The Pokémon Company Wants More Microtransactions In Their Games

Nintendo want to hold back microtransactions in their mobile games to a certain degree, but it seems that The Pokémon Company might not be as picky.

Nintendo might be willing to hold back the tide of microtransactions in their mobile games to a certain degree, but it seems that The Pokémon Company might not be as picky with the monetization practices in their mobile titles, as DeNA is claiming that they are more open to adding in-app purchases to games.

There are many people who believe that Nintendo owns every aspect of the Pokémon franchise, but this is not true. The Pokémon franchise is managed by The Pokémon Company, of which Nintendo holds a 32% stake in, with the rest being owned by Game Freak, Creatures Inc, and other investors.

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Nintendo has shown reticence in regards to including microtransactions in both its console games and mobile games. Nintendo has stated that its smartphone ventures are primarily a way to promote their console games, rather than being expected to make a lot of money. It seems that The Pokémon Company is not so discerning with how it brings in its Pokédollars, however, as a report from Takashi Mochizuki of the Wall Street Journal states that The Pokémon Company is more willing to make money through its mobile ventures.

According to Mochizuki, DeNA has stated that Nintendo isn't interested in making players spend a lot of money through in-app purchases, and to not expect too much profit from the upcoming Mario Kart Tour for this reason. DeNA has said that more money can be expected from Pokémon Masters, as The Pokémon company is more willing to make money through in-app purchases.

It's unsurprising that The Pokémon Company would pivot towards mobile gaming, considering how much capital Pokémon Go has brought in over the past few years. Nintendo has been more reticent with its mobile endeavors, with the recent Dr. Mario World being noticeably light on microtransactions.

The Pokémon mobile games released following Pokémon Go have yet to come close to earning the same kind of money, which might be why Pokémon Masters is doubling down on the fanservice in regards to bringing back different characters from the history of the series. It won't long until Pokémon Masters is given a chance to prove itself in the marketplace, as it's due to be released for Android and iOS devices tomorrow.

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