22 Hilarious Pokémon Pictures That Are Too Funny For Words

It's time to put Red Dead Redemption II down in order to sink countless hours into Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu and or Pokémon: Let's Go, Eevee. Whatever version you choose you're bound to have a good time. Not a great time. I'm baffled in the enjoyment I'm getting out of it as I don't think it's all that amazing. It's kind of cool revisiting Pokémon Yellow in a new context, but without that nostalgia pushing me through it has a lot of problems. Again, it's good, but not game of the year material. It's, of course, no Red Dead Redemption II. I mean can you imagine that losing out to either of these games? I would surely bust a gut laughing at the idea. Do you feel me?

Anyway, all I'm trying to do is introduce today's subject aka goofs about Pokémon. Since those games just came out I thought it was high time we revive the comedy gold that is Pokémon fan art. Pictures are worth a thousand words, as they say, and in this case, they're also worth a thousand laughs. You don't need words to convey how hilarious some of these pieces are. Sure, I found a few obscure ones that need explaining, but that's why I'm here. To take you on a comedy tour through the wonderful, crazy world of Pokémon. There are so many things to make fun of because, let's face it; the Pokémon universe just doesn't make a lot of sense. Without further delay, let's get to it!

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22 The Squirtle Squad Evolves

Wallpaper Abyss

This would make for a perfect spinoff to Pokémon. I absolutely loved the very early episode wherein Ash tames a rambunctious Squirtle from the mischievous Squirtle Squad. It brings me to tears every time. Since the five turtle squad gets knocked down to four, this would be an excellent evolution of the team. I'm not sure Squirtles like pizza though, but hey, it's Pokémon so anything is possible. An Alolan Rattata, or Raticate would make a perfect Splinter by the way.

21 Fantastic Pokémon And Where To Catch Them


Italiux made this design and put it on TeePublic.

This mocked-up screenshot is actually not that far off from a real game. The Game Boy Color versions of the first two movie tie-in games for Harry Potter as well as the third for GBA were all turn-based RPGs. I just found this out last year and they're pretty good too though they're more like Golden Sun than Pokémon. Still, it's close enough. I'd still love to see a monster catching game in this vein though.

20 Kakuna Rattata


If you ever browse through TeePublic, you're sure to spot one, if not a hundred, of designs playing off of The Lion King like this one. A lot of them are Pokémon themed too. Out of the pieces I came across this was my favorite simply because it rhymes.

It means no worries for the rest of your days.

It's as simple as that. I'm a writer. I love dumb word puns. So sue me, or get off the Poképot.

19 Pika Homie


RancidYogurt made this design and put it on TeePublic.

First of all I just want to say RancidYogurt is a gag-inducing name, but it is unique I'll give them that. It's also a fantastic crossover that deserves some explanation. In the episode “The Last Temptation of Homer” of The Simpsons, a new female coworker tempts Homer. When they're about to kiss his shirt rips open and reveals a blurred image of Marge kind of like this Homer. I think that's the reference RancidYogurt was going for.

18 The Glitch Spreads


What if the MissingNo. glitch existed outside of the video games and proceeded into the anime? That could be a fun premise for a film wherein Ash and whoever else is by his side gets trapped in a virtual reality game.

A glitch in the system.

They have to race against the clock, find a way out, or the MissingNo. glitch will strike! Beware of exceedingly large amounts of Rare Candy kids! What? Like the other movies have better plots. Get real.

17 The Real Pokebusters

RIPT Apparel

What is a Ghost-type Pokémon? Is it a deceased Pokémon, a deceased human, or something else? I mean look at Ghastly, Haunter, and Gengar. Are you telling me Ghastly is a decrepit soul that can evolve? The Pokémon universe is ridiculous and not one thing makes sense. That's why I think it's time for an exorcism. That's right, it's time to call Venkman and the others because a crossover is afoot! Forget a sequel to the last reboot. Just reboot it again with Pokémon.

16 UGH!


BlancaVidal made this design and put it on TeePublic.

First of all, that is one sturdy doghouse if a Snorlax can sleep on top of it and have it not break. Either that, or this Snorlax is super tiny. Either way, it's totes adorbs. I love the idea of Charlie Brown being a Pokémon master. Oh, he'd stink so much and Lucy would just rub it in his face while he has yet another existential crisis. Peanuts sure was a weird comic strip.

15 Pokéball Z

Wallpaper Abyss

Doesn't this art look like it's from the anime? It actually might be, but with the artist simply overlaying some Dragon Ball Z stuff. Whether this is a Photoshop genius, or an artistic one, it doesn't matter because it's great either way. I think I would choose someone else for Piccolo though as Metapod, let's face it, stinks. That said he is kind of the only full green Pokémon and is stoic like Piccolo so maybe this choice was spot on after all.

14 Dr. Pikanik

RIPT Apparel

AnimeHA made this design and put it on TeePublic.

Gasp! It was Pikachu the whole time? Now it all makes sense as much as anything can make sense in the Sonic universe. Pikachu was merely trying to rescue his fellow Pokémon, or at least that's what it thought they were. I don't know why it tried to destroy Sonic so many times though. He saw the blue and maybe thought it was Gary? No one said Pikachu was the smartest, as cute as he is.

13 Wrong Ball, Goku


Soulkr made this design and put it on TeePublic.

Ah, a piece of fan art that strikes up an interesting position. What's better? A Pokéball is fairly cheap, is plentiful, and can catch monsters to do your bidding. Er, I mean it lets you "befriend" them. Dragonballs, on the other hand, are rarer but can grant wishes. I think both have their merits. Pondering aside, dopey young Goku coming across a Pikachu is just a classic mashup idea for the ages.

