Pokémon Masters: How To Farm Coins And Evolve Faster

Pokémon Masters is the second smash hit Pokémon game on mobile devices, the only one to even come close to GO's success. It has proven to be incredibly successful since its release a week ago and brings a new type of game to the Pokémon franchise.

Pokémon Masters allows you to team up with different trainers from the various games in the franchise as you battle to level up the sync-pair and make your way to the Pokémon Masters League. Each trainer comes with its own pocket monster and you can evolve them when you level the pair up high enough. To evolve a Pokémon you will need evolution shards and evolution crystals which can be purchased using coins that you earn in-game.

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The evolution shards cost 1,000 coins for five shards, and the price increases significantly for crystals. Coins can seem to be hard to come by and are the only way to buy evolution shards/crystals to evolve your sync-pair's Pokémon. Here are some helpful ways you can farm coins to help evolve faster.

Finish Training Courses 

Training courses do indeed reward with you with some coins but it isn't the most efficient or rewarding way to farm those coins. You can do them every once in a while but it's best to limit your time in them as there are better ways to farm for coins.

Complete Chapter Quests

By just progressing through the main story line of the game you can get coins. Each quest will have the amount of coins you can get from the top of the rewards page. While completing chapter quests is a decent way to farm coins, it shouldn't be your main focus as you can continue to get more coins in more efficient ways.

Gathering From Fieldwork

These are optional quests that you can do throughout the main story line and will give you certain rewards. Among these rewards are coins. You can find these rewards and coins by scouting the areas when doing the fieldwork.

You will go out on a fieldwork mission after completing Chapter 3 of the main story line. During this fieldwork mission you can find a Poké Ball that contains 10,000 coins. It is on the fourth level of the mission so make sure to check each Poké Ball along the way.

Complete Coin Super-Courses

Coin super-courses are the most efficient way to earn coins, but they are only limited time events that you can do three times a day. Make sure to finish them within the time-frame to farm coins. Completing the coin super-courses will reward you with pearls that you can exchange for coins. A small pearl can be exchanged for 1,000 coins while a big pearl can be exchanged for 3,000 coins. Keep an eye out for these coin super-courses.

Pokémon Masters can become a grind when trying to level up your sync-pairs and evolve their Pokémon, but can be rewarding when you finally do. Farming is the name of the game and if you can more easily farm coins through these tips than you have a good chance of evolving the Pokémon faster. You must be diligent though and keep track of the coin super-courses. If you can do that, you will be on your way to becoming a master in Pokémon Masters. 

Source: gamewith.net 

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