25 Pokémon Gold & Silver Fan Theories (That Actually Got Confirmed)

Pokémon is one of the most popular franchises of all time, spanning decades and spawning so many forms of media, including video games, manga, and anime. There have been lots of forms of entertainment that have given fans the chance to speculate in numerous ways, either based on their own fan theories or through Easter Eggs placed into the games by the developers. One of the most popular entries throughout the series is Gold and Silver, so we wanted to take a look at some of the fan theories surrounding these games that actually turned out to be true in the long run.

A lot of these fan theories never really go anywhere, but many of them have actually been confirmed to be accurate, either directly by the developer or by an addition made in later games in the franchise! It's amazing to watch this sort of thing grow and develop.

So, do people want to start taking a deep dive into the world of Gold and Silver? We don't think that even the biggest Pokémon fan out there will know every single fact looked at in this list, so it's perfect for everyone, no matter how much time they've spent in the Pokémon universe! We're very surprised at how inventive (and accurate) Pokémon fans can be. They truly are some of the smartest and most detail-oriented video game fans out there, as evidenced by these fan theories you'll see!

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25 Silver Is Giovanni's Child!

via: pokemon.wikia.com

Pokémon games have always given people the option to name their rival, but they've also always had official names, with the rival in Gold and Silver being, well, Silver. Silver takes on a much more villainous role, willing to help out Team Rocket if it gets him where he wants to be. Theorists started to go crazy when they found text in the remake of both Red and Blue stating that Red looks like Giovanni's son, due to his red hair. Then, the remake of Gold and Silver showed Giovanni disowning Silver after his defeat, confirming the theory.

24 Trainers Eat Wild Ones

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Just like many franchises aimed at children, Pokémon throws up some pretty weird questions that would only ever occur to an adult. One of these questions is whether or not people actually the little monsters that they carry around with them to fight others.

Well, we got our answer...

Not only have Pokémon as food been referenced in the anime and manga, in Gold and Silver we see that Team Rocket are hunting down Slowpoke for their tails. Apparently, they can be sold for a huge amount of money as they're edible and considered a delicacy in the world of Pokémon.

23 The Fabled Pikablu Actually Exists

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Before the internet, playgrounds were essentially rumor mills where theories and ideas based on pretty much no facts would spread fast. People ended up believing a lot of these rumors. One of the rumors that prevailed around the time that the first Pokémon game came out was that there was a legendary Pokémon named Pikablu that could only be acquired by completing a ludicrous set of tasks like talking to Professor Oak 100 times. This rumor was actually based on a grainy picture of a future Pokémon that would later appear in Gold and Silver, Marill.

22 Generation II Pokémon Wiped Out Some Of Generation I

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One of the greatest things about Gold and Silver is that, at the end, it allows people to go back to the island from the first games, Kanto, once they've finished up their work in Johto. However, things aren't exactly the same.

For one thing, Kanto is now infested with Pokémon from Generation II.

Presumably, they migrated during the time between the two games, but their addition means that many other Pokémon from Generation I have had to be removed. It's not much of a stretch to assume this means they've been wiped out by the new Pokémon...

21 Gold & Silver Prove The Protagonist From Red & Blue Failed

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In the original Pokémon games, players were sent out into the world with two goals. Not only to catalog the entire world of Pokémon, but to become the Pokémon master.

They do this by defeating the Elite Four and then their own rival at the end of the game.

However, we find out in Gold and Silver that our character from the first game has been beaten, and has taken the loss so badly that they've retreated to a mountain to live alone, making our progress in the prequel seem rather pointless.

20 Kanto Was Hit By A Huge Disaster

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For a lot of people, the fact that the version of Kanto found within Gold and Silver had parts missing was down to the fact that the developers just didn't have the time or the space to keep it the way it was!

That's why numerous areas look completely different.

Forests and routes are gone, with caves crumbling or destroyed completely. Throw in the fact that Cinnabar Island has been destroyed by a volcano and it's clear that some major catastrophic event has befallen this area of the Pokémon universe since the first game!

19 It's Now Impossible To Raise New Trainers!

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It's a great thing that the developers included Kanto in Gold and Silver, but it doesn't take long to see problems with it, as we've already seen in this list. One problem is that they had to take what was the started world for an entire generation of new Pokémon trainers and put it at the end of the game, leveling up all of the gym leaders and wild Pokémon. This means that, if somebody was to go out into the world and try to become the greatest trainer of all time, they would be destroyed within seconds. It has become impossible for Kanto to create new trainers.