12 Itty Bitty Living Space


What's in a Pokéball? Is it super spacious wherein Pokémon can live a relaxed life? Do they even exist inside the Pokéball, or are they further relaxing in an alternate dimension? Perhaps the cynics out there may be right with art like this.

Looks a little cramped.

Maybe Pokémon are cramped inside balls, but don't complain because it would mean to suffer a punishment of going back in the ball sooner. Whoa. Things just went from optimistic to dark pretty fast. That's Pokémon for ya.

11 Under The Truck


Anaugi made this design and put it on TeePublic.

We all grew up on the playground at school, right? That is to say, I'm sure all of us have a story or two about video game rumors they heard around school. The false facts I heard in my day could fill a book. One of the most popular ones was in regards to the mythical Pokémon, Mew. "It's under a truck in by the S.S. Anne, "they'd say. That's not quite right, but I like this shirt capitalizing on this theory.

10 Darkwing Psyduck


Jellysoupstudios made this design and put it on TeePublic.

Another popular meme-like image you can find on TeePublic revolves around Psyduck and other popular media. I've seen it and other duck Pokémon in a DuckTales gang along with a lineup for The Mighty Ducks. Those were all great, but this solo one featuring Psyduck as Darkwing Duck just speaks to me. I'd like to imagine Misty's Psyduck in this role, which would be bad, but hilarious at the same time.

9 Goofy Trainers


Emperpep made this design and put it on Zerochan.

Let's see from left to right we have Red, Gold, Silver, Red female, and Blue. Argue with those names all you like, I just went with the default color scheme of the Pokémon trainer names.

Silly thy name is Pokémon.

Anyway, there's not much to say here other than everyone is trying to have fun with Blue acting stuck up as usual. Geez, what happened to you when you were a kid, Blue?

8 Volts To Spare


Emily x Madeleine made this design and put it on Zerochan.

Part of me wants a Pokémon to have as a pet and a protector. Another part of me favors myself as a world traveling, Pokémon elite. And then there's the small, lazy side of me that likes to imagine what practical uses Pokémon can have in our everyday lives. You know, like how every dinosaur in The Flintstones was an appliance. For example, you could save a lot on your electric bill with a Pikachu, or Raichu.

7 Pokégear Solid


Katakana made this design and put it on Zerochan.

What would a Metal Gear Solid game be like with Pokémon elements? You may think that this is just a silly, awesome piece of fan art in the "what if" scale of things that won't happen in reality. However, let's not forget about Pokémon Conquest, which crossed the obscure RTS Nobunaga's Ambition with Pokémon. Weird? Yes, but it was surprisingly good too. So good that I can't believe there hasn't been a sequel yet!

6 Mind Over Matter


Lazy Child made this design and put it on Zerochan.

What do tiny Pokémon dream about? Well, I'd like to imagine they try and keep positive like this Weedle is trying to. It's not going to sit around and be prey for the Pidgey. Heck no, it's going to rebel!


Only in dreams though. However, here's a weird side note. The two are basically the same size. Do Pidgey's really eat Weedles? What about that poison? Sounds like a recipe for disaster.

5 Marshmallow Buddies


AWS85 made this design and put it on TeePublic.

Aw, so cute! I love seeing Pokémon mingle with each other. This is such a practical use of Charmander's tail too. Is it good for these three to roast marshmallows? Who knows? Here's a bigger question.

The Stay Puft Marshmallow Pokémon.

Will there ever be a marshmallow Pokémon? If so what would it taste like? Before you openly mock me, just remember this. There is a sentient ice cream Pokémon so there. I rest my case.

4 Talk To The Bike


WaterprincessBlue made this design and put it on Zerochan.

Bikes seem to be a near infinite amount of comedy in the Pokémon universe. There's Professor Oak somehow telepathically telling you not to take it out indoors. There's the whole reason Misty is following Ash in the anime as he torched her bike with electricity thus destroying it. Then there's this little piece of comedic heaven wherein we get to see Blue getting what he deserves: a bike straight to his pretty, smug face.

3 Unnatural Evolution


Bedupolker made this design and put it on DeviantArt.

A little while ago I posted an article about Pokémon theories. One of those pointed out that it didn't make sense for a Magikarp to evolve into a Gyarados and should instead evolve into a Dragonite with a Dratini evolving into Gyarados instead. Here's another interpretation. What if that theory is also wrong? Maybe Magikarp should look something like this even though it looks like something out of a nightmare. Get it away!

2 Magikarp Used Flail!


FluffyBlueCow made this design and put it on DeviantArt.

Magikarp, again, is another Pokémon subject that has a nearly endless amount of hilarious jokes you can write about. Take this one for example. In some cases, its Splash attack says it flops or flails around.

Say hello to my little fin.

Well, what if instead of flopping around, it literally used a weapon version of flail to exact revenge on all who doubted it. Now that would be a cool Magikarp you'd want to keep in your party.

1 Bidoof Bound


Senshuu made this design and put it on DeviantArt.

Finally, we can't have a Pokémon comedy piece without making fun of some Bidoof. I mean, how could you not? That name has "meme me" all over it. It and Magikarp are like top tier meme-ready Pokémon. Anyway this piece of fan gold imagines Bidoof in the roles of everyone in EarthBound. It's funny, sure, but I also think it's kind of cute in a messed up sort of way.

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