15 Pokémon From Kanto Nobody Should Pick (And 15 Everyone Forgets Are Strong)

The Kanto region of Pokémon introduced us to all the classic pocket monsters we know and love — but they weren't all winners.

Since 1996, Pokémon has grown to be a huge hit. Originally the game was known for its (quaint) 151 Pokémon — today the numbers are more than triple that. Whether or not you grew up with the series, everyone has heard of the world phenomenon that is Pokémon. With so many games in the collection and 20 seasons of the anime, the word has spread rapidly.

The Pokémon franchise encourages player preference. You choose which Pokémon you like and appeals to you. Whether it is aesthetically pleasing or you just love the Ghost-types, you have 800+ to choose from, everyone has a favorite and a few that they cannot stand. All that being said, there has to be some that are far superior to the others, and some that are just meant for one purpose and forgotten about.

Our journey begins in Kanto — where the first generation of Pokémon takes place. Which ones are statistically the best ones to choose, and which ones have a very limited amount of use and should not be chosen? We will be delving into details about which ones are superior and which ones aren't even worth withdrawing from your bank.

30 Best: Exeggutor


Emotionally present seeds, that look like eggs, that transform into a palm tree, that has coconuts, that have faces on them, each of which depicts another emotion... It is quite the mouthful and doesn't make the most sense. Don't take them lightly though, as they are extremely powerful. With their high special attack and defense, and very generous other stats, this tree Pokémon is definitely a great choice. Couple its Psychic-type with its move explosion and it is a force to be reckoned with, even to tanky psychic Pokémon.

29 Worst: Magikarp


You don't need to catch a Pokémon if you want a Magikarp — any generic real fish will do, at least a real fish can do more than just splash. The only thing that makes Magikarp even really worth catching is to evolve it into Gyarados, but even then, there are much better water and flying types that are better choices. Plus, you don't have to constantly swap in other Pokémon to level them up like you have to with Magikarp. So, the next time you have a Magikarp on your line, just let it go. Let it splash around on its own.

28 Best: Cloyster


I never realized how powerful this Pokémon was until I looked up its stats and potential moves. As one of the most powerful Ice and Water-types, Cloyster is a must have when thinking of going for a devastating team.

Cloyster's move Clamp makes it very powerful

With its extremely high defense, this Pokémon can be your rock. Even Snorlax has troubles with this oyster-like creature when it comes to tournaments, Cloyster is an over-used Pokémon.

27 Worst: Abra

Devianart.com by Hozure

Abra is one of my personal favorite Pokémon in generation one — aesthetically that is. I'm sure you have come across one and thought "Oh, I want to catch this." Frustratingly, it is more evasive than a legendary bird, almost entirely because of its teleport move. Though it is a great looking Pokémon, it only really becomes useful after level 16, which in early games, it can be a real pain. I always kept an Abra with teleport for when I got stuck far away from a Pokécentre. As you cannot use teleport in caves when surrounded by a million Zubats, it isn't a very useful power and it makes Abra worthless until you can level it up, which requires you to constantly swap it in and out of battles.

26 Best: Machamp


This one actually looks like it would be a powerful Pokémon, but often forgotten about. Its four arms and its beefy body makes it intimidating on its own, but that and high attack make it a destructive ally to have.

Who wouldn't want their own personal Goro? A four-armed creature to help you do whatever you like? Sounds great to me! No need for taking multiple trips to bring in the groceries.

25 Worst: Zubat


The most irritating Pokémon in the Kanto region — it acts as an unlimited supply of bats to completely corrupt the enjoyment of cave dwelling. The amount of max repels we have used just to run through a cave to avoid these things immediately places it onto the worst Pokémon list. That, along with its horribly low stats and the fact that it needs to evolve to even have eyes or feet makes this Pokémon on the "Do not catch" list. I'll admit, it is a cute thing, but that was thrown away when I encountered one every three steps.

24 Best: Gengar


This bipedal ghost doesn't seem too daunting. At just below 5 feet tall and weighing in at less than 90lbs, but don't let his stature fool you, as Gengar is a deadly Pokémon that lurks in the corners of your room and waits to steal its preys life (Pokémon Pearl Pokédex entry). This Pokémon steals the life from people as well, not just other Pokémon, so you definitely want to keep this one on your good side.

3 out of 5 of Gengars stats are above average

Both Gastly and Haunter are also fantastically built Pokémon, so it's not even bad trying to level it up and evolve it into Gengar.

23 Worst: Jynx


In case you missed the entire racial debacle that came from the original design of Jynx and to the redesign of the Pokémon, well, it used to look a lot like Mr. Popo from Dragon Ball Z. For that reason alone, it shouldn't even be a Pokémon on your collection list, we are just glad it got the redesign. Now, with the purple tint, it looks a little bit better, but you will always have that bad taste on your mouth when you see it.

