25 Pokémon Logic Memes That Are Hilariously True

These hilarious Pokémon memes prove that the series actually doesn't make any sense if you sit down and think about it.

Pokémon has been a big deal all over the world, especially the United States and Japan, for years now. A lot of fans started watching young when the television show first appeared in the U.S. back in the 90s to some high appeal. Other shows were able to branch off of this success and become quite popular as well.

Perhaps our inner-child all came out when Pokémon Go! first came out from Nintendo. This time, we could play on our phones rather than Gameboy, and we could truly bring Pokémon into the real world. It made sense and worked out well for everyone. While the love and hype for Pokémon Go! has died down a bit since it first came out, the name has not.

Pokémon will always be popular it seems, but there are a lot of holes in the picture that need to be addressed. We've all watched the shows and movies and thought to ourselves....something is off, right? It may not be that huge, but rather, just something you noticed that could be refuted by the right person.

At The Gamer, we love Pokémon, of course. However, we have to be honest and talk about some impressively off-logic from the creators. Since we're nice, we decided to do this in meme form so that you might be able to use some of this logic by posting the memes or sending them to friends for whatever reason you deem necessary. With that said, sit back and relax as we give you the 25 Pokémon logic memes that are hilariously true.

25 That's Okay, We Didn't Need To Pass Through

Nintendo seemingly did not bother with Pokémon's game structure at times, which left us with some clearly identifiable problems. At times, there were roads you could not pass through, despite the fact that the area in front of it was open. This was especially an issue when you wanted to take a shortcut and not travel all the way around the area. Clearly, while the games were fun, we all hated this part of it.

24 God Of What Now?

Arceus is known as the God of all Creation (when it comes to Pokémon at least). It is said that Arceus helped to (or alone) create the Sinnoh region, and the entire Pokémon world we know today. Due to this, Arceus' status is quite high and it makes no sense for him to be trapped in a Pokéball.

23 That Price Seems Odd...

In any case, it seems the games did not often think about how they priced things. In the real-world, anytime something is specially crafted, it costs more. When there is not an abundance, it makes sense to ask for more for such an item. Meanwhile, when you have things that there ARE a lot of, they would normally sell for less. Not in Pokémon, as this meme points out, they would put Water at a higher expense than special Pokémon medicine. There is no logic there at all!

22 I'll Just Punch Myself In The Face Now

However, the version we know of seems to have one weakness, if nothing else. Pikachu is self-loathing. Perhaps not the healthiest thing one can see, Pikachu is known for not being able to do something right and immediately punches himself in the face. Whether he messes up or is simply confused, that small fist is heading for Face Town. It is quite apparent, Pikachu needs to see a Psychiatrist.

21 Fire Apparently Doesn't Go Out With Water

Once the flame goes out, Charmander dies. It is a sad but true fact about this Pokémon. As a result, one would imagine that he would need to stay away from any water type or weather type that would possibly put the flame out. Weirdly, Charmander can be inside the water and drown yet not die from this (he just faints). Keep in mind, he needs to drown with water that would cover his tail....and fire cannot exist inside water for long if at all.

20 Leaves Are Dangerous, Right?

One of those moments involved Bulbasaur using a leaf to kill a literal giant rock snake. It is almost impossible to believe any sort of Pokémon has a big chance against Onyx, but at least others would make more sense here. Yet we see ole' Bulbasaur kill the Pokémon using leafs. If you did not think science was dead here, I hope you're seeing it now.

19 It Seems We Cannot Pivot Our Way Out Of This One

Getting past him seems easy. One of his main weaknesses, seriously, is "fighting." With that said, one would have to wonder why he becomes so tough. The weirdest part of all is that despite his immense size, he can be put inside of a ball that is about 1% his size. One has to wonder why Snorlax, who would not fight back from being captured, continues to block paths.

18 Let's Not Get Ahead Of Ourselves Here

What is overlooked a lot with Ash is that, while he may have battled quite a lot of gym leaders and Pokémon, he hasn't caught a lot. He would develop many, and top ones like Pikachu were clearly used a lot for Ash. However, he did not win all the time and he would not catch various Pokémon he tried to catch.

However, the entire thing starts off with Ash saying he wants to go catch every known Pokémon at the time. This is a continued trend, yet the guy took years to catch a handful in comparison to the amount he had left over.

17 Do You Like To Live....Dangerously?

Both hate doing things the hard way. They became criminals BECAUSE they hate that. In this situation, they would have to climb a nice sized cliff, all while risking their own lives in doing so. Instead, they could have walked a safer road and still got to their destination. We get it, you did not want Bill to see you coming. Yet you could not duck down while walking up the road? Come on TR, you're lazier than this!

16 Ash Found The Fountain Of Youth Somehow

Ash seemingly never ages, at all, at any point in the series. We're all aware they planned to change him up some, but they could have aged him for the new show to help him fit in better with the crowd of today that watched back then. However, they went opposite of this. Despite everything, Ash never aged in the original series. Forever, he is 10 years old. We need to find out if he took out Ra's al Ghul or something...

15 IQs Are Apparently Useless

While complicated, it's clear that Alakazam is a threat due to his impressive intelligence and psychic power, right? Despite his IQ, he has only managed to learn four moves in total. This is an issue, as anyone needing to take him down only has to find a way to counter four freaking moves! He's said to have 5,000 IQ, yet Alakazam cannot learn more than four moves?!

