Pokémon: Ranking The 10 Pokémon In Need Of Another Evolution

Pokémon is a game series that revolves around two things most of the time. It focuses on the trainer going out and catching all of the pokémon in a given region and evolving them into their final forms. Evolution is one of the strongest identifying factors of the 20+-year-old franchise. Funny enough there is a handful of pokémon in every generation that doesn't have a single evolution in their line with no hopes of growing. It kind of goes against the very principles of Pokémon in some ways. Let's rank the top ten pokémon who need an evolution.

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10 Lapras

With the new Pokémon Sword & Shield taking place in the Galar region there's hope for it to receive some type of love in either another evolution or a Galar form. This thought process is due to the Galar region being inspired and based on the United Kingdom in which the Loch Ness Monster legend resides. Lapras' design is strongly based on the legendary water-based creature and it's a pokémon they can revisit with a legitimate excuse as to why it's getting love in a new region. Hopefully, there'll be stories told of a Loch Ness-inspired pokémon throughout the Galar region.

9 Relicanth

Relicanth is based and inspired on ancient underwater fish who have roamed the oceans of Earth for many years. For being mostly a mixture of brown and tan colors Relicanth sports a pretty interesting design.

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Its main defining characteristic is that it's ancient, but what if its final form was something even older? Would it be crazy to expect it to evolve into some type of leviathan or H.P. Lovecraft inspired monstrosity? A pre-evolution often referred to as a baby evolution, could also give the old curmudgeon an adorable younger self.

8 Emolga

Emolga is what many Pokémon fans would call a Pikachu clone. Every generation seems to include some sort of electric-type rodent type that's meant to take the place of Pikachu in that specific region. The electric and flying squirrel Emolga was exactly that for the Unova region, which was the place trainers explored during their adventures in Pokémon Black & White. Since the upcoming Galar region in Pokémon Sword & Shield will feature numerous cities it'd be neat to see an evolution of Emolga wandering the rooftops and window ledges of building in the Galar region.

7 Dunsparce

Dunsparce is the most vanilla and basic pokémon likely in existence. On top of not having any evolutions, Dunsparce has normal typing and an overall design that leaves a lot to the imagination. This will be talked about with Stunfisk as well, but Dunsparce needs the Magikarp treatment. Uninteresting or awful looking pokémon can benefit from an evolution that makes them super cool, even if it comes at the cost of being a difficult reward to obtain. Considering it's a normal-type slug there are plenty of ways the evolutionary line could go.

6 Stunfisk

Stunfisk is like Magikarp except it's more ugly and doesn't evolve into Gyarados. It doesn't evolve into anything at all. You would assume that a pokémon that looks like a fish who exists on the ocean floor would be partially a water-type, but Stunfisk disappoints there as well as it's an electric/ground-type.

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Though an eel wouldn't make much sense as the base of its evolution considering it's more fish-like, there are still really cool ways that electricity and ground could be integrated into a Gyarados-type makeover for Stunfisk via evolution.

5 Heracross

Whether you like bugs or not it's hard to deny how cool stag beetles look. They're massive in comparison to other insects and feature horns and antlers that resemble fantasy armor. Heracross takes the design of a Hercules beetle and makes it a little goofier and friendlier. Despite not having an evolution Heracross has always been a fan favorite from the Johto region. Giving it a second form could bring on a sense of nostalgia. Now, whether GameFreak goes with a goofier or more intimidating evolution is an entirely different conversation.

4 Corsola

With the major coral reefs dying more and more as the days pass, it's a shame that the pokémon designed and inspired by coral has been left without an evolution. Having numerous Corsola join up to form an evolution that's a mass of them could be cool. This could form a coral reef type pokémon that takes on the evolutionary conventions of Magnemite or Diglett. The way to evolve Corsola into this could be leveling up Corsola to a certain level while your entire party is full of Corsola. It would relate to the look and inspiration for a coral reef evolution.

3 Spinda

Spinda is often forgotten about when trainers discuss their favorite bear pokémon. Teddirusa and Ursaring are normal-type just like Spinda, and both Pancham and Pangoro have the panda bear inspiration covered. This leaves Spinda in a weird place as to what its evolution should look like and be typed.

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Spinda could benefit most from receiving a dual-typing and leaning into the fact that no two look alike due to the variation in their spots. The variation could be a part of the evolution and the spots of your Spinda could lead to a unique feature in its evolution as well.

2 Farfetch'd

It's rumored that Farfetch'd is either receiving an evolution or Galar form in Pokémon Sword & Shield, so if they come to fruition on the former then he may no longer belong on this list. For simply being a bird with a leek in his hand, Farfetch'd sports a pretty interesting design. Many fans still wonder if you find a Farfetch'd without a leek in his hands, what does that classify them as. Birds are arguably the most overused real-world creature in Pokémon, so it's always been odd that Farfetch'd never received a pre-evolution or secondary one.

1 Kangaskhan

For years Pokémon fans have debated the idea of Kangaskhan being the parent evolution of Cubone, despite GameFreak refuting the idea multiple times. The mystery remains why Kangaskhan has a baby in its pouch and it's never received a baby form or even its own name. Unlike a Magneton who's comprised of a grouping of several Magnemites, it's weird to classify a mother and her child as one creature. Out of all the Kanto region pokémon without an evolution, Kangaskhan is the one most in need of another evolution.

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