Pokémon: Every City In Johto, Ranked

Pokemon Gold and Silver were sadly the very last duo of Pokemon games to launch for the iconic Gameboy Color. A year later they were joined by their single sister game, Pokemon Crystal. All three games had one thing in common and that was being set in the Johto region for exploring.

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Your character comes from humble beginnings to become the ultimate Pokemon Master, visiting many exciting towns and cities along the way. But out of all these places, which ones are the best? Here is every city in Johto ranked so you know where to find the most action.

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10 New Bark Town

New Bark Town takes last place because besides having only maybe four people in the whole town, the only really interesting thing to do is set up a savings account with your mother. You do get to have a battle right after getting your first Pokemon, but this is pretty standard for all Pokemon games. Not to mention, the amount of pest-type Pokemon in the area such as Pidgey, Sentret, Rattata, and HootHoot at night that stop you to battle every few steps, making it a chore to run your errand for Professor Elm or even to see your mom.

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9 Cherrygrove City

Cherrygrove City is right next door to New Bark Town, separated by Route 29. This is overrun with annoying battle-hungry Pokemon as I mentioned before. So getting over there is a challenge and when you arrive, you find out your effort was wasted. The whole place only has two houses, a Pokemart, and a Pokemon Center. From playing previous games, most players would expect a gym. But the only thing of real interest is an old man who gives you a tour around town and an island you won't be able to get to with a visible item on it.

8 Violet city

Violet City is the next stop and is finally where you start to have some fun. Here you can get your Zephyr badge. Not only does Violet City have a gym, but also Sprout Tower. The tall wobbling pagoda is run by battle-ready sages who will get you warmed up to get your badge. After your Pokemon get a workout, head over to the Pokemon School to learn about status effects from reading the blackboard. This knowledge comes in very handy when facing off against the gym leader and his bird Pokemon. Before you leave, be sure to get a plentiful amount of berries around town.

7 Azalea Town

Although Azalea Town isn't exactly thriving with activity, it does have some interesting places. There's a gym but their Pokemon of choice are all Bug Type, which is extremely easy to beat. However, this town has it's very own “Pokeball Mechanic” who will make you custom Pokeballs out of different types of Apricorns. Kurt can only make you one ball a day, but with balls such as Lure Ball, which increases the chance of catching Pokemon while fishing, it's worth the visit. At the Slowpoke Well, you face off against Team Rocket for the first time and save the day.

6 Olivine City

Olivine City is a glittering seaside port with a memorable lighthouse. Called Glitter Lighthouse, it's powered by the Pokemon Ampharos. But when he becomes ill, his owner (the town gym leader) won't leave his side. You must head across the sea to get medicine for Amphy in order to get your badge. But be sure to visit Olivine Cafe first because a nice sailor will give you HM04 (Strength) which you'll need when you get there. When you return and Amphy feels better, you get to finally have a challenging battle with Jasmine and her all Steel Type Pokemon team.

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5 Cianwood City

When you sail across the sea to get the "Secret Potion," you arrive at Cianwood City, the smallest city in the game. After you head over to the pharmacy, be sure to check the area north of the city (if you're playing Pokemon Crystal) to have the chance to catch the legendary Suicune. Then head over to the Cianwood Gym to face Chuck and his Fighting Type Pokemon, if you succeed in getting the Storm Badge, Chuck's wife will be waiting outside to give you HM02 (Fly) so you don't have to surf all the way back to Olivine.

4 Mahogany Town

Mahogany Town is a peaceful little place if you don't pay attention to the fact that Team Rocket has made the town their headquarters. Located beneath the town itself in an abandoned hideout and Team Rocket is sending out frequency waves that are disturbing the local Pokemon's evolution patterns. Especially at the Lake of Rage where an angry Red Gyrados has appeared and has been causing havoc for local fishermen. Be sure to catch the red rare Gyrados before you defeat Team Rocket or he may vanish. Then, of course, head over to the gym to battle Pryce's Ice Type Pokemon.

3 Goldenrod City

Goldenrod City is like the Big Apple for trainers. Here, the Goldenrod Department Store is bursting with goods for trainers. After you get your shopping fix, head over to Goldenrod Game Corner to play on the slots or a game of Card Flip. Turn in your winnings for rare TMs, HMs, and even Pokemon. Goldenrod's Gym leader uses Normal Type Pokemon and when you beat Whitney, she cries as she gives you a Plain Badge. Goldenrod City also has a Magnet Train Station, but you will not be able to use it until you're ready to venture to the next region.

2 Blackthorn City

Blackthorn City is best known for its many masters of Dragon-Type Pokemon and also their Dragon's Den which is an underground cavern with a shrine to Dragon Pokemon. You can also find some of the strongest trainers to battle and The Master of the Dragon Users Clan who will quiz you on the treatment of your Pokemon. If he finds you worthy, he will reward you with a Dratini. Only after you've proven yourself to this Master will you finally get the Rising Badge. Be sure to enter the town through the Ice Path for rare Pokemon such as Jynx.

1 Ecruteak City

Ecruteak is "A historical city where the past meets the present," and this motto is shown in the feudal Japanese style of the city. Even having what could be considered a Kabuki Theater, but instead of watching the Kimono Girls dance, you battle them instead, afterward winning the move Surf. The most noticeable thing about the city is its towers. To the northwest is the Burned Tower and to the east is the Bell Tower where the legendary Ho-OH can be found when you have Rainbow Wing. Last but not least is the gym that has strong Ghost Type Pokemon.

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