradual progression was unlocked late on November 10th and some avid fans have already achieved victory against the boss himself. Luckily, Niantic promises there are more monthly endeavors to come.

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The Hunt For Giovanni

Being the head of the nefarious Team Rocket syndicate, Giovanni proves incredibly sly and always seems to be one step ahead. The boss has found his bearings in Pokémon GO, hiding stealthily among the multitude of Pokéstops, untrackable save for a special tracker designed specifically for that purpose. What's more, he has accounted for being sought out and placed countless Grunts as decoys to throw Trainers off of his trail.

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To have any chance of locating Giovanni, Trainers must first complete the Special Event "A Troubling Situation," which allows Trainers to learn the ropes in battling against Team Rocket. Once they are battle-ready, Trainers can now move onto the "Looming in The Shadows" Special Event, which will set them on their mission of locating and defeating the elusive team leader. Trainers will need to track down and defeat Giovanni's three managerial henchmen (or Leaders) by way of Rocket Radars. The first part of this Special event has been accessible since last week and Trainers have been kept preoccupied, scouting out and battling these Leaders.

Many battle-savvy Trainers were more than ready for the challenge, however, and found themselves twiddling their thumbs until the second set of missions unlocked. Finally, late on November 10th, one of the new missions within "Looming in The Shadows" was found to award a Super Rocket Radar. This device is used to narrow down the boss's possible location.

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That's not the end of the trail, however. Giovanni has positioned Team Rocket Grunt Decoys at some of the possible hideouts. This painstakingly elongates the hunt as Trainers will have to travel to each Pokéstop highlighted by the Super Rocket Radar to uncover which is Giovanni's actual hideout. As some have already discovered, pulling off a victory against the infamous team leader will award Trainers their very first Shadow Legendary Pokémon.

Future Team Rocket Schemes

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Niantic confirms that it has plans to release monthly Giovanni events, along with a new medal to track progress against him. If the next event in December is to follow suit, then the boss's following defeat will likely grant the next opportunity to register a Shadow Legendary to the Pokédex.

Team Rocket has risen to new diabolical heights, harnessing the power of Shadow Legendaries within Pokemon GO. However, the Trainers who look to thwart their schemes stand to reap rare rewards of a new caliber as well.

Source: Niantic, Euro Gamer

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