Pokemon Let's Go: 10 Tips And Tricks To Catch 'Em All

Nintendo Switch owners will test their skills in the Kanto region, battling to capture all 151 original Pokémon. Find the essential tips here.

Just when you thought the Pokémon Go craze was dying down, Nintendo has dropped the newest take on the franchise: Let's Go Pikachu! and Let's Go Eevee!  The latest entry in the beloved monster-collecting franchise is a hybrid of the wildly popular mobile game and the classic RPG formula fans have come to know and love.

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Switch owners will test their skills in the Kanto region, battling to capture all 151 original Pokémon. There are tons of sights to see and Pokemon to collect but only the best will catch 'em all. Think you've got what it takes? Here are 10 Tips and Tricks to Be the Best Player.

10. Play in Handheld Mode

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If you've played Pokémon Go, you will know what you're in for as far as catching Pokémon is concerned. After encountering one in the wild, you will need to throw Poké Balls into shrinking circles surrounding the monster. They won't make it easy for you as they move, wiggle, and squirm their way around the screen.

While playing in handheld mode, this isn't usually an issue. Players can line up the shot with the control sticks and press the A-button to throw. However, in docked mode you will be forced to use the Joy-Con motion controls to physically throw Poké Balls at your foe. It sounds cool, and when it works it is. However, more often than not, the motion controls are frustratingly inaccurate meaning tons of misses.  Stick to handheld mode for the best results!

9. Find Rare Pokémon Faster

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To be the best, you're going to need to add some rare Pokémon to your collection. There are numerous ways to track them down but Let's Go introduces "catch combos" to speed up the process. Catch combos are a new feature that revolves around catching multiple Pokémon of the same species in a row. The higher the combo, the more the player will be rewarded with XP bonuses and increased spawn rates for rare Pokémon. Be sure to get out there and start stacking those combos for big rewards.

8. Pay Attention to Ring Colors

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From the start of an encounter, players will see a glowing ring around the Pokémon they are attempting to capture. This ring will change colors based on the type or level of the monster you are trying to catch. In general, a lighter color means the Pokémon is lower level and may not be worth your time. A darker color, however, usually means the Pokémon is rare, or of a higher level. The rarest legendary monsters will usually have a dark red circle, meaning you should coordinate your attack accordingly. Keep an eye on those colors to maximize your shot at bagging some high-level Pokémon.

7. Choose Your Poké Balls Wisely

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Let's Go features a wide range of Poké Ball types for trainers to utilize on their travels. These range from the basic Poké Ball for capturing low-level Pokémon, to the Master Ball for rare and high-level Pokémon. Understanding which balls to use and when is crucial for any up and coming trainers. Be sure you are not wasting special Poké Balls on low-level prey. Save them for when you stumble across more high-value targets. Also, make sure you have a store of each Poké Ball type on your trainer at all times. No one wants to say they missed out on capturing Zapdos because they only had regular Poké Balls on hand.

6. Practice Your Aim

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As previously mentioned, Let's Go adopts the throwing mechanics found in 2016's Pokémon Go. This is great for players as it removes the frustration of accidentally defeating a Pokémon before you can capture it. However, there is some skill involved that, if used properly, can make your capture rates much better. By aiming your shots into the center of the shrinking capture circle you can increase your capture chance as well as netting some bonus XP and goodies. However you play, it's worth the time to practice on random Pokémon nearby to ensure you are getting the most out of every toss. This is especially true in docked mode as it is more unpredictable.

5. Your Starting Pokémon Matters

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Many players will opt for the Pikachu version of Let's Go, simply because Pikachu is much more iconic. Hardcore players may instead want to invest in the Eevee version instead. The reason being, that Eevee is much more proficient in almost every way. Being a normal type means Eevee is more equipped to face all Pokémon types and has a wider array of abilities. This makes the adorable Eevee a force to be reckoned with and will be more beneficial to you in battle than its electric counterpart.

4. You Be The Judge

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After spending hours catching Pokémon, you will most likely have a large collection featuring many duplicates. With so many to choose from, it may be difficult to know which ones to keep. Luckily, Let's Go introduces the "Judge" mechanic. This ability allows players to scan the Pokémon they are facing and examine their base stats. Players will then be able to make a more informed decision about which Pokémon to keep and which have greater potential for their team.

3. Bring Your Friends

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The Kanto region of Pokémon Let's Go is populated with tons of friendly faces along with all the Pokémon. That said, Pokémon training is always better with your friends! Let's Go features co-op play, allowing other players to jump into your game. They can help during battles and also give you support when catching Pokémon. The added set of hands can make fights a breeze and you and your friends can revel in victories together.

2. Connect To Pokémon Go!

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It's time to grab your mobile device and hit the streets again! Pokémon Let's Go has unique features that allow players to connect both games, offering some great incentives for doing so. In addition to being able to transfer Pokémon over into the GO Park, players will receive XP and candies for each Pokémon transferred. Additionally, the first Pokémon you transfer will net you a Mystery Box. With this box, players will be able to catch the Mythical Pokémon Meltan. Start walking!

1. Keep Going!

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As far as Pokémon games go, this is certainly one of the easier iterations in the series. Players will find that throughout the main storyline, losing a battle is rare. However, the real challenge, and rewards, come in the post-game content. After the credits roll on the main story, returning to Kanto will provide players with new challenges in the form of Master Trainers. These tougher battles will provide greater challenge and the potential for some great items and Pokémon.

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