The Best Pokemon For You, Based On Your Myers-Briggs® Personality Type - Introverts


Someone's Myers-Briggs® Personality Type can tell you a lot about them... as can how much stock they put in Myers-Briggs® in the first place! This kind of personality typing isn't the only thing that can tell us a lot about people, though, and Pokemon fans can confirm that the Pokemon someone chooses to train is extremely telling...

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Of course, the original starter Pokemon choice is particularly interesting, but with very limited options, it's not going to reveal too much. However, when considering all the Pokemon available, we bet that we can tell you a whole lot about yourself based on which one you choose. We've already covered the Extraverts, but these are the perfect Pokemon for all you Introverts out there.

8 ISTJ - Alolan Ninetails

In the Myers-Briggs® Personality Test, ISTJ Types are responsible and hard-working, but they are also sincere. While they are able to think through and accurately judge a situation, they are more introverted. They're a reasonable type in need of a reasonable Pokemon.

Ergo, we judged that the best Pokemon for you based on your Myers-Briggs® Personality Type is Ninetails. Ninetails is a quiet, enigmatic Pokemon known for its wisdom and intelligence. Incredibly powerful, majestic creatures, they are able to keep others at arms length while using their wisdom to properly assess a situation.

This right here? This is your perfect Pokemon.

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7 ISFJ - Blissey

Those with the ISFJ Myers-Briggs® Personality Type are empathetic people who know how to comfort and take care of a person. They are able to sense when others are in need of comfort, and, accordingly, treat them as they need to be treated.

When considering what the best Pokemon is for you based on your Myers-Briggs® Personality Type, there are few better than Blissey. Blissey is a natural caregiver, known for working alongside nurses at Pokemon Centers. They are able to heal and are incredibly sympathetic to those around them. They make for ideal caregivers -- something you might both relate to and need for when you've expended your social energies.

6 INFJ - Espeon

INFJ Personality Types are by their very natures insightful and dependable. Idealistic and compassionate, they're perfect partners for anyone willing to have a long, intellectual discussion. They seek both human companionship and mental stimulation.

For that reason, what Pokemon companion could be better than Espeon? This Pokemon evolves from an Eevee only after a trainer makes it truly happy. Once it ascends, it becomes a bastion of psychic energy, with a brilliant mind and a true need to reorder the universe around you. It also likes cuddles.

I mean, can you think of a Pokemon better suited for you? Yeah, didn't think so.

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5 INTJ - Delphox

INTJ Personality Types are the intuitive thinkers of the Myers-Briggs® Personality Test. Able to offer insight and imaginative solutions to any problem, they can think outside the box while also remaining reserved. They speak softly, but know how to get the job done when things get down to it.

For that reason, we recommend you take the Kalos Region's Fire-Type Starter, Delphox. Delphox is a fire-type, yes, but uses insight and psychic energies to divine solutions to any problem. Insightful like a wizard from legend, this is the best Pokemon to be paired with anyone who identified as an INTJ on the Myers-Briggs® Personality Test.

4 ISTP - Lucario

ISTP Myers-Briggs® Personality Types are simultaneously logical and action-oriented. They analyze a situation before charging headlong on an adventure to complete any and all problems ahead. They tend to make very good mechanics.

So we figured the best Pokemon for this Myers-Briggs® Personality Type is Lucario, a steel-fighting type known for its reserved nature, ability to strip away the frills to a problem, and just figure "Ya know what? This insurmountable problem? I'm gonna punch it until it stops bothering me."

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3 ISFP - Togetic

ISFP types are, by nature, sensitive and gentle. They follow their senses and feelings to perceive the world around them. While realistic, they are soft souls who seek to find comfort and joy in their lives.

Of all the Pokemon, the best one suited for someone with an ISFP Myers-Briggs® Personality Type remains Togetic. While Togepi and Togekiss are also great, Togetic embodies that realistic balance between dreams, feelings, and comfort. Being a fairy/normal type, Togetic is at once enchanting and grounded. They are known for their ability to perceive dreams and emotions. This is the best Pokemon for anyone with dreams as big as their heart.

2 INFP - Bulbasaur

INFPs are more intuitive than ISFP, choosing to use the seeds of their imagination to spur on the world around them. While sensitive and creative, they are also focused on inner growth and creative potential.

For this reason, we feel the best Pokemon for this Myers-Briggs® Personality Type is Bulbasaur. Bulbasaur is a seed of a Pokemon who, given proper training, will grow into one of the most powerful starters around. But before that, he is just a little green dork who is loyal to those who love him. Few choose Bulbasaur, but his potential in battle requires careful strategy. Poison Powder? Sleep Powder? When is the right time to use Solar Beam? Creativity is required, but Bulbasaur has the potential to wipe the floor with Squirtle AND Charmander, given the right strategy.

And, since so few choose Bulbasaur, you better believe the little plant dorks will be overjoyed to have you hold them.

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1 INTP - Alakazam

In the Myers-Briggs Personality Test, INTPs are among the most intellectually-driven individuals. Driven by a desire to perceive the world through an intellectual and intuition-based lens, they are logical souls driven to understand. Flexible yet reserved, they seek to understand.

So naturally INTPs deserve an equally intellectual Pokemon. In this case, Alakazam. This psychic type is all about perceiving reality, able to peer into the world to understand it. Alakazams have an IQ of over 5,000, so people with the INTP Personality Type will be in good company with this brilliant Pokemon.

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