22 Best: Arcanine


All us Pokémon Blue owners missed out on this power Pokémon, we never got Growlithe unless we had friends who owned Pokémon Red. We were stuck with Mankey, the weird monkey that looks like it's pulling on its ears for whatever reason. You Pokémon Red players, however, got the adorable puppy Pokémon, Growlithe, that evolved into the strong Arcanine. Though it had a pretty underwhelming movepool, you could use it as a pretty good Fire-type if you chose Squirtle or Bulbasaur as a starter. With its fairly high and even stats, it could easily be used until the end of the game, making this one definitely worth considering for your team.

21 Worst: Tangela


Do you hate the unsightly visual of your headphone cords being a tangled mess? Having to pull and twist them to try to get them to become a neat cord? Tangela is a walking pile of tangled cords, vines, or hair. With the uncertainty of what it really is, its got you wondering what is underneath it if you manage to untangle the mess. Unfortunately though, even if you were to give it a haircut, it has the ability to grow it all back if damaged or destroyed.

Tangela's stats are also not incredible and its moves are even worse, so it really leaves no reason to catch this Pokémon.

20 Best: Tauros


The best Normal-type Pokémon, with its high speed and really good moves, this bovine should be on your list. It is the Juggernaut of the Pokémon universe, as when it starts moving, it cannot stop until it hits something. With that power, you could travel incredible distances in very short times. Oddly, there are no female Tauros, it is strictly a male Pokémon. Maybe that is why Nintendo created Miltank in generation 2.

19 Worst: Rattata


Almost as bad as Zubat, this bucktoothed rat Pokémon can be found everywhere, so there is no need to catch one in your valuable Pokéballs. If you do, just leave it in the PC.

Male Rattatas have longer whiskers and darker fur than females

Of all the rodent Pokémon to choose, Rattata is arguably the worst. Pikachu, now that is a rodent worth taking along-side you. At least Pikachu could help power your electronics. Ratatta will just end up eating through your phone charge cord.

18 Best: Tentacruel

Deviantart.com by Ruth-tay

This Jellyfish has 80 extendable tentacles to grab onto its prey and pull it into the ocean while simultaneously poisoning them. Only 14 of its tentacles are shown at all times, so even if its foe manages to take off a few of them, its got more hidden inside, waiting for its time. Tentacruel is the strongest Poison-type Pokémon in the Kanto region, it has a really high special stat. The only real downside to Tentacruel is that it is a Poison-type, which is easily countered.

17 Worst: Beedrill


An extremely territorial bee Pokémon, Beedrill is pretty darn weak. Still, it is one of my favorite Pokémon when it comes to the visual design — too bad it really lacks in the power department. It is barely better than the Weedle it evolves from. There is a reason they are swarm Pokémon because they are absolutely horrible in a one-on-one fight. With its ridiculously low defense stat and the very poor HP stat, this Pokémon is bad to choose at any time. Next time, just catch the entire beehive.

16 Best: Rhydon


A bipedal rhinoceros with a drill for a horn — who doesn't want that? Rhydon has a really high HP, attack, and defense stat, which makes it versatile in almost every scenario. It is absolutely one of the community's favorite Ground-type Pokémon for use in tournaments and late game fights. Needless to say, this Pokémon is extremely overused in the competitive world of Pokémon.

Rhydon's drill horn can shatter diamonds and cut through any stone

Rhydon has enough endurance to be switched into battle as an enemy uses Explosion or Hyper Beam and survive. Something that most other Pokémon cannot endure.

15 Worst: Magneton


You would think, since magnets can potentially travel at the speed of light, that Magneton would be a powerful and fast Pokémon. However, you would be wrong, Magneton is unbearably slow and has a painfully low attack stat. One Magnemite fuses together with two other Magnemites to create one Magneton, which would again make you assume that it would triple in HP, Attack, and Defence. Unfortunately, this is not the case, Magnetons stats barely change between evolutions. You might consider buying a Neodymium super magnet and throwing that into a Pokéball instead.

14 Best: Mewtwo


Easy to find. A challenge to catch. It is worth all the Pokéballs (or single master ball) it takes to catch. Mewtwo is an incredible Pokémon. It is the most powerful Pokémon in the Kanto region, and the hardest to catch by normal means. With only one of its stats below triple digits (and just barely), hastily making your way back to Cerulean City after beating the game is a glorious victory lap.

13 Worst: Pidgeot


Pigeot is a vessel used mostly for the HM fly. You may be able to build this Pokémon into a slightly useful fighter, but that simply isn't the case for most people. We keep it on our teams for most of the game because it is the first Flying-type Pokémon we find and it is helpful to fast travel between Pokécenters. However, when it comes to using in Gym battles, it rarely helps out. Pigeot is a great airplane — and an awful Pokémon.

12 Best: Pinsir


Kanto didn't have the greatest selection of Bug-type Pokémon. Sure, Scyther looked cool, but it was not much compared to Pinsir. If used with a Paralyze build team, Pinsir could come in at the end and completely own the opposing team. The only bad thing about Pinsir was its low health, so you always wanted to keep him in the back to clear up the remaining foes. This nearly 5 foot tall stag beetle could intimidate even the strongest of enemies. With its large horns, it grabs onto its foes and refuses to release them until they are torn in two. Which truly makes this an ally you want to have.

