Trading And Friends Lists Come To Pokémon Go, Two Years After Launch

Pokémon Go has been out for about two years, and features long-promised are finally coming out, including trading and friends lists.

There are some ideas that just make you think, why the heckola have we been waiting so long for this? McDonald’s, for instance, are just starting to tentatively roll out delivery in certain areas. Here’s something else to file into that drawer: Trading is finally coming to Pokémon Go.

If you’re one of those thick-skinned, understanding souls who’s stuck with Go since release, you’ll remember the dark days of the app. It launched to a huge demand that it couldn’t possibly have prepared for (see also: Grand Theft Auto Online), and was rife with glitches, crashes and bugs as a result (see also: Grand Theft Auto Online). Even when Go was working, it wasn’t, really, due to its shonky tracking and all manner of other issues.

Things have been looking up of late, though, and a steady stream of updates have seen various different kinds of functionality added. Legendary Pokémon, for one, and they’re now more accessible than ever thanks to the engaging new field research system. As far as updates go, though, this latest is surely the one that’ll bring some naysayers back: trading and friends lists are at last coming to the game.

Via: Game Rant

As Nintendo Life reports, the ‘Friends’ function for Go is set to start rolling out to players later this week. It’s a nifty little system that will allow you to see friends’ activities in game (once you’ve registered each other, friend code style), as well as sharing items with them. You also earn extra items yourself, because it pays to be popular.

If you develop your relationship with a player, by interacting with them often, your rewards improve. You can even get eggs containing Alolan forms of Pokémon this way. This is neat in and of itself, but the main draw is (of course) the trading.

To kick off a trade, players will need to be at least level 10. They will also (in this early version of trading, at least) need to be playing together locally. The other stipulation is that you’re going to need some serious Stardust on hand. This is the ‘currency’ used in trades, and it’s really the only limiting factor. You can even trade legendary Pokémon, providing that you’ve unlocked Special Trades through high friendship. The Stardust costs decrease as your relationship with another player builds, but it’s still pretty hefty.

In short, then, there are sure to be some kinks to be ironed out, and this has been a dang long time coming. Nevertheless, though, this whole social concept has always been key to the Pokémon franchise. It’ll be great to give it a whirl when it lands later this week.

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