15 Pokémon Quest Tips Everyone Needs (And 15 Hidden Details Players Miss)

Pokémon Quest is a whole new way to experience Pokémon — these are the best ways to get the most out of your experience.

2018 will be a year Pokémon fans will remember as it will feature the first main series console game, Pokémon Let’s Go! Pikachu/Eevee, in over 10 years. But back in late April, Nintendo and Game Freak announced the free-to-play game Pokémon Quest for the Nintendo Switch, which saw release the same day. Also, Pokémon Quest was recently released on mobile phones and smart devices. Pokémon Quest features Pokémon from the original 151 generation presented in a blocky, cube-like model. The setting of this game takes place on Tumblecube Island, where all of these Pokémon live. Your objective is to befriend Pokémon and have them guide you through the island to discover its hidden treasures.

In this “freemium” game, you form teams of three Pokémon as you explore different areas. You cannot control the movements of these Pokémon but you can give orders as to when to use one of their attacks. You can befriend Pokémon in this game by using ingredients and cooking dishes to lure them towards your base. Pokémon Quest is a very charming game with a unique take on the series, a bit similar to the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon in some ways.

Despite Pokémon Quest being a free-to-play game, there is actually a lot of depth into how the gameplay works. If you were to go in blindly, you might put yourself in a difficult situation where it would take a while to advance. Here we will go over many things that you can do in this simple, yet well-structured game as well as tips that will help you finish the game. So let’s set sail for Tumblecube Island and meet these blocky shaped Pokémon.

30 FYI: Power Up Pokémon With Power Stones


Pokémon Quest features a new way to enhance the stats and powers of Pokémon with the use of Power Stones. Power Stones are items you receive at the end of quests that you can equip to your Pokémon. Each Pokémon has a panel that you equip a Power Stone to, if you line up three in a row you'll receive an extra bonus. Furthermore, there are slots in the Pokémon's moveset where you can equip specific stones to alter or power up the Pokémon's attacks.

These stones are essential to developing a strong Pokémon.

These stones vary in raising one of the two stats, Attack and HP, and vary in the amount they increase as well. Some power stones are rarer than others. Rarity varies from normal, bronze, silver and gold, every stone bronze and up offers additional perks. There are also Power Stones that can change certain attributes of a Pokémon’s attack.

29 Tip: Gold Is The Way To Go

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We’ve already established how crucial Power Stones are to powering up your Pokémon. What is important is to remember when deciding which ones to keep. While some common stones may have a higher numerical value, it would be best to hang on to gold Power Stones.

These rare Power Stones includes extra attributes such as increasing your critical hit rate, HP recovery, and movement speed.

Gold Power stones can contain three different attributes whereas silver just 2, bronze only 1, and commons none. These attributes can often mean the difference between advancing and staying put.

28 FYI: Type Bonuses For Each World

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There are a total of 11 different worlds in Pokémon Quest. Each world features a different style of landmark and is color coded with many Pokémon who would live in that type of habitat and features around 5 or 6 different levels. Like every Pokémon game, there are types such as water or grass that can affect the gameplay. In Pokémon Quest, that typing matters in the form of a bonus that each world would have on a specific type. If you bring Pokémon of that type, you receive a bit of boost to your team’s overall power level. So make sure to take advantage!

27 Tip: Take Advantage Of The Type Bonuses

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Type bonuses can make a huge difference to the power levels of your teams. It can give your team an extra couple thousand points in power level.

Pokémon typing won’t matter too much when it comes to Pokémon VS Pokémon, but it does make your team stronger if there is a bonus.

If you are a little short on power level, it would be best to fill your team of the required Pokémon type. This mechanic sort of breaks the traditional hint of keeping a type-varied team, instead having a lot of specific types can make things easier.

26 FYI: Gotta Cook For Them All

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Traditionally, Pokémon are earned by capturing them in Pokéballs as a trainer. That is not how it works in this game, as you can only befriend them. To do so, you’ll have to lure them to your base with a delicious meal. At your base, you can use ingredients gained during expeditions to combine and cook a specific recipe that will attract wild Pokémon to you. After that, they would instantly become your friend and will help your team out on expeditions.

