10 Pokémon We Need Confirmed For Sword And Shield ASAP

The whole National Dex debacle has some fans bummed out. For their sake, let's hope these Pokémon made the cut.

The panic around Pokémon Sword and Shield is still in full effect. The train is literally not even on the tracks anymore its in another state entirely. Now that there's a chance that your favorite might not be in this game, everyone wants to make sure that their favorite is in the game, simple as that. As such, today we have decided to go over ten Pokémon that still haven't decidedly made the cut in Sword and Shield. While there are obviously more than ten that need to make it in, we don't have time for that today. Without any further ado, let's get into it.

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10 Jigglypuff

Wigglytuff should probably be the one on this list representing the line, but come on, we're all here for the Jiggs. Jigglypuff is one of the most iconic Generation One Pokémon out there due to its presence in the anime and Smash, so its inclusion is almost a shoo-in at this point, but you can never be too sure. Since this Pokémon originated in Kanto, Game Freak would literally die before they let it not be in any Pokémon game ever. Watch them give us a second region and it's Kanto again.

9 Ampharos

Ampharos. Beauty. Grace. Miss United States. Ampharos is one of the purest Pokémon out there. It is the cutest little boy in the entire world and also has the ability to grow a fire weave in .5 seconds okay wow go off. Ampharos is one Pokémon that simply doesn't get enough attention, so let's hope he makes his way to Sword and Shield. Come on Game Freak, you let Maractus in.

8 Pheromosa

Cockroach lady is standing in for basically all of the Ultra Beasts right now, as we currently don't know if any of them (or any legendary Pokémon for that matter) will be making it into Sword and Shield in any form. We'll likely see a good chunk of the legendaries, but Ultra Beasts are a very Alolan breed, so their inclusion is one that is far more up in the air than the more traditional legendaries of the past.

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7 Corsola

Look at this thing. Corsola has no idea what's going on but she's here to have a good time and that's what counts. This aquatic Pokémon did have a large role on the anime in Misty's party, so seeing Corsola wouldn't be a completely left-field choice. Still, the little pink girl is usually an underrepresented Pokémon, so her fate is currently up in the air. If she isn't in Sword and Shield, we must see her return in Pokémon Gun.

6 Drapion

The bug Pokémon that has mastered the art of a powerful smokey eye, Drapion, has not yet been confirmed for Shield and Sword. Drapion was one of Generation Four's most overlooked Pokémon, which is such a shame to see. This little guy has some great design going for it, and was another addition to the fantastic Sinnoh lineup. Let's hope that a lot more Sinnoh is confirmed by the time Sword and Shield come around, with Drapion leading the charge.

5 Porygon

The poor scapegoat Pokémon that was trashed from the anime permanently so Pikachu could be saved (we thank you for your service), Porygon is a national treasure. Yet, we haven't seen this man-made Pokémon be confirmed for the Sword and Shield roster as of yet. With Porygon obviously comes Porygon2 and Porygon-Z, two other great Pokémon. Maybe we'll be lucky enough to get all three and the fabled Porygon3 once Sword and Shield do roll around. Only time will tell. Once again though, this guy was in the Let's Go! games, so the model is already there to attach those high-quality animations to.

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4 Heracross

This little bug Pokémon is such a weirdo, and we need to see him when Sword and Shield make their way to the Switch. This fantastic bug type did have a starring role in the anime and is a fan favorite creature, so his inclusion wouldn't be a surprising one. Still, lay our fears to rest and give us some confirmation Game Freak. We want to know that our boy is safe and sound in Generation Eight. Give us Heracross.

3 Lopunny

"Why not sexualize a bunny when you could instead just sexualize a bunny?" said the entire Pokémon community for some very unfortunate reason. Either way, Lopunny is another great Sinnoh Pokémon that has to make its grand return with the release of Sword and Shield. Neither Buneary or Lopunny have been confirmed for the roster so far, which is simply criminal. With Lopunny being one of the most liked Pokémon from Generation Four, Lopunny likely has a slot on the Pokédex on lock. Time will simply be the determining factor for most of these Pokémon. As such, Lopunny still resides with a question mark for now.

2 Donphan

Donphan is a very underrated Pokémon that hails from the Johto region. This rolling Pokémon is the evolved form of Phanpy, the "Literally so cute just stab me in the heart" Pokémon. Donphan was another Pokémon that had a large presence on the anime as a member of Ash's team, so there is certainly precedent for this Pokémon to make the cut. Truth is though, we just don't hear Donphan talked about much nowadays. Maybe that can be fixed with a nice little spot in Sword and Shield's Galar Dex. We can't catch 'em all, so let us catch 'em mostly?

1 Sudowoodo

The final Pokémon that we have on the list for today is Sudowoodo. This Pokémon just wants to be a tree and that's it. Leave him alone. Nevertheless, Sudowoodo has been a popular Pokémon since its introduction in Generation Two, so seeing Sudowoodo grab a spot in the new games wouldn't come as a surprise to anyone. However, there's certainly no reason that Game Freak must include him in the titles either. Let's hope that they deem him worthy to be one of the chosen ones for Generation Eight. He's certainly earned it.

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