Pokemon Go: 8 Tricks To Get Yourself A Melmetal, Meltan's Evolution

Melmetal is one of the most challenging Pokemon to evolve. Not only is the cost extremely high (400 candy), but getting those candies is harder than almost any other monster in the game. Being so difficult to attain makes this super rare, brand new Pokemon that much more attractive. Pretty much everyone who plays PokemonGo wants one. His cost of evolution can cause sticker shock and make it feel impossible to get one for yourself. There’s no way around the hard work it will take to evolve a Meltan, but we can give you some advice to get there faster.

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8 Catch Em' All

Catching every single Meltan you encounter is the most obvious piece of advice we can give you. You need a huge amount of Meltan candy and catching the Pokemon is a foolproof way to get it. Catching all 401 needed to evolve a Melmetal is a little unrealistic, though. It’s possible but no one wants to wait that long. We’re not advocating taking that strategy alone, but it’s a vital part of the big picture. If you see a Meltan, catch it, no matter what. Prioritize catching them. Allocate your resources to it. Use razzberries and more powerful pokeballs. Do whatever it takes to catch every single Meltan you come across.

7 Walk With Your Buddy

Aside from catching Pokemon, there’s always the buddy system. Once you’ve chosen your buddy every step you take helps you earn candy for that Pokemon. Not every monster earns candy at the same speed, however, and higher level Pokemon tend to earn candy more slowly. Meltan is, unfortunately, one of the slower ones. You’ll have to take a lot of steps to earn each candy. Obviously getting outside and walking is a huge part of the game. It’s not called Pokemon Stay. You’re going to be walking anyway, why not put those steps to work for you?

6 Use Pinap Berries

When you’re trying to hoard candy for a particular Pokemon there’s a simple trick you can do to cut the task down to a fraction of its original difficulty. We’re talking about pinap berries. When fed to a wild pokemon before you catch it, it guarantees that pokemon will give you extra candy if you successfully capture it. If you’re counting on catching Meltans to evolve your Melmetal you’ll want to squeeze every single candy out of each catch that you can. Use this item to maximize your return on wild catches.

5 Hit Industrial Areas

If you want to catch a lot of a particular Pokemon you need to hang out where they’re likely to spawn. You could just hope that the rare Meltan happens to spawn wherever you are but the chances they’ll spawn are low and you’ll be waiting for that 400 candy forever. You don’t want to leave it up to chance. The smartest strategy is to go where you know your target will spawn. For Melmetal this means industrial areas. If there’s a part of town where you’re likely to find bolts on the sidewalk, that’s where you’ll find Meltans. As always when playing Pokemon Go, stay safe and make sure you’re not trespassing. This is supposed to be fun - but legal.

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4 Rare Candy

Rare candy is one of your best tools to up the number of candy you have for any particular pokemon. Rare candy can be used on any monster. You can earn rare candy by beating raid bosses and completing field research. Once you’ve got a stash, transfer it to your Meltan. All you have to do is open up your items menu, tap the rare candy and then chose your Meltan - and boom, all the rare candies you transfer will become Meltan candies immediately. You can transfer more than one at once, too, so don’t worry about transferring each one as you get them.

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3 Pokemon Let’s Go Mystery Box

If you have a copy of Pokemon Let's Go you can use the mystery box to get your hands on Melmetal. First, you’ll have to link your Pokemon Go account to the game. Next, transfer a pokemon to the game. You’ll have to have reached Go Park in Fuschia City. Then you’ll be given the mystery box. Open that item from your inventory and Meltan will spawn around you for 30 minutes. Use those pinap berries and catch as many as you can. You can repeat this process as much as once a week.

2 Transfers

If you’re trying to maximize the candy you get from caught Meltans you can always transfer most of them. Each transfer will earn you another candy in addition to the ones you’ve earned from the original catch. You need to earn a whopping 400 to evolve these little guys so there’s no need to hoard them. Keep your best catch to evolve, maybe keep a spare if you like to have a living Pokedex. Feel free to grind through as many as you can catch and keep bumping up that candy count.

1 Quest Option

You don’t have to take the traditional route to get your Melmetal. You can always fall back on the Pokemon Let's Go quest option. This quest is 9 steps, each of which has three tasks. The quest starts out pretty easy, step one is to spin 5 PokeStops at gyms, transfer 5 x and catch 10 more. Easy enough right? As you go down the list you’ll find yourself evolving a Magnemite and catching 5 Exeggcutes. There are no easy outs if you want this rare pokemon. However, it's nice to know that if you just can't stand the grind, there are other ways to get the Pokemon that you desire! 

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