18 Trainers Can Make Legendary Animals Extinct

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We care a lot about animals in this world, and while they seem to be cared about in the Pokémon world, let's not forget that they're literally captured for life so that human beings can make them fight each other.

This includes legendary creatures of unknown majesty.

These are creatures that people have written myths about, that have inspired entire spiritual connections with the world. However, that doesn't stop the player from either enslaving them for eternity in a Poké Ball, or if they're unlucky, wiping them off the face of the planet by accidentally ending them...

17 What Was Inside The Gold And Silver Ball?

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When development on Gold and Silver were postponed, the anime had to come up with some content to fill the time it took to catch up, sending Ash on a trip to the Orange Islands to pick up a mysterious Poké Ball for Professor Oak.

It was never revealed what was inside the Gold and Silver Poké Ball.

This Poké Ball would end up being a pivotal plot item within the Gold and Silver games, with many theorizing that it contained a Celebi. It was later revealed that originally, the ball was supposed to contain a Celebi, but in the end, they decided to keep the mystery alive and not reveal that information.

16 What Happened To Cinnabar Island?

via: dorklys-pokemon-rusty.wikia.com

We've already commented on the sad fact that Cinnabar Island has been destroyed by a volcano in Gold and Silver, but was it always supposed to be this way? Was this a deliberate story choice on the part of the developers or not? Well, it turns out that a fully fleshed out version of the island was supposed to be included within the game, as is implied by it being contained within the game's files. However, whether due to time constraints or some other issues, the developers decided it would be easier for them to just completely destroy the area with a volcanic explosion...

15 Is Lance REALLY A Dragon Master?

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We don't think that this guy has ever really earned the titles or respect that he has. First of all, we see him get beaten numerous times across both Red/Blue & Gold/Silver, highlighting that there's some serious defense issues within his formidable roster.

What if there's something he's not telling us?

Some people believe that Lance only helps take down Team Rocket so that he can get his hands on the nefarious technology for himself, allowing him to push his Pokémon into evolving before they should, hence why we find him with three Dragonites all under level 55. He's obsessed with power, and he will do anything to keep his hands on it.

14 There Were Fifty More Planned Pokémon

via: attackofthefanboy.com

Earlier on in the year, March of 2018, people found 50 Pokémon designs within the files of Gold and Silver, well after the original release date of the game. While some of these were then later used or repurposed, some of them were never moved onto the next generation of Pokémon. This was obviously fascinating to many gamers, as the Gold and Silver generation of Pokémon is often seen as being one of the best, before the series went off the deep end and started turning anything into a Pokémon. To see what could've been taking the internet by storm.

13 It Was Supposed To Be On The Original Game Boy

via: medium.com

The Nintendo Game Boy was a huge success, giving a lot of money to the company and providing hours upon hours of entertainment to gamers. The Game Boy Color was no different!

That's why the development of Gold and Silver moved to it from the original Game Boy.

Not only did this add color to the Pokémon universe, but it meant that the development team was able to utilize the new time system. They implemented it by only having certain Pokémon appear in the day and others only coming out at night.

12 Red Would Have The Same Pokémon Roster In Gold/Silver

via: fanpop.com

There are many ideas and concepts that game developers come up with that they're not able to implement due to the technological limitations of the time. For example, the fight with Red in Gold and Silver was supposed to be very different. The developers had wanted players to be able to transfer their original Game Boy data over to the Game Boy Color. This would mean that Red would've fought with whatever Pokémon the player had finished the original game with. We think this is a great idea, so it's a shame that the technology fell short and stopped it from being put in place.

11 Why Not Name The Mother As Well?!

via: kotaku.com

One of the things that the Pokémon series is widely known for is allowing players the option to name their rival, which obviously leads to some pretty hilarious encounters. Not only that, but players are able to give their poor Pokémon whatever nicknames they want.

Crazy to think that developers considered allowing players to name their mother as well!

We think the reason that this idea wasn't put into the final game is because it would've been pretty jarring to have the player accosted by their mother as they wake up, asking them what her name was...

10 Tony Hawk's Pokémon Skater

via: twitter.com

When people think about the 90s, they invariably think of a world that is obsessed with what is cool, and there was nothing cooler than skateboarding. This is probably why, for a while, Gold and Silver were supposed to include a skateboard that would allow the player to traverse the world at a faster pace, much in the same way the bike worked throughout Generation I. We're not sure why this was removed by the time the game came out, but we can only assume that they got too overconfident with it, trying to add in the option to do tricks. We can only hope that one day we'll get Tony Hawk's Pokémon Skater.