25 Tip: Understand How Cooking Ingredients Work

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While it may be easy to befriend many Pokémon in this game, if you just hit the auto-fill button to sprinkle in random ingredients, you may not attract many strong Pokémon to your base.

Instead of using the auto-fill button, try combining recipes and documenting results.

It’s also a good idea to use bronze, silver, and gold pots whenever you get them as they will allow you to use more ingredients. Some combinations of ingredients could even bring in very rare shiny Pokémon.

24 FYI: You Can Let The Game Play Itself, Literally

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One of the cooler toggles in Pokémon Quest is to set the game into auto mode. Auto mode literally sets the expeditions to be operated by the AI. Normal gameplay doesn’t feature much control, other than move commands there isn’t much the player can do.

It’s a great option if you are trying to multitask while playing the game.

This just makes the gameplay completely on its own where the Pokémon will do their special moves whenever they are in position to use them, just like enemy AI. But they won’t use their special moves at the same rate as they could do if the game was played manually.

23 Tip: Pokémon With Only One Move Are Actually Better

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The Pokémon you befriend in Pokémon Quest either knows only one or two moves. Two moves certainly offer the benefits of having another option, but there is also a benefit for Pokémon with one move. If you have a Pokémon with one move, it means you can equip one more Power Stone in the move slot which could make that one move more dangerous for your enemies. Furthermore, if you like to put the game on auto mode, that Pokémon will use that one move instead of bouncing back and forth between potentially one good move and one bad move.

22 FYI: You Can Increase Storage Space

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Initially, Pokémon Quest will allow you to befriend up to 20 Pokémon and 20 Power Stones. However, it won’t take you very long to max out the space available. Fortunately, you have the option of spending only 50 Poké Mart tickets to expand your boxes by an additional 20. This will definitely help for befriending Pokémon as you find that there is a benefit for having multiple types of Pokémon that you’ll want to hold on to.

21 Tip: Tanks Are Essential For Late Game Progress

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Throughout most of Pokémon Quest, you can just have the strongest Pokémon team you can build and just power your way through. However, late in the game, you’ll definitely want to have a tank with you.

Pokémon with very high HP like Chansey and Rhydon, are valuable simply because they won’t get knocked out quickly.

They also can serve as a decoy while your offensive Pokémon could go after the boss. Additionally, if your Pokémon are knocked out, they have a timer that will lead to them being revived. If all three Pokémon are knocked out at the same time then you lose, having a Tank will allow your team to bide its time and recover when needed.

20 FYI: Worlds Tell You What Type Of Ingredients You Can Find

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Collecting ingredients is one of the more important elements of Pokémon Quest. Certain recipes require a certain amount of ingredients, and some ingredients can be rarer than others. With that said, there is a helpful image that will aid you in finding specific ingredients.

When you are selecting a level, a meter will appear at the right of the bar.

This meter will inform you of how common certain types of ingredients are. For example, if you need more blue ingredients, Belly Button Cave (World 5) would be a good place to farm them.

19 Tip: Choose Your Starting Pokémon Wisely

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Just like nearly every Pokémon game, Pokémon Quest begins with a decision to choose from one Pokémon to recruit to your base. You will have 5 options, Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Pikachu, and Eevee.

From my experience, Charmander may be the best option.

Charmander will be the first starter that will have a type bonus applied; the second world will have a type bonus of Fire types. Especially with how rare fire type may be early in the game, Charmander will help give you a significant advantage early on.

18 FYI: Expedition Bonuses Will Guarantee You A Gold Power Stone

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Gold Power Stones are a very rare find in Pokémon Quest. Most of the time when you complete an expedition you will receive a few Power Stones, among them are usually normal and bronze. You would be lucky to even get a few silver Power Stones, gold ones are practically impossible. However, Pokémon Quest does reward you for playing the game. Every 10 expeditions you will receive an expedition bonus, meaning that when you complete your 10th level, you are guaranteed a gold Power Stone. As long as you continue to play Pokémon Quest, your commitment will be rewarded in many different ways.

17 Tip: The Expedition Pack Can Make A Big Difference Early

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Pokémon Quest is a “freemium” game, that means it is free to play, but you have options to spend money for more content. Pokémon Quest’s additional content doesn’t add any levels or anything, but it does provide a boost to help you get a head start on your quest. The 3-pack expedition quests cost $30 so if you want to invest real money into your experience, this would be the suggested pack to get as it includes everything.

