15 Reasons To Be Worried About Pokémon: Let’s Go Pikachu (And 15 To Be Excited About)

This year Pokémon is finally headed to the Nintendo Switch platform. Fans had been wondering how long it would take for the franchise to make its way over to Nintendo's new and extremely success hybrid gaming system. When the Pokémon event was first announced rumors ran wild about what the first game on the Nintendo Switch would be. Many people felt it was a safe bet to assume that a port/3rd version of Pokémon Sun/Moon titled Pokémon Stars would be the call. It turned out that the first big titles would be a new version of Pokémon games that fell somewhere between a typical mainline role-playing entry and the global phenomenon that is Pokémon GO. Pokémon Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee were announced to mixed results and had fans both excited and worried.

Of course, the Pokémon Company knew these titles would be met with hesitancy, so for the first time ever they announced a title a year in advance. They assured fans that a new mainline entry would be releasing on the Nintendo Switch in 2019. An unprecedented move like that means the company knew these titles wouldn't necessarily be a short-term home run. We're going to be going over many of the fears diehard and lifelong fans of the Pokémon franchise have with these games, as well as a ton of exciting possibilities that have our inner child dying for a nostalgia trip. Let's go and take a look at 15 reasons to be worried about Pokémon Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee, and 15 things to be excited about.

30 Worried: It's Not For The Diehard Fans

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Over the course of it's marketing cycle fans have come to release that the Let's Go games weren't created for the core audience in mind. The Pokémon Company has stated that they want these games to serve as a bridge for those who fell in love with Pokémon GO in hopes of getting them interested in the mainline role-playing games.

Since its release, fans have been waiting for the Pokémon franchise to make its way over to the Nintendo Switch.

With the upcoming release of both Pokémon Let's Go Pikachu and Let's Go Eevee it seems like diehard fans will have to wait until 2019.

29 Excited: Let's Go Sequels

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The more and more you look at it, the Let's Go games are set up to be a new pillar of Pokémon games. Though they look beautiful, technically it seems that they're a much easier project to develop and could fit into the rotation between mainline entries. Having the two versions be titled after different pokémon means that we could see Let's Go games for the foreseeable future. Just don't expect Let's Go Golem anytime soon. If Let's Go ends up being a sub-franchise look for the cutest and most adorable critters to star in future entries.

28 Worried: $60 Price Tag

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Fans and critics alike have their fair share of worries and hesitations, but it seems like the price of the upcoming Let's Go games is what has them equally perplexed. The Pokémon Company is selling this game as a bridge between their mobile and hardcore audience, so consumers confused and upset that they'll be selling them at a full retail price of $60. The reality of the situation is that Pokémon is one of the largest and most profitable brands in the world and they know that fans will still shell out the full $60 for a new Pokémon game.

27 Excited: Pikachu & Eevee Headlining

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With the Let's Go games fans everywhere are winning. Pikachu is obviously the face of Pokémon and many people consider it to be their favorite pocket monster. Another part of the fan base feels that other pokémon are deserving of the spotlight and it'd be nice to see them get a moment on stage. Since the reveal, both fans and haters of Pikachu are rejoicing. Not only is there a version with everyone's favorite yellow ball of electricity, but Eevee is also getting a starring role. Eevee is another fan favorite that many feel is adorable and represents the Pokémon brand more contextually than Pikachu does.

26 Worried: Casuals Become The Main Demographic

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The core players of the mainline Pokémon games are worried that the success of Pokémon GO is pushing the franchise in a casual-friendly and casual-first direction. Though it's been stated that the Let's Go games are meant to bridge together the mobile and hardcore players, many fans worry that it's actually a test to see if they can make more sales from a watered-down and simpler design approach. Millions of players globally can't get enough of Pokémon GO, and that may mean that the millions of players who love classic Pokémon may be left behind.

25 Excited: New Pokémon Easter Eggs?

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The Pokémon Let's Go games are rooted in the world of the first generation Pokémon games, but they're not exactly remakes. It seems that numerous characters and locations from the original adventure have been brought to a more modern and higher definition aesthetic, with some new things added in.

