Pokémon: Every City In Johto, Ranked

Johto is filled with amazing Pokémon and cities. But which city can be crowned number 1?

Pokemon Gold and Silver were sadly the very last duo of Pokemon games to launch for the iconic Gameboy Color. A year later they were joined by their single sister game, Pokemon Crystal. All three games had one thing in common and that was being set in the Johto region for exploring.

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Your character comes from humble beginnings to become the ultimate Pokemon Master, visiting many exciting towns and cities along the way. But out of all these places, which ones are the best? Here is every city in Johto ranked so you know where to find the most action.

10 New Bark Town

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9 Cherrygrove City

8 Violet city

7 Azalea Town

6 Olivine City

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5 Cianwood City

4 Mahogany Town

3 Goldenrod City

2 Blackthorn City

1 Ecruteak City

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