The sooner you buy it, the more effective it is.

Content in the pack includes an extended battery life (from 5 to 8,) three cooking pots, exclusive camp decorations that can raise exp and ingredient drops, and finally a Pokéball statue that increases the number of PM tickets you can receive daily.

16 FYI: Befriend A Free Pokémon Every Day


Pokémon Quest will help you in many other ways than just farming for gold Power Stones. Playing Pokémon Quest every day also helps you build your Pokémon roster. Approximately every 22 hours, a random Pokémon will appear at the entrance of your base with a red exclamation point. That Pokémon is a wild that for whatever reason decides it wants to live at your base. When you tap on it you’ll automatically befriend it, no need for cooking. Additionally, these free Pokémon can often be pretty useful for your adventure as they are often around the same level as some of your highest leveled Pokémon.

15 Tip: Always Have Pots Cooking, Always

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Pokémon Quest is a noticeably quick-play type of game; you can start it up and do a couple of expeditions in a couple minutes. You might breeze through it to the point where you may forget to come back to camp and check on cooking pots. It’s important to keep pots cooking because it can constantly bring in Pokémon. As you keep bringing in Pokémon you could use them for training or simply boosting the strength of your roster. There are times where it will be important to optimize to get as much as you can whenever possible. That will allow you to become good at games like Pokémon Quest.

14 FYI: Your Pokémon Can Receive Bingo Bonuses

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Each Pokémon’s Power Charm contains nine 3x3 spaces to place Power Stones, but you can gain an extra boost to your stats if you line up Power Stones bingo style. Lower leveled Pokémon will have to gain experience in order to unlock a panel on the Power Charm.

Lining up three Power Stones either vertically or horizontally results in a bingo bonus.

Unfortunately, the player doesn’t have control of what panel they can unlock, they would have to hope that it plays out that way. As an additional tip, you should prioritize equipping Power Stones to fulfill the bingo bonuses.

13 Tip: Get The Cusheons ASAP

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Among the base decorations you can use PM tickets to purchase, there are three in particular that will really help out. There are three cushions that are based off of the Eevee evolutions, Flareon, Jolteon, and Vaporeon. These “Cusheons,” as they are called, will increase Red, Yellow, and Blue ingredients drop rate by 50% by their respective colors. That will allow you a chance to cook some of the harder to cook dishes to bring in rarer Pokémon earlier in the game.

12 FYI: A Scatter Button Is Your Way Of Controlling Pokémon Movements

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In Pokémon Quest, your Pokémon will normally move without your input. The team of three Pokémon will coordinate together to hunt down the next target, so it won’t be completely random based. However, you do have a way of directing their movements. During expeditions, you will see a yellow button to the right of your screen. This yellow button will cause your Pokémon to scatter around the area to avoid enemy Pokémon. This is a tactical button that will be helpful in hectic situations.

11 Tip: Make Use Of The Scatter Button During Boss Battles

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The scatter button is the only way the player can have any impact on the Pokémon’s movement by ordering them to flee the area. This action can be best used for boss battles. In Pokémon Quest, boss battles feature Pokémon that are noticeably stronger than the rest of the enemies and are usually bigger too. Attacks that boss Pokémon use can be really powerful and cover a wide range, but usually require a bit of charge up. That charge up is your cue to scatter about, come back, land a good hit and repeat if you need to.

10 FYI: You Can Build A Team Of Three Pokémon

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Pokémon trainers usually build teams of six Pokémon. However, in Pokémon Quest, you build a single team of three Pokémon. The formation is somewhat in the shape of a triangle, Pokémon base their positioning on what type of moves they have. Pokémon with support moves or ranged moves typically hang in the back, while those with strong attacks go to the front.

The positioning you use for the Pokémon certainly matters.

It’s best to have a tank in the front, while having ranged attackers, stat buffers, or offensively powerful Pokémon behind the other Pokémon.

9 Tip: Bring Pokémon With Crowd Control Moves

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In Pokémon Quest, you bring in a team of three Pokémon to go up against basically an entire horde of Pokémon in one expedition. Some areas will feature a surprise ambush where Pokémon will come out from every corner to surround you. This is why you should bring a Pokémon that can cover a wide range, with an attack such as Fire Spin. This will allow you to control big crowds and create some space around you.

