Pokémon Masters Producers Release Apology Letter, Promise To Improve Game

The producers of Pokémon Masters have issued a public apology regarding the state of the game at launch and have promised to address issues.

The producers of Pokémon Masters have issued a public apology regarding the state of the game at launch and have promised to address the issues brought up by fans in future updates.

Pokémon Masters is a mobile game that is set in the world of the Pokémon video games. The player forms a team of three Pokémon trainers in order to win the Pokémon Masters League. The other Pokémon trainers that the player can battle and recruit are established characters from the series, including people like Brock, Lorelei, Misty, and Whitney. Pokémon Masters has been criticized since launch due to its numerous glitches and for its use of gacha mechanics.

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The current state of Pokémon Masters has been addressed by producers Yu Sasaki and Tetsuya Iguchi in a public letter that was posted to the Pokémon Masters website. According to Serebiithe letter apologizes for the issues with Pokémon Masters and resolves to deal with them in the future.

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The letter opens up with a discussion about the bugs in the game and how they have taken a long time to be addressed, which is a result of behind-the-scenes issues. The producers talk about the lack of content within the story mode and how they felt that the EX Challenges would make up for it, but they realize now that is was a mistake, as not everyone found them to be enjoyable.

The producers talked about how the rewards for completing tasks in Pokémon Masters are underwhelming, which was one of the biggest complaints about the game in many different reviews. They have also heard feedback about the game being difficult to understand, which is another problem that they aim to solve in the future.

A second letter concerning the future of Pokémon Masters has been promised for October 17, which will be followed by periodic updates on the Pokémon Masters website. The producers have assured fans that they have heard the complaints regarding the issues with the game and that they are working on it, but it will take some time to put their plans into action.

Source: Serebii

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