Official Master Ball Engagement Ring Case Has 100% Chance Of Convincing Someone To Marry You

Japanese jewelry brand U Treasure has created a series of Pokémon inspired wedding and engagement rings, including a Master Ball ring case.

Master Ball Engagement Ring Cover

The Master Ball is the rarest and most cherished Poké Ball in the Pokémon series, as it catches any wild Pokémon without fail. It might be for this reason that the Master Ball was chosen for the design of an engagement ring case by Japanese jewelry brand U Treasure, as it might help secure a "yes" from a prospective fiancé.

U Treasure has teamed up with The Pokémon Company to produce engagement rings that are inspired by Pikachu and Mew. All of the trainers out there might who think they have enough Pokédollars to buy a ring like this might need to go out and catch a Meowth that knows Pay Day, as the rings will set them back by around $1,250. Those who purchase a set of engagement rings and wedding rings will receive a Master Ball case for free, which contains a magnet that keeps the ring in place. There is only a limited number of Master Ball cases on offer, though, so once they're gone, they're gone (via Sora News 24).

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U Treasure is also selling engagement ring cases that are based on the original Poké Balls, which can be bought on their own. The Poké Ball case is a lot cheaper than the Pikachu and Mew rings and will only set a romantic trainer back by about $120.

via U Treasure

The Pokémon franchise has received all kinds of merchandise over the years, but there has been a push recently for adult items and services, such as the Original Stitch shirts that feature the original 151 Pokémon. There are also official Pokémon wedding ceremonies that can be purchased in Japan.

The recent popularity of the franchise seems to have been sparked by the success of Pokémon GO and Detective Pikachu. Kids who grew up with the first games in the series are now adults, yet a part of them will forever remember the days spent in Kanto - either in the yellow and green color scheme of the Game Boy or through the adventures of Ash Ketchum. The first generation of Pokémon fans are now adults, so it's no surprise that there is official Pokémon merchandise for romantic gestures, as there are plenty of budding Ash Ketchums in Japan who may have finally found their Mistys.

The U Treasure Pokémon engagement and wedding rings will be available until June 30, 2019.

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