Pokémon GO's Next Ex Raid Is... Mewtwo Again

Mewtwo will be making yet another appearance in Ex Raids this month. He was Pokémon GO's first Ex Raid boss when the feature launched in September 2017 and he remained so until that time the next year. This past summer, after Groudon's stint as boss, we saw Mewtwo take the title again, but this time in his Armored form from the movie.

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As one of the series most iconic Pokémon, it was expected - but no less exciting - to see Mewtwo introduced to the game in this exclusive fashion. The excitement didn't wear off when word got out that the genetic Pokémon would be returning to Ex Raids, this time as Armored Mewtwo. Now, two years after his first appearance, Mewtwo is paying another visit to Ex Raids. This time, however, he is coming equipped with the Shadow Ball move-set and giving lucky Trainers the chance to encounter his Shiny form!

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Starting at 1 pm PDT (4 pm EST) on September 25th, Trainers will be able to obtain Ex Raid Passes for the Ex Raid against Mewtwo with the highly sought after Shadow Ball move-set. As always, the Ex Raid will be significantly harder than usual Raids. This is Niantic's way of encouraging Co-op as players can only invite Best or Ultra Friends along. Players must work to build friendship levels through Gifts, Pokemon Trade, and battling together in gyms.

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If you are new to Ex Raids, you must become eligible to compete in them yourself. You'll have to win a regular Raid at a qualifying Gym. To tell if a Gym is an Ex Raid qualifier, you must check its details. After winning the qualifier, you will then be able to acquire an Ex Raid Pass. The Pass will give you the date and time of your Ex Raid challenge.

So is Mewtwo losing his allure after multiple appearances in Ex Raids? You would think the excitement would begin to wear off. But, with more powerful forms, move-sets, and exclusive chances at obtaining his Shiny form, Mewtwo is keeping the hype going and maintaining his title as one of the series' most infamous Pokemon.

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