Pokémon GO: How To Get Unova Stones And Evolve Your Gen 5 Pokémon

Players looking forward to the addition of Pokémon from the Unova region in Pokémon Go can celebrate as we see more and more diversity added into the game. For players seeking the evolved forms of this region’s Pokémon, Unova Stones will be needed, which are a rare evolution item like the Sinnoh Stone released earlier.

Acquiring these stones is a relatively straightforward process, but also currently limited to one method only. Players will need to complete their weekly Field Research Breakthroughs, and after turning in seven tasks on different days, one can claim the necessary stamps for a Research Breakthrough. Apart from the special Pokémon that will be spawn, there is a change to get an Unova Stone. Hopefully the odds of acquiring these is higher than before, as we have seen past experiences where some players simply had bad luck and it can take far to long to get the items needed for evolution.

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While the odds of attaining a stone are sure to be relatively low, some players will undoubtedly be luckier than others and acquire one soon. With an Unova Stone in hand, there are currently four Pokémon that can use it to evolve:

  • Pansear to Simisear
  • Pansage to Simisage
  • Panpour to Simipour
  • Litwick to Lampent, and then to Chandelure

In addition to the Unova Stone, a player also needs to have 50 candy for Pansear, Pansage, and Panpour before an evolution can occur, while Lampent needs 100 candy and a stone. The pertinent question right now for those who do get stones early on is whether to use one now for one of the above listed evolutions, or to hold off until more Unova Pokémon are released.

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Still, if one is looking to evolve something right away, Chandelure is probably the best choice thanks to being both a fire and a ghost type of Pokémon, though once again it may be better to wait and see what else is available in the near future.

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Apart from focusing on evolutions, the update also brings new Pokemon that can be caught in the wild:

  • Snivy
  • Tepig
  • Oshawott
  • Pidove
  • Patrat
  • Lillipup
  • Purrloin
  • Blitzle

Players will also see the variety of new Pokémon that can be hatched from Eggs increase, with the following confirmed Unova region Pokémon now obtainable through hatching:

  • 2km - Patrat, Purrloin, Lillipup, Pidove
  • 5km - Snivy, Tepig, Oshawott, Blitzle, Drilbur, Foongus
  • 10km - Ferroseed, Klink, Litwick, Golett, Deino

Best of luck to all the trainers out there hoping to get themselves one or more Unova Stones! Keep with it, regardless of how long it may take, as it is only a matter of time!

Source: Polygon.com

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