Pokémon Masters: The Best Teams Based Purely On Style

A look at some of the trainers available in Pokémon Masters, and the coolest team combinations you can make with them.

The latest game in the Pokémon franchise is almost here, and it isn't Pokémon Sword and Shield. That one will have to wait until November. Pokémon Masters is the next game featuring Pikachu and friends, and it's due out August 29th for mobile devices.

There's a fun twist to Pokémon Masters. While Pokémon battles will inevitably happen, the gameplay isn't about catching and raising a team of critters. Instead, you're fielding a team of trainers who bring their own Pokémon. The collection element is still there, it's just that you'll be seeking out Brock, Misty, and other skilled trainers from throughout series history.

With the game almost upon us, we thought it would be helpful to take a look at the trainers on display and pick out the best ones. The thing is, the game isn't out yet, so we have no stats to work from. All we know is that you form teams of three. So welcome to the best teams in Pokémon Masters, based solely on how cool they are.

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Cynthia, Steven, And Lance

We only got a small glimpse of this trio in the Pokémon Masters animated trailer, but it was enough. Each one represents the pinnacle of challenge in their debut game. They are Pokémon League Champions, and rightfully so. Cynthia's balanced team makes her one of the toughest fights in the series. This time she's bringing her fearsome Garchomp. Steven prefers the hardy Steel-type, as shown by his trusty Metagross. Then there's Lance. Lance, who at one point in his career brought three Dragonites to battle. This was before the Fairy-type was introduced to defeat the Dragon-type. Lance was OP, and proved to be the bane of many ten-year-old trainers.

So we have three boss-type characters all bringing their fully-evolved star Pokémon. And they know how to pose all cool and self-assured like. They definitely win tons of style points, and you're bound to see people field at least one of these trainers when Pokémon Masters launches.

Sabrina, Fantina, And Elesa

These three ladies just ooze style. Mostly because it's their actual job. It seems that being a Gym Leader doesn't quite pay the bills, because almost of the Gym Leaders have a side gig. Fantina, the one in the middle, competes in Pokémon Contests and is a member of the Ribbon Syndicate. So the sparkly dress is all to help her maintain a flashy image. Elesa, on the right, is a model. Her gym is a literal catwalk. Sabrina, meanwhile, just has psychic powers. It's her stern attitude that earned her loyal fans and a spot among the other two trend-setting ladies.

Putting these three fashionable icons together makes for quite a team. Their favored types - Psychic, Ghost, and Electric - also make for strong fighters. If you're going to win, you might as well do it in style.

Sycamore, Oak, And Kukui

That's right, we got professors in the house. Naturally, those who study Pokémon should be pros at battling with them. But what makes them stylish? Well, Professor Sycamore broke the mold when he was revealed. Pokémon mainly stuck to professors who fit the stereotype– someone bookish or a wise old man. Sycamore, in keeping with the French theming of this games, is well-dressed and charming. Then there's Kukui on the other end, with a habit of going around shirtless that made him something of a thirst meme. The man in the middle needs no introduction. He wins style points just by being the OG professor.

Fielding a team of professors might not sound like the coolest thing, but you can't go wrong with these three.

Red And Blue

These were the first two ten-year-olds to go out on a journey of catching and battling. Yes, even before Ash Ketchum. Now they are adults who travel the world to make cameo appearances in newer Pokémon games and remind us they're still the cream of the crop. Red's got the famous Charizard by his side, and Blue brought Pidgeot. These two exemplify the original style of Pokémon, and are legends for it.

They may only be a team of two, but they could easily win with that handicap. They're just that good.

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