Pokémon Masters Adds Loads Of New Content And An Electrifying Sync Pair

Elesa and Zebstrika have struck down in Pokémon Masters as a newly obtainable sync pair. The new electrifying arrivals brought along a barrage of in-game events, including a new EX challenge and Rally. While those are rather typical events for this sort of update, Pokémon Masters is shaking things up for Elesa's arrival by shifting the focus away from solely battling and introducing more story than the events usually provide.


Pokémon fans originally met Elesa as one of the Unova region's Gym Leaders. Now, she and her Zebstrika have made the journey to join the conglomeration of trainers gathering in Pokémon Masters. Elesa and Zebstrika are a 5-star sync pair in the game and will have their own Spotlight Scout gacha for the duration of the event. This event is taking place now through October 31st. Pulling from this gacha will offer Trainers an increased chance at obtaining this electric sync pair.

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To compliment Zebstrika's introduction to Pokémon Masters, an Electric-type training event will be taking place during the same period. The training will include challenging Siebold in battle. Siebold provides a good opportunity to level up thunder-thriving sync pairs as he is weak to electric attacks.

Screenshot of Siebolds in-game introduction.

A new EX challenge has arrived in-game as well. For this challenge, trainers will have to face off against Pryce and his Seel. Pulling off a victory against Pryce will award Electric Pins - however, trainers must complete the co-op "Challenge Cheren & Hilbert & Hilda" in order to partake in this challenge.

Last but certainly not least in this slew of new content is the Evolution Rally, accessible via the Events tab in the Explore menu. Running now through October 28th, the Evolution Rally centers around obtaining evolution materials to boost the power of compatible sync pairs. Players can earn rewards over the duration of the event through daily log-in bonuses, or by taking part in the special event and completing special missions. Log-in bonuses include x200 Gems, along with x20 Buff Blends, Tech Tonics, or Aid Ades. However, only players who've completed chapter five of the main story are eligible to take part in the Rally.


The Evolution Rally plays host to the special event, Evolution Material Mining, where players set to work locating evolution materials with Roark. With that in mind, this event is set to deliver far more storyline. Unlike past events that have put a sole emphasis on battling, the Evolution Rally's special event will test the player's "observational skills outside of battle" as well.

October is charging up to be an electrifying month, bursting with power-up opportunities and a shocking amount of new in-game content. Avid Trainers won't want to miss out on the chance to evolve some sync pairs and harness the energy from this set of statically charged events.

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