8 FYI: You Have Multiple Options For Training Pokémon

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Grinding for experience points can sometimes get repetitive. Pokémon Quest makes it even more problematic with a slow growth rate as well as a battery that limits how many quests you can play for a period of time. Fortunately, there are training options for your Pokémon.

This training mode can either increase the experience gained by a Pokémon or it can help your Pokémon learn another move.

However, you must give up other Pokémon in your party to do so. This may sound like a bad requirement, but instead, it can actually be useful to make use of expendable Pokémon.

7 Tip: Train Pokémon With Those Of The Same Evolutionary Line

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Training is pretty useful, but if you are specifically looking to gain extra experience in training sessions, you'll have to get as much as you can. On particular tip will enhance how much you can earn in training.

It’s best to use Pokémon that are from the same evolutionary line, or duplicate Pokémon.

When you use any of these Pokémon, you will receive an extra bit towards experience gained. This is where continuously adding more Pokémon will be useful as it provides a useful way to make Pokémon training a bit more effective.

6 FYI: Free PM Tickets Every Day

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Another form of generosity that Pokémon Quest gives to its players is every day you can redeem PM tickets. PM tickets are known as Poké Mart Tickets and are redeemed for base decorations, speed up cooking, recover items from failed expeditions, recharging your battery, etc. Each day you can receive 50 free tickets, which is a decent amount, enough to purchase one of the Cusheons. Pokémon Quest may have real money purchase options, but they give you plenty of resources if you want to enjoy the game completely free.

5 Tip: How You Can Befriend Legendary Pokémon

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Legendary Pokémon have always been one of the more interesting challenges in Pokémon games. In Pokémon Quest, you have the ability to befriend the legendary birds, Mewtwo and Mew. Mew in particular is extra rare compared to the other legendary Pokémon In order to do this you need to cook with Mystic Shells and Rainbow Matter. Rainbow Matter is a very rare ingredient, it can be found on any level. As the name suggests, it is rainbow colored.

You’ll have your work cut out to get a legendary Pokémon, but it will be worth it.

Mystic Shells can only be obtained post-game in a place called Happenstance Island after clearing a level. However, Happenstance Island requires at least a minimum of 20,000 of team power and each level features a legendary Pokémon as a boss.

4 FYI: You Can Equip Special Power Stones To Pokémon Moves

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In addition to the nine Power Stone slots on each Pokémon’s Power Charm, there are also two or three slots dedicated to a Pokémon’s moveset. These slots can be filled with Power Stones that are built only for this purpose. These Power Stones can alter certain attributes of an attack such as reducing an attack’s cooldown time or turning the attack into a double shot attack where the move would be activated twice.

3 Tip: Bulk Up + Sharing Stone Works Wonders

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This is one of those great examples of why it is better to have a Pokémon with one move. Bulk Up is a move that will increase both attack and defense. The Sharing Stone allows is a Power Stone that allows a move’s effects to be shared with other Pokémon.

Combining these two together means that Bulk Up will power up your entire team’s attack and defense stats.

This is essentially what a support Pokémon should be like. With this combination, you can turn your entire team into a juggernaut and mow down opposing Pokémon.

2 FYI: Have Fun Decorating Your Base

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The home base that your character will make upon landing on Tumblecube Island will appear rather quiet and empty at first. However, one of the coolest things you can do is decorate your base with many Pokémon themed furniture and signage. You can use PM tickets to redeem decorations to fancy up your base however you like.

These decorations also come with the added benefit of increasing various mechanics such as ingredient rate drop and exp gained.

Many of these decorations will be themed after certain Pokémon. There are also statues that you earn after completing a world in which you can use to further spruce up your base.

1 Tip: Chose Your Expedition Bonus Wisely

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Every 10 expeditions will trigger an expedition bonus. As mentioned earlier, an expedition bonus will guarantee a gold Power Stone. However, you must be wise with what level you choose to earn your Power Stone. If you were to pick an early level, the gold Power Stone you receive won’t be very strong. The further into the game you get your expedition bonus from, the stronger the gold Power Stone will be. It is important to choose the strongest level that you feel confident about winning.

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