10 Confirmed Pokémon That Humans Eat

It's not something we like to think about but some Pokémon are definitely served on the menus throughout various regions. Here are 10 examples.

When it comes to the Pokémon world, there's a lot that we just don't know. One topic that isn't really dived into too often is the concept of food. People eat meat. Is it Pokémon meat? Probably. As inhumane as it might sound to us, Pokémon are just animals to them. Very aggressive, fighty animals, but you know. Miltank is literally just a pink cow. Today, we're going to go over 10 Pokémon that we know humans eat. Credit goes to Bulbapedia for the various Pokédex entries. Let's get into it.

10 Slowpoke

Slowpoke is one of the most obvious examples of a Pokémon being eaten by humans, it's been confirmed in the series time and time again, poor thing. The Alolan games tried to simmer things down a bit and said that Slowpoke tails just kind of fall off, and then we eat them. That's better than the chomping off of tails that was implied before that. Maybe that's why Shellder clamp onto Slowpoke tails, they feel bad that horrible humans are chopping them off to make a meal out of them. Considering they're eaten in many different regions, they're probably pretty good.

9 Chansey

Alright, so obviously Chansey isn't just directly devoured, that just sounds horrible. But... Chansey eggs are loved by people and Pokémon alike. They're extremely delicious and very good for you as well. So like... are those baby Chansies that you're devouring when you eat a Chansey egg? How does that work? So, Chansey might be a Pokémon that people eat, but if they are eating Chansey, they're doing it very indirectly.

8 Farfetch'd

Farfetch'd is known in the Kanto Region for being a very delicious duck when eaten with leek, Now... that just hurts. Are you really gonna cook this bird with his own leek? This notoriety has actually led to Farfetch'd being near extinction in the Kanto Region. However...

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In the Galar Region, things are a bit different. If you even think of taking a quick lick of any Farfetch'd, Sirfectch'd will end you. Mans got a leek bigger than his own body. As such, the Galarian Farfetch'd population is absolutely thriving. The power, it's absolutely limitless.

7 Cherubi

Cherubi is literally out here being an actual cherry, so the fact that it has been eaten at one point or another really isn't surprising in the least. It's still sad though. Cherubi is mostly targeted for its small little babby head that's sleeping all the time. Poor thing. It's usually dined on by other Pokémon, but humans are no stranger to trying it as well. Cherubi produces most of its nutrients through the second head, so when you're eating one head, you're murdering the other one. Thanks, you monster.

6 Sharpedo

Sharpedo's days as prey seem to be in the past, but we still shine a light on victims here on TheGamer. Sharpedo used to be overfished due to its dorsal fin being considered a delicately to many. This is surprising, as Sharpedo is one that many would consider to be on top of the food chain. Sharpedo and Cherubi aren't so different, huh? Either way, Sharpedo seems to be in a much better position nowadays, if its Pokédex entries are to be believed.

5 Crabrawler

Crabrawler is a feisty little Pokémon that does little more than punch its way through life. As such, it's quite sad to hear that this Pokémon is also a victim of humans being garbage.

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Crabrawler has boxing glove-like pincers that don't have too much meat inside of them. However, the meat that is inside is considered delicious, so Crawbrawler is clearly a meal to Alola residents. Don't tell the other Crabrawler this, though. It would hurt their tiny lite angry egos. They don't need to know.

4 Basculin

Basculin, that Pokémon that is known for having two forms for no real reason at all, is considered to be a remarkably tasty meal to the people of Unova. That's how the Pokédex puts it, at least. That's really all we know about Basculin being eaten by humans. This Pokédex entry appears in multiple different regions, however, not just Unova. As such, it's likely that Basculin is enjoyed on a much larger scale than the Unova Region alone. Hmm... do you think red and blue Basculin taste different from one another?

3 Seadra

Seadra isn't exactly eaten by humans. Instead, its poisonous barbs can be used to make different types of medicines. Considering that the Pokédex discusses just how violent this Pokémon can be when approached, it can be inferred that Seadra isn't just going to let you take its barbs off of its body. Yeah, Seadra are just kind of being killed to make different medicines. So, at the very least Seadra isn't just being eaten because humans suck. It's being used valiantly to make medicines. So, Seadra is doing better than the other Pokémon on this list.

2 Clauncher

Clauncher is another Pokémon that can fall victim to being eaten, but it is done in a much more humane fashion that some of the others on this list. In Caluncher's case, its pincers can fall off every once in a while, and humans will eat the ones that fall off. That's nice! At the very least they aren't sacrificing this one for their selfish eating reasons. It still isn't the best scenario, but we'll take what we can get with a list as sad as this. They're probably keeping some in captivity though, let's be real.

1 Crawdaunt

So, Crawdaunt is another Pokémon that was eaten at one point or another, but seems to not be anymore, but this isn't due to anything like overfishing or anything. It just tastes really, really bad. And it smells too! Terrific! Props to Crawdaunt though. He saw what was happening to all of these other Pokémon and he said, "No." He made sure that he was going to taste bad, so no one would eat him. Props. Crawdaunt is killing it over here.

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