Pokémon: All The Pseudo-legendaries, Ranked

Every Pokémon on this list is going to be someone's most favorite little monster in the whole world. Sure, we know best, but you do you!

Every new generation of Pokémon games has introduced at least one line of monsters referred to as "pseudo-legendary" Pokémon. This term is used by fans to describe a Pokémon that has a three-stage evolution line and whose final form has a base stat total of exactly 600 (not including Mega Evolutions). They tend to be very powerful Pokémon and a benefit to any team, though can they be somewhat hard to find and require dedication to raise to the high level needed to evolve them.

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We can pretty much guarantee that every Pokémon on this list is going to be someone's most favorite little monster in the whole world. So let's just clarify that none of these guys are bad; everyone Pokémon can be your friend if you give it a chance. We're going to rank all the pseudos, yeah, but if you absolutely love Goodra, don't let us tell you otherwise. Speaking of which...

9 Goodra

Goodra is a bit of a lackluster design for a dragon Pokémon. It doesn't really look like a dragon, and it also loses a lot of the weird and fun sluggy aesthetic it had in its previous two evolutions. Averaging those two designs out, unfortunately, results in a slightly bland purple biped with a few token goo drips. Then there's the matter of Goodra being the only mono-type pseudo-legendary Pokémon, meaning it has less versatility with regards to its offensive capabilities. It has a great Special Defense stat and a signature ability (Gooey), but otherwise isn't the most impressive example of a pseudo.

8 Salamence

Salamence is one of two pseudo-legendary lines introduced in Generation III, the first and only time the series has added more than one pseudo per generation so far. Even back when it was first released, fans critiqued its design, specifically the odd blade-shape of its wings. It's supposedly based on a kind of salamander, supported by the prominent fins sprouting from its head like external gills, that wished so hard for flight that its body spontaneously mutated wings.

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We suppose it had to make do with what it got. It has a monstrous Attack stat, as well as a Mega Evolution that gives it a great Speed boost, but it also repeats the typing of a previous pseudo, Dragonite, making it overall one of the less interesting options.

7 Dragonite

We just want to come out of the gate and say nothing is really wrong with Dragonite on its own merits. It was the signature Pokémon of the first champion, Lance, and holds a special place in many players' hearts. Dragonite are large, round, friendly dragons that will, according to the Pokédex, rescue drowning sailors from the merciless sea.

So Dragonite's a pal, obviously. The only downside is that it looks almost nothing like its prevolutions, Dratini and Dragonair. For those who are particular fans of those Pokémon, seeing their elegant and graceful serpentine dragons transform into something out of Dragon Tales. Heartbreaking.

6 Tyranitar

Tyranitar is easily one of the most popular pseudo-legendaries. It was the second pseudo line introduced and seemed to imply that these powerful monsters wouldn't just be limited to the Dragon type. It has a great design that pulls from real-life dinosaurs as well as kaiju like Godzilla, and has an interesting middle evolution that seems to be a cocoon stage form stage formed entirely from rock and metal.

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Unfortunately, after Tyranitar's introduction, nearly every other pseudo added to the game has been Dragon-type and, as Dragon is one of the most powerful kinds of Pokémon, poor Tyranitar's been left in the dust. It's unique Rock/Dark combination leaves it with a whole host of weaknesses to exploit, especially its 4x weakness to Fighting.

5 Hydreigon

Hydreigon is another of the more traditionally draconic pseudos, hearkening back to hydras of Greek myth as well as the legendary Japanese dragon Orochi. They are known to be particularly brutal, with especially high Attack and Special Attack stats. According to its Pokédex entries, Hydreigon will attack anything it sees without hesitation, destroying or devouring everything in its path.

Interestingly, the line was originally supposed to be cyborg dragons based off of tanks before they were redesigned. You can see remnants of the design in the tread-like markings on Hydreigon's belly.

4 Dragapult

Dragapult is the newest addition to the family of pseudo-legendary Pokémon. The line has an interesting type combination, Dragon/Ghost, only seen elsewhere in the legendary Pokémon Giratina. According to the Pokédex, Dreepy are spirits of prehistoric sea creatures reborn as Ghost Pokémon. They start out weak, but through cooperation with other members of its species, they can grow up into the powerful Dragapult.

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This cooperation is evidenced in their models, where Dreepy can be seen resting on top of Drakloak and nestled like torpedos in the holes on Dragapult's head. Apparently they're more than happy to help their elder in battle, eagerly anticipating being fired like supersonic missiles.

3 Kommo-o

Kommo-0 and its previous form Hakamo-o have a unique Dragon/Fighting-type combination that makes for an excellent offensive addition to your team. The design of their scales seems at once practical, to function as armor, and ornamental. Coupled with their tendency to form reclusive colonies high in abandoned mountains, Kommo-o almost calls up images of warrior monks training day and night to perfect their abilities. Jangmo-o's Pokédex entry even says they only grow larger by facing each other in battle.

2 Metagross

Metagross is the second and last (so far) pseudo-legendary not to be Dragon-type but, unlike Tyranitar, its Steel and Psychic combination makes for a much more powerful foe. It has only four weaknesses and a whopping ten resistances or immunities. Their design is cool, too; a Metagross is the result of two Metangs fusing together, themselves composed of two fused Beldums. So Metagross is said to have a total of four brains and the intelligence of a supercomputer.

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Metagross makes us want more pseudo-legendaries with unique type combinations. Everyone loves dragons, sure, but if branching out makes more Pokémon like this, we're all in favor.

1 Garchomp

Garchomp is frequently considered the most powerful pseudo-legendary Pokémon, even going so far as to be almost universally preferred over its Mega Evolution. This spiky land shark has a very intimidating design that's backed up by its great offensive type combination. That, in addition to its high Speed and respectable HP pool, makes it a highly desirably competitive battler. Plus it just looks really cool. Its arms are just blades, what a champion.

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