Pokémon: 10 Features From Let's Go That Should Be In Sword And Shield

While the Pokémon Let's Go! titles may have been some of the most controversial in the entire series (right next to the upcoming titles Sword and Shield), they did switch up the Pokémon formula in a few key ways. Sure, some of those changes were trash, but there were also many features in Let's Go! that were tons of fun to use. Those features would be great to see make a return in the upcoming Sword and Shield. Today, we will be going over ten of those features. Let's jump into it.

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10 Following Pokémon

Yes, they gave it back to us and took it away again and yes, we're going to continue to complain until we see fit. Following Pokémon is a unique little feature that has appeared in a handful of Pokémon titles over the years. While not affecting the gameplay in any important way, having one of your Pokémon follow you (while being able to interact and play with it) just helps to make the world of Pokémon feel a bit more alive. Also, Kadabra looks like he is coming after you with every ounce of energy he has so that's fun.

9 Dressing Up Pokémon

You know what never gets old? Dressing up your Pokémon as a member of an international crime syndicate. In Let's Go!, the player character was given the option to dress their partner Pokémon in a variety of different outfits received throughout the game (and wear matching outfits with them omgomgomg).

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While this likely couldn't really be a feature extended to every Pokémon in Sword and Shield (there's just too many high-quality animations that need to be completed), maybe allowing certain Pokémon like the starters to dress up would be tons of fun.

8 Catching Mechanics (Optional)

Never has such vitriol been shot directly at the method of which one throws capsules at a small animal to restrict their freedom in the history of ever. Sure, the catching method of Let's Go! certainly wasn't perfect... it didn't even work half the time, but there's no reason it can't be fixed up and then offered to players in Sword and Shield. Maybe add some bonuses for using this method, but just make it an option. There's no reason to take this capture method away.

7 Overworld Encounters

The overworld encounters featured in Let's Go! do seem to be coming back in Sword and Shield in at least some capacity, which is amazing. Having Pokémon appear in the overworld was a fantastic touch to the Let's Go! titles that added a heightened sense of immersion to the titles. Seeing these Pokémon in their element, living their best lives, fantastic. A nice blend of wild encounters and overworld encounters with Wingulls that do in fact flap their wings would be great to see in Sword and Shield.

6 Master Trainers

Trainers that specialize in one very specific Pokémon were heavily promoted as some of the only postgame content in Let's Go! Does this need to be it for Sword and Shield too? Absolutely not. However, there is totally room for this trainer class to be included in the new games. Having an incredibly strong trainer that will only battle for supremacy of the mastering of a specific type of Pokémon is a fun challenge that would be very easy for Game Freak to continue implementing in future titles.

5 Gym Requirements

In the Let's Go! titles, a new system was added that required you to beat some sort of additional challenge before taking on any of the gyms. While these were more tutorial-style challenges for Let's Go!, this feature could be added into Sword and Shield, but with fun and interesting challenges, similar to the setup in Sun and Moon. 

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With the gyms in Sword and Shield seemingly being stadiums, there's certainly precedent for some sort of outside challenge needing to be completed before gaining entrance.

4 Drop-In Co-Op

The drop-in co-op that was featured in Let's Go! might just have activated babby mode to the extreme, but it is still way too much of a great feature to just drop in Sword and Shield. Maybe refine it a bit (make every battle 2v2 instead of 2v1), but the ability for a friend to just jump in and out of the action as they please is an absolutely fantastic addition to the games that needs to stick around for future installments.

3 Realistic Cries

Box art baddies Eevee and Pikachu received more realistic, anime-styled cries in the Let's Go! titles, which was fantastic to see. Okay, realistic might not be the word for an animal screaming its species name, but you get the point. The digitized cries that are currently in the Pokémon titles just don't make any sense considering how far technology has come since Red and Blue. Hopefully, we can start seeing updated cries for Pokémon here and there.

2 Riding Pokémon

The ability to take a Pokémon out of its Pokéball and ride it around is such an underrated feature of Let's Go! Do you know how bad you are riding around in the skies on a shiny Charizard? Pretty bad! Considering that following Pokémon seemingly aren't around in Galar, this feature returning seems to be highly unlikely, which is such a shame. Still, this was an awesome feature of Let's Go! that we can hopefully seem come around again one day in future Pokémon titles.

1 Pokeball Plus Compatibility

The $60 Mew DLC for Let's Go! Pikachu and Eevee actually came with some physical content, the Pokéball Plus. This contraption worked similarly to the Pokéwalker in that you could take a Pokémon of your choosing with you out and about in the real world. It also doubled as a controller for Let's Go! There's really no reason that any of this functionality should be removed in Sword and Shield. It would be incredibly easy to implement, so why not just throw it in there for those who have the device? It doesn't hurt anyone, nor would it add much extra development work.

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