11 Worst: Farfetch'd


We always assumed this was just a bird who really liked celery, I only recently found out this was NOT celery, but in fact a leek. That still begs the question, why is it so enthralled by these leeks? It is claimed to use these as weapons, though that is never really shown to be of any use. Farfetch'd is one of the worst Pokémon in Kanto, it cannot survive without the stalk, which makes you wonder why it uses it as a weapon in the fight. Don't bother grabbing this Pokémon, even in the Pokémon universe, Farfetch'd is meant to be eaten, and tastes delicious if cooked with the stalk it holds.

10 Best: Starmie


Unlike Patrick Star, this starfish is not slow, with its speed stat its highest stat, this starfish makes quick work of its foes. Starmie is a highly used Pokémon in battles, as it is fairly easy to find and a very destructive ally to have beside you. This jeweled starfish is one of the best creatures to have around. Its powerful Thunderwave technique is one of the most powerful moves in Pokémon Red, Blue, and Yellow. It also has the BoltBeam combo moves which are famously used in Pokémon tournaments.

9 Worst: Seadra


If you are ever wondering if a Pokémon is good in a previous game, check the games after. If it has an evolution present only after the generation it existed in, odds are, its a bad Pokémon. They added Kingdra as an evolution because Seadra was so bad. A really bad move-set is one of the biggest things that makes a Pokémon unusable — and Seadra fits the bill. If you are trying to catch a Water-type Pokémon, take your Pokéballs elsewhere.

8 Best: Dragonite


You need this Pokémon on your team. There are a total of three Dragon-type Pokémon in Kanto, and they all evolve from Dratini. Dragon-types are strong against other Dragon-types and they resist the main four other types.

Dragon-types are only 1.99% of the Pokémon Population

All that, coupled with Dragonites high attack and great learnable moves, makes Dragonite a Pokémon that everyone needs. You always want a Flying Dragon on your team.

7 Worst: Lickitung


Normal-type Pokémon are often a bad choice. Their moves are very rarely good, they cannot harm Ghost-type Pokémon, and have no strengths against any types. The only impressive thing about this Pokémon is the length of its tongue at 6'6". Even the name was lazily made, the German name for Lickitung is much better, Schlurp.

What use is a giant tongue Pokémon? Gene Simmons is the original Lickitung.

6 Best: Aerodactyl


Finally, we have Aerodactyl, the second fastest Pokémon in the Kanto region. Though you may not be in need of another Flying-type, Aerodactyl is always good to have for its rapid attacks that you can get in before most other Pokémon. Moreover, Aerodactyl has a fairly high attack, granting it the ability to really lay down the hurt on other Pokémon, and quickly too.

5 Worst: Flareon


I'll be honest, this isn't the worst Pokémon ever, but the fact that most every other Fire-type Pokémon is better than this really shows its true colors. Eevee has much better evolutions, you shouldn't waste a Firestone on getting this one, evolve that Eevee into a Jolteon instead and just go grab yourself Moltres or a Ninetails. They have much better moves and you don't have to waste your Eevee on it.

4 Best: Lapras

Via: Pokémon Wiki

If you are anything like me when you play Pokémon games, when you find Lapras, you instantly throw surf on it and use it solely for the ability to cross vast water masses. Unbeknownst to most, Lapras is actually a really powerful creature in the Pokémon world. With its large HP and special defense, it is much better than most other Water-type Pokémon. Not to mention it is essentially the Pokémon version of the Loch Ness monster, who doesn't want that?

3 Worst: Ditto


I personally love Ditto from the anime, the one who couldn't properly change and would constantly copy the other Pokémon perfectly, except for the face. That being said, when it comes to abilities and powers (or power I should say), they are more than useless. The only reason you ever catch a Ditto is either to complete the Pokédex or to have a breeding partner for your other Pokémon in the daycare centre. The pinkish blob is definitely not a fighter, not a Pokémon you want to try beating the Elite Four with.

2 Best: Eevee


Want a Fire-type? A Water-type? An Electric-type? Eevee is a quick solution to most of your needs as it can evolve into many different types of pokemon in the Kanto region (and many more in the current games).

Eevee currently has eight different evolved forms

Eevee's forms are some of the most powerful in their types, which makes it something that you are always seeking out. Even if you are a Pokédex completionist, Eevee is great for scooping up a quick number of in the Dex.

1 Worst: Onix


We absolutely love the design of this giant rock snake, however, its stats are extremely underwhelming for something of such size. Aside from its high defense stat, everything else it has is really, very low — even its attack. If you watched the anime, you saw him wipe the floor with Pikachu. Being over 28 feet tall, you would automatically assume that Onix would be really strong, as it towers over most other Pokémon, but unfortunately, that is not the case. Sorry Onix, I'll be leaving you in the PC from now on.

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