14 Water Pokémon Can't Swim?

Yet, this happened with Piplup. This Pokémon is a water-type, yet needs a flotation device? One would have to wonder what was going through the writer's mind when he thought "and we're gonna have Piplup look cute coming downstairs in a floatie." We all know it made no sense seeing it. Piplup is a water-type, he is supposed to know how to swim!

13 Death Is Easier Than Using Your Pokémon

This meme said it all. Our heroes are in a dry desert on the brink of death. They need water to keep going. If nothing more, it would cool them down. On top of this, they would avoid dehydration. The team has water types that could have been released from their Pokéballs to help, yet they are kept trapped in their ball. The team risked death rather than releasing Pokémon to help them. Brains were not used here, at all!

12 But What Was The Point, Korinna?

What makes things so odd is that the writers spent five episodes on her where she is supposed to learn how to control a certain raging Pokémon. Instead of finding another interesting way to calm the beast, they did exactly what has been done before. As if to say "here you go, a lazily written story where the end result is something you already know, enjoy kids!" We see right through this, Pokémon. The logic here is practically nonexistent.

11 Not Even A Scratch

The Pokémon falls while being inside a glass cage. That cage then shatters on the ground below. Yet instead of having a scratch of any kind, he's 100% clean. Simple science would say that a fall of any kind would mean trouble and possible problems. From bruising to scratches, all would be included. Upon it shattering, he would have been covered in glass and scratched a lot. A concussion would even be possible.

10 Getting Water Isn't THIS Hard In The Pokémon Universe

Of course, this is logical. We need that to grow crops, and without water, they cannot possibly grow. So this person goes on a quest to find a legendary Pokémon who grants wishes, known as Jirachi. This wish maker will surely help, right? Well, of course, they will. However, we're completely ignoring ALL WATER POKÉMON THAT COULD HAVE DONE THIS! Look, if we're talking to a chick that has never heard of Pokémon before and you tell them someone can grant a wish to help them, that is different.

9 Jessie Was A What?!

Jessie actually has a degree in nursing and spent time in the field before going out as a thief. Jessie clearly loves making an impression, but there is no logic in her move here. So we're going to steal a Pikachu and do what with him exactly? What was the end goal for Team Rocket? They never seemed like they had one, and Jessie left the nursing field to become a nutso duo with the only talking Pokémon in the universe? There's seems to be a problem here...

8 This Is How They Get You...

EVERYTHING is higher, which does not make a lot of sense. Lemonade, among other small priced items, go up to high rates for no reason. This meme exploits the major problem. How one could get one of the most expensive things possible for 100% free, yet they cannot get a glass of lemonade without breaking the bank. There is a problem somewhere in that.

7 How Does This Even Happen?

However, we have a flying type here without wings or psychic ability. How is that even possible? How does the Pokémon fly without the abilities that would allow it to do so? One has to conclude at the end of the day that the creators have not considered things. It's as if they molded a character out of clay for the heck of it, and then drew out abilities from a hat at random. This is by far the most random, and idiotic thing we could see. Logic isn't flawed, it isn't even considered!

6 Where Do His Balls Go?

Here, we have a Pokéball that someone like Ash will use. To his credit, of course, he does not normally carry a ton of Pokémon on him. Yet we constantly see in the games and cartoon that many are bought and somehow we do not consider where they go? Where do all of those balls end up? How does one fit 99 Pokéballs in one, single backpack?

5 Just Like A Man, Psh

Yet, Brock forgets this likable nurse and apparently doesn't remember that he flirted with her before. So he looks at a poster with her on it, yet does not know where he saw her before. Yes, we all know that there are many Nurses but Joy is clearly someone you would remember. This is for obvious reasons. Come on Brock, you give men a bad name!

4 How Is This Not A Dragon?

Yet in the end, he isn't one. In fact, while he is considered a fire type, that is the only actual classification he has to a dragon. Yet, the one to the left somehow fits the dragon look and ability more, somehow? Were the creators thinking dragonfly, and felt Charizard did not look like a fly, therefore could not be a dragon either? I think we can assume that is their logic in this one, there is no other possibility.

3 How Have They Not Been Shot Yet?

In the real world, this would be called breaking and entering. There are times when stuff is taken from these places too, meaning theft could be added to this as well.  Really, Ash and his friends are criminals. However, if we think about it, so are we. We played those games and did the same sort of things. Meaning we're just as bad at the end of the day. Yes, YOU were the true enemy all along. Criss Cross!

2 How Are Thieves This Dense?

See, Meowth is such a major character for Team Rocket that he helps them with just about anything they want to do. The biggest thing they want to do is take Pikachu from Ash but this makes no sense. Meowth is the only talking Pokémon, barring a legendary type or so. Team Rocket could make a fortune off of him, yet they focus on a Pokémon that would not truly make them a dime?

1 Where The Heck Are Their Parents In All Of This?!?

Rather, we have the crazy thought that this kid and his kid friends can somehow go on the road with no parental assistance or guidance (even money is given to them). All with just some Pokémon of their own and some Pokéballs. We have to stop and ask ourselves, where is the logic in this? Plus, how could their parents just allow them to go on this trek without them? I suppose in the Pokémon world, you become an adult at 10 years old and have to leave home and get a job...

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