Pokémon Red And Blue: Every Exclusive Pokémon From Worst To Best, Officially Ranked

Pokémon has been around for a long time, and despite how much the games may change from new title to new title, it has to be said that there are a lot of things that the developers like to keep in their games, the sort of thing that players then come to expect from the series. One of the things that the developers have put in place ever since Blue and Red is the ability to choose which game people want due to the chance to get ahold of exclusive Pokémon.

Yes, we were shocked back in the day that we wouldn't be able to get every single Pokémon just by owning one game, but it does make sense that they would want to do this, as it gives people a reason to buy both of the titles if they're bothered about completing the Pokédex. What we've decided to do is take a look at the exclusives that were included in both Blue and Red, and rank them for everyone.

We know that we've come a long way since Red and Blue, but some of these exclusives have ended up becoming some people's favorites for a very long time now. We think it's important to always remember where the series started, which is why we want take a look at the first ever exclusives that were created by the developers. If everyone is ready, we think it's about time that we got started and took a look at the first ever Pokémon exclusives!

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22 Bellsprout

via Pinterest.com

It should come as no surprise that we're placing this guy so low on the list, seeing as it's literally just a flower... Bar a couple of very rare ones found in various places around the world, most flowers are some of the weakest things on the planet. We're not saying that nature in general can't be pretty amazing, an impressive force of power even, but nobody has ever found themselves having to deal with the power of a single flower. People may like the look of this one, maybe even its evolution's, but we can't believe anyone would put this one anywhere else on the list!

21 Oddish

via joshuadunlop.artstation.com

Believe it or not, but this monster ends up just throwing themselves under the dirt during the day before moving around during the night. It's no surprise that a lot of people don't choose to have the plant monster become part of their regular party. Any monster that only needs enough energy to walk around during the night probably isn't one that people want to have as one of their mains, as the trainers need to know that the things they're sending out onto the battlefield will be able to take on anything that they come up against.

20 Ekans

via artstation.com

People would think that having a snake monster would be smart, but we have to say that we're not to keen on this snake Pokémon, possibly because any monster that is just a word in the real world but spelled backwards is never going to impress us. Not only that but the monster acts barely different to the standard snake animal, and we would like to think that if we were creating a whole world of monsters that we'd put in more work than just making an animal and spelling their name backwards, but then we've never been in that sort of situation...

19 Arbok

via pokemon.fandom.com

Yet again, this is just the name spelled backwards, which is never going to impress us anyway, but once we throw in the fact that this guy can't even do much more damage than the snake it evolved from, we don't think there's really much to be interested in here at all. It has a lot of abilities when it comes to poison, which can always be a good option in a battle, but we have to say that this isn't enough to make us interested in keeping one of these in our main party, which should say it all if we're being totally honest.

18 Mankey

via pokemon.fandom.com

Okay, despite the fact that this is just one letter changed, we're going to let it slide this time because we've got a real thing for chimps and chimp-like creatures. Not only that, but this cheeky monster can end up flying into a rage really quickly, throwing itself at the monster they're coming up against and attempting to take them out as quickly as possible, which is always a good thing to have on our side. We would suggest that trainers grab one of these, but only because they can turn into a much better monster. On their own, they're not too great.

17 Growlithe

via dribbble.com

Just like a lot of dogs, its bark is arguably worst than its bite, meaning that having this little guy in a party isn't too smart unless trainers are planning on keeping him around until he evolves. Not only that, but this thing is hugely territorial, meaning that anybody that wants to try and track one down will end up coming up against it, possibly even having to take on a whole group of them before splitting one of them off from their family. Honestly, while it may be worth it once it evolves, this little guy isn't really worth the effort.

16 Persian

via bulbapedia.com

We're fairly sure this is one of the only times that an evolved Pokémon ends up being less interesting to have in a party than the original, but there we go! Yes, the evolved version of Meowth has always been of very little interest to us, most likely because it may as well just be a standard cat. Sure, it looks slightly bigger than most cats people are likely to come up against in the real world, but that doesn't change the fact that they were able to make Meowth have much more of a personality than they ever did with this monster!

15 Weepinbell

via joshuadunlop.artstation.com

The fact that this monster is actually based on a real life plant that lures rats into their hole with a sweet smell means that we're not going to put this thing right at the bottom of the list, as that is pretty fascinating! That being said, we don't have a lot of time for this otherwise, as it doesn't have a lot of power and it looks pretty goofy... We can't imagine that anybody would be intimidated if they ran into this plant in the wilderness, and yet that is exactly what we're supposed to think opposing monsters will end up going!

14 Pinsir

via brassmuerto.deviantart.com

We struggled with where to put this one and while it's not the worst Pokémon on the list, it certainly isn't the best one here either! Nobody is denying that the design of this monster is pretty good, but we always felt that they made its arms look way too weak. They should've continued with the trend set by its eyes and mouth, making this monster a huge and fearsome thing! Not only does it look fairly weak, but it isn't one of the strongest monsters ever either, so we're going to have to put this one fairly low down...

13 Sandshrew

via wallpapercave.com

Despite how cute this monster is, there's no getting around the fact that it's a mouse that lives under sand, and therefore isn't going to offer too much power. Sure, we can see these things being able to protect themselves well in the wild, and we're never going to say that they aren't incredibly cute to look at either, but that doesn't mean we want one of them in our main party. That being said, some people will find what it evolves worthy enough to hold onto Sandshrew for quite a while.

12 Vulpix

via wallpaperplay.com

While we may not be