9 Pokémon In Silent Hill?

via: theinsightfulpanda.com

While the Pokémon franchise has never been uncomfortable with pushing up against the world of creepy, it has never thrown itself in there fully.

This is why it's funny to think that it could've easily been connected with one of the scariest franchises out there, Silent Hill.

Yes, for a while the player's hometown was to be named Silent Hill, but was quickly changed to New Bark Town when the first game in the Silent Hill franchise was released just eight months before the Japanese release of Gold and Silver. Now, that is a crossover we would like to see!

8 The Unown Can Take Over Your Radio

via: pokemongohub.net

While Unown are fairly useless when it comes to battling in Gold and Silver, their inclusion in the game has lead to some crazy fan theories, as well as some interesting storylines in the anime and manga.

However, their use at the Ruins Of Alph didn't need a fan theory to be spooky.

The developers included an Easter Egg that fans can find by trying to play their radio in the ruins. When they do, no music is played, and instead, all the player will hear is a series of groans and moans coming from the speaker...

7 Risk And Reward Found In The Berserk Gene

via: screenrant.com

A secret item that many players won't have found in their first playthrough of Gold and Silver is the Berserk Gene. It can only be found through interacting with an NPC in Cerulean City, who guides the player towards the secret item.

Through cheats, people found that any Mewtwo found in the wild is holding this item.

When used on a Pokémon, the item ups the Attack stat of that monster for a single battle, but also leaves the Pokémon confused throughout. It's thought that this little Easter Egg is a reference to the unstable and violent nature of Mewtwo.

6 The Secret Clefairy

via: wallpapercave.com

It's no surprise that the Normal gym doesn't really have much going on inside, what with it playing host to numerous "normal" Pokémon and housing the gym leader that ends up giving the player the "Plain" badge.

However, the developers added a little surprise.

By going through the files of the game, players have found out that the various potted plants in the gym, which are essentially the only identifying factor, are actually in the shape of Clefairy. It's impossible to see this in-game as the camera is pulled in too close.

5 The Undeveloped Haunted House

via: alphacoders.com

As we've already pointed out, Pokémon and spookiness can often be unlikely bedfellows, but they often try to reign in the spooky elements seeing as the game was originally created for children.

This didn't stop them from originally planning on including a haunted house in Gold and Silver.

The existence of such a place was found in the coding, but seeing as the location can't be found in game, the developers must have decided to remove it, either because it was too spooky or they just didn't have the time to implement it properly.

4 Gamefreak Are Big Equality Fans

Via: Polygon

Various monsters throughout the series have either been male, female or even non-binary genders, so we know that the developers are no stranger to gender concepts in the real world.

Some people think this is why the Love Ball in Gold and Silver only works on Pokémon of the same gender.

The developers claim that the increased chance of catching a Pokémon with this ball that is the same gender as the main character is just a flaw within the programming, but we like to think it's actually a them letting us know that they're true fans of equality.

3 It's Possible To Train A Marowak Too Much

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Much of the time spent playing a Pokémon game is used up by walking into the tall grass to take on wild Pokémon so that the player can build up their own roster of elite fighters. People would assume that the best course of action would be to get the Pokémon to the highest level of attack, but apparently not.

The highest attack stat available in Generation II is 510, which Marowak achieves when fully leveled.

However, there is also an item named Thick Bone that will give Marowak an attack stat of 518 at the top level, which the game can't handle. Marowak goes from having an attack stat of 518 to an attack stat of 8...

2 Gold And Silver Were Meant To Be The Last Pokémon Games

via: venturebeat.com

Gold and Silver have remained a favorite among the Pokémon community for a long time now. Not only did they not have too many Pokémon in the roster yet, but there is a lot to do! People were handed an entirely new island, before being told that they could then return to Kanto from the first game.

All of this work wasn't just an accident...

Yes, it has since been revealed that Gold and Silver were going to be the last games in the series, the definitive experience, but with the amount of money they were making due to high popularity, it's no surprise they went back for more.

1 The Games Were Supposed To Have A Safari Zone

via: pokemonzetaomicron.wikia.com

One of the defining memories that many people have of the first Pokémon games is that they allowed people a chance to go into a "safari zone." While they were nothing like safaris in the real world, it allowed players a chance to see some new Pokémon and interact with them unlike anywhere else in the game.

So, they decided to get rid of them for the second game.

Or did they? After looking through the files, it seems that gamers have discovered proof that they were planning on including a Generation II safari zone, but they either decided against it or never got round to implementing it.

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