Considering it's not an exact remake that means that the team behind the game had some creative freedom.

Fans have been speculating if fan theories or anime references will make their way into these new games. Keep an eye out for a bunch of new and obscure easter eggs.

24 Worried: Let's Go Is A Cash Grab?

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This worry goes hand-in-hand with the worries of the "casualization" of the Pokémon franchise. Considering this game is designed for fans of Pokémon GO, a game that continues to bring in extraordinary amounts of revenue for the Pokémon Company, hardcore fans feel that this is simply just a cash grab. They feel that this game wasn't made to bridge a gap or bring the communities together. The belief is that this game was made to get mobile game whales and spenders over into the Nintendo Switch ecosystem.

23 Excited: They Know It's Different

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Everyone knows that these Let's Go games are different than any other Pokémon game that's come before. That prospect can be both very excited and also really nervewracking. Not only for fans but also for the developers of the game. Pokémon consists of numerous pocket communities that all desire different things from the video game side of the franchise. There are multiple groups that really enjoy seeing the franchise taken in new and interesting directions. Luckily, the Pokémon Company knows it's different than expected and made sure to let fans know a more traditional game is headed their way in 2019.

22 Worried: Extreme Fan Backlash

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If you follow the gaming industry then it's safe to assume that the people who are already against the Let's Go games will probably not change their minds once the game's release. For GameFreak and the Pokémon Company, what happens if the people who are excited feel burned by their $60 purchase? What if this game comes and doesn't deliver anything interesting or great for anyone? Financially they're fine, but what will it do for those Pokémon GO players who wanted a little more? The Let's Go games can surprisingly build excitement for 2019's mainline entry whether they deliver or not, for varying reasons.

21 Excited: The Pokéball Accessory

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Now, it's not necessarily exciting to pay $60 for an electronic pokéball. With the price out of the way, if you're just looking at it from a fan perspective it's a dream product. Kids and kids at heart everywhere are going to be scooping it off of store shelves. The ability to take your pokémon on the go without your Nintendo Switch will be super convenient. There's no word on whether or not it will also be compatible with 2019's mainline entry, but one can dream. Now if only it came in other forms. Ultra Ball, anyone?

20 Worried: Motion Controls

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Motion controls are a very polarizing subject in the world of video games. Thanks to the popularity of the Nintendo Wii it's a trend we've seen continued in various fashions for the past 10+ years. There have been some good implementations as well as far too many missteps.

The Nintendo Switch gives developers the ability to have motion controls in their games.

Since its release games, media has been critical of motion controls on the platform. The worry with the Let's Go games is that the motion controls are unfortunately mandatory for some mechanics. Good luck!

19 Excited: Overworld Pokémon

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Ever since they were seen standing next to non-playable characters in the first generation of Pokémon games, fans have wanted wild pokémon to appear in the overworld. The Let's Go games are going to feature wild pokémon in the overworld, so you'll know exactly what you're about to encounter. Unfortunately, it isn't exactly a perfect scenario considering you can only catch wild creatures, and can't actually battle them. On the bright side, it does mean that there's a possibility that overworld pokémon might make a return for 2019's mainline entry.

18 Worried: Doesn't Feel Like An Evolution For Pokémon

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When fans first heard that the Pokémon franchise was committing to making the jump to the Nintendo Switch, many of them expected the jump in technology to result in a refreshing and deeper experience.

There is still a strong possibility that 2019's mainline entry will do just that and impress everyone.

Sadly, it seems that the Let's Go games are more simplistic in design and the only upgrade on the new hardware is a higher fidelity graphics style. Though that's neat, fans are worried it might be a sign that GameFreak will only make slight upgrades despite an exponential growth in terms of development power.

17 Excited: Follower Pokémon Returning

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We briefly talked about pokémon appearing in the overworld. Let's now talk about something else fans have wanted to make a series staple, but this time it's something that's already been in the games. Follower pokémon is the ability to have the first pokémon in your party walk right behind you in the overworld. It makes your relationships with the pokémon you catch and train feel a lot more personal and meaningful. Once again fans are hoping that this feature also makes its way into 2019's mainline Pokémon title, just like wild pokémon in the overworld.

16 Worried: $60 Price Is Too High

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This goes along with the $60 price point but is a bit more specific. Fans who are excited for the Let's Go games are worried that the price of the game may set false expectations for the actual experience. The game might have great content and include an experience worth your time, but not necessarily worth a $60 entry price. Price vs. value is a personal and very subjective discussion but worries and be explained easily. Tradition mainline entries are $60, whereas Pokémon GO is free, and the Let's Go games are described as a bridge. So shouldn't their price fall somewhere in-between?

15 Excited: Familiar Faces

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We've already talked about the possibility of the Let's Go games including a bunch of new and exciting easter eggs considering they're not remakes of the first generation of games, but rather simply inspired by them.

Through trailers, fans have already seen the likes of Misty and Brock in this new stylized Kanto region.

There are plenty other interactions with familiar and beloved characters that fans can't wait to experience. Here's hoping for some surprise cameos and inclusions that fans don't see coming in Pokémon Let's Go Pikachu & Eevee.

14 Worried: They're Way Too Casual

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The idea that Pokémon is already a casual entry-level role-playing game has fans scratching their head at the Let's Go games. It seems like a series already described as baby's first RPG is being refined and simplified for a more general audience. Many people already see the Pokémon franchise as a series that really needs to up the difficulty or at least allow options for different difficulties. If you take a simple and easy game and make it both easier and simpler, who does that serve? Though Pokémon is a child-friendly property, there's no doubt its large adult fan base would also enjoy a more challenging experience.

13 Excited: Catching Pokémon Is The Priority

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There has always been a weird divide between trainers who love battling, and those who prefer the excitement of catching. In many ways, those are the two core pillars of Pokémon and go hand-in-hand. The Let's Go games are going a more Pokémon GO route and wild pokémon run into can only be caught, not fought. This is a huge area of contention amongst those interested in the game, but for those who simply love the adrenaline rush of a pokéball shaking it seems like Let's Go might be your ultimate thrill ride.

12 Worried: Won't Feel The Same

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For better or worse Pokémon games have been labeled as formulaic. Obviously through entries like Detective Pikachu and the Mystery Dungeon series we've seen a freedom to experiment with the property. There is a worry alongside the simplification of the game as well as the lack of ability to battle wild pokémon that the Let's Go games won't even feel like Pokémon games. Though Pokémon GO is extremely popular people understand that it's not a normal Pokémon experience. Will Let's Go find a nice balance between familiar and new? Guess we'll have to wait to find out.

11 Excited: A Nostalgia Road Trip

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Though it's not an exact remake of the first generation, it doesn't mean that the Let's Go games aren't going to constantly be tugging at your nostalgia heartstrings. With a recent trailer unveiling both Misty and Brock fans are having a blast thinking about all of the old experiences they'll get to relive in a new and refreshing way. Nostalgia isn't an exact science and sometimes it can be activated by smells, names, locations, and many other things. Whether the game is critically well-received or not, many people will be purchasing the Let's Go games simply to relive a piece of their childhood.

10 Worried: They're Even Easier?

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Making a game too casual is similar to making it too easy. Pokémon games have never been a franchise people have flocked to because they were seeking a difficult challenge.

Fans fell in love with Pokémon games because they loved the journey and adventure they could experience.

Many loyal fans, as well as those sitting on the fence, are really hoping 2019's entry makes things a little more challenging. That want is only exaggerated by the fact that the Let's Go games completely removed wild pokémon battles and made an easy game even less challenging.

9 Excited: Familiar World, New Graphics

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So, it's already been mentioned multiple times that the Let's Go games aren't remakes, but rather remixes of the Kanto region and the adventure trainers went on 20 years ago. We've already talked about easter eggs as well as the familiar characters we'll be running into. What we haven't mentioned are the buildings, forests, and vistas we'll see for the first time in stunning graphics. Fans around the world can't wait to explore the haunting grounds of Lavender Town or the electrifying tension of the Power Plant.

8 Worried: Pokémon GO Influence

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The influence of Pokémon GO on Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee should be pretty obvious given the new entries naming convention. They're meant to drive Pokémon GO players to the Switch ecosystem in hopes of getting them into the routine of buying all future Pokémon releases. Considering they're willing to commit a whole new sub-franchise to Pokémon GO mechanics, would it surprise you if the mobile hit begins to influence all aspects of the gaming branch including the mainline games? Our first look at the 2019 games will give us an answer either way.

7 Excited: No Pokémon Red/Blue Remake Anytime Soon

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Now, I know you're probably yelling at your computer screen, but please let me explain. When we first saw the Let's Go games many people quickly assumed that they were first generation remakes.

It turned out that they were closer to remixes than remakes.

This means that we probably won't get remakes of Pokémon Red or Blue anytime soon. Though this is a bummer, it does mean that by the time they do it both GameFreak and the Pokémon Company will have plenty of experience on more powerful hardware. The one silver lining in the pile of heartbreak.

6 Worried: It Could Sell Way Too Well

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Though these games are not meant to replace the mainline entries and are simply a different style of Pokémon game, that doesn't mean they couldn't influence future Pokémon projects. Companies make products in hopes of earning money, which means that they tend to gravitate towards profitable things. If the Let's Go games outsell projections it could really make the Pokémon Company reassess future endeavors and they could easily adjust focus towards more Let's Go entries and possibly implement the watered-down mechanics into mainline games.

5 Excited: It's A Spinoff, Not Mainline

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Whether you're upset, excited, frustrated, or cautiously optimistic, at the end of the day there's nothing to worry about.

The Pokémon Company branded the Let's Go games as such to let you know they're different.

They aren't intended to replace the types of experiences you've come to love and anticipate, but rather a way to bring in new players as well as providing a different and refreshing experience for fans who've stuck around. At the end of the day these are spinoff games and you've already been promised the type of game you expect in 2019.

4 Worried: No Wild Pokémon Battles

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When fans first heard that wild pokémon were only in the game to catch and not to battle, it came as a huge surprise. This was the moment everyone realized these weren't intended for the core audience. It was simply a change targeted at the Pokémon GO audience that would allow them to feel comfortable and allow them to transition over to a more traditional Pokémon experience. For many hardcore fans, this announcement immediately left them disinterested in the title. Will 2019's mainline entry allow you to battle wild pokémon or is that a thing of the past?

3 Excited: It's Releasing Really Soon

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The games are set to release at the beginning of November which is right around the corner this means that those who are really interested in this new take on the series don't have long to wait. On the other side, it also means that diehard Pokémon fans who may be feeling a little burned by the Let's Go games know that once they're released a lot more focus will be pushed on the Pokémon title set for 2019. With it releasing this Winter it's allowing everyone to get what they want, for the most part.

2 Worried: The Future Of Pokémon

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Do the Let's Go games show the future direction of the Pokémon franchise when it comes to video games? The Pokémon Company understands the value of their brand, hence the reason the Let's Go games are coming out at $60. People are worried that the success of Pokémon GO has skewed the company into targeting the mobile audience and prioritizing for them specifically. Will mechanics, or the lack thereof, affect the mainline games and take away many of the things hardcore fans enjoy? Hopefully, the Let's Go games are simply a new pillar for fans and not the blueprint for the future.

1 Excited: Pokémon Switch In 2019

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The best part about the Let's Go games releasing this November is that it's a win-win scenario for those who can't wait for the game, as well as those who couldn't be less interested.

With a new mainline game in 2019, it means that the entry-level Let's Go games can get new trainers acclimated to the world before they make a deep dive next year.

It also means that veteran trainers who want to have fun with the Let's Go games get two Pokémon games in as many years. Lastly, the ones who decide to skip these entries only have to wait a year for the game they really want.

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