Pokémon: 10 Most Disappointing Pokémon Missing From The Galar Pokédex

Pokémon Sword & Shield may be highly anticipated, but longtime players might be disappointed that some Pokémon didn't make the cut.

Though Pokémon trainers across the world can't wait to get their hands on Pokémon Sword & Shield, there was a disappointing announcement made by GameFreak concerning the upcoming games.

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The National Pokédex for the Galar region was said to be limited and wouldn't include a good number of pokémon from fan favorites to forgotten misfits. This has upset trainers as some of their lifelong buddies won't be usable in the newest Pokémon adventure. Let's now look at the 10 most disappointing pokémon missing from the Galar Pokédex.

10 Garchomp

The Galar region is surrounded by water so it's disappointing that one of Pokémon's most ferocious water-types won't be making the cut.

Garchomp is an intimidating shark-based pokémon that portrays the fighting spirit of the diehard soccer fans that populate the real-world location the Galar region was based on, the United Kingdom. Despite Garchomp not making the cut, the Galar region will still have some fierce-looking creatures in both Drednaw and Corviknight.

9 Scizor

If you were to look up the word cool in the dictionary chances are you'd see a picture of Scizor. For those unfamiliar Scizor is the evolution of Scyther, also not in the Galar Pokédex, and is obtained by trading a Scyther holding a metal coat.

Both Scyther and Scizor happen to feature cool designs that mix the best part of insects and dragons. England and the United Kingdom as a whole have a storied history with stories of dragons and also happen to deal with annoying bugs. Why weren't Scizor or Scyther prioritized?

8 Heracross

Heracross is a beloved pokémon from the Johto region that trainers have loved for years despite GameFreak showing the Hercules Beetle pokémon any love whatsoever.

Fans were hoping that Heracross would receive either a new evolution or a Galar region variant form with the announcement of Pokémon Sword & Shield but now that the full Pokédex has leaked, the dream of some Heracross love died alongside it. Heracross is the perfect example of the untouched potential in the Pokémon world.

7 Metagross

When making a list of the biggest absences in the Galar National Pokédex, most people might not have Metagross come to mind. The big steel and psychic-type powerhouse is a force to be reckoned with and happens to feel right at home wandering the lands of the Galar region.

It's hard to argue that a pokémon with four brains isn't worth it to include in a new game and sadly this is once again a case of a cool pokémon being left out since it's not one of the poster children for the franchise.

6 Mewtwo

Mewtwo is to Pokémon as what apple pie is to American traditions. The first set of games culminate in an opportunity for brave trainers to go one-on-one with the lab experiment in hopes of capturing it.

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Unlike Mew, players can catch Mewtwo fair and square and weren't limited to hacks, glitches, or mall events. Every kid who watched the first Pokémon movie understood Mewtwo's pain and thought of it as one of the coolest pokémon to ever exist. Mewtwo isn't welcome in the Galar region.

5 Dragonite

Is Dragonite a necessary addition to the Galar region? Well, the answer to that is obviously no. The real issue is that Dragonite is a pokémon most longtime trainers have grown accustomed to being by their side and its evolutionary line is so surprising that there's a case to be made it makes Pokémon games better.

It shows new trainers that sometimes the payoff is worth it while at the same time communicating that working towards evolving your pokémon can reward you with unexpected transformations.

4 All Alolan Starters

Finding out that the starters from the Alola region wouldn't be available in Pokémon Sword & Shield was one of the most puzzling revelations as they were just featured in the latest set of games.

Not including the starters from the previous generation seems like an obvious oversight. Why wouldn't you want the players who love your series to be able to use their pokémon from the last game they played? The previous generation should always take precedence when deciding which pokémon to cut from the National Pokédex.

3 Bulbasaur

Bulbasaur is often considering the least desired starter pokémon from the Kanto region, but one quick call to action on the internet will show you that the little grass-type frog is loved by many people.

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GameFreak decided that it would be best to include Charmander and his evolutions but leave out the other 2 Kanto region starters. This is disappointed since it's meant to appeal to fans of the first generation of games, but more specifically to all of those people who chose Charmander.

2 Squirtle

When it comes to merchandising and popularity it's safe to say that Squirtle comes in near the top of the list when looking at the entire roster of pokémon in existence.

Most fans would have come to terms with Bulbasaur being left out as it's often the brunt of numerous jokes, but once it came to light that Squirtle and its evolutions also didn't make the cut in the Galar region, that came like a thorn in trainer's sides. They should have either included all 3 or simply left them out.

1 All Johto Starters

On this list, it's been discussed how Charmander was included from the Kanto region, but Squirtle and Bulbasaur didn't make the cut, oddly. For the 3 starters from the Johto region that wasn't even an argument as none of them made their way into the Galar National Pokédex.

When Charmander was first revealed as the only Gen 1 starter people assumed that they may have just picked one starter from every generation, but as it turns out they simply decided to leave many of them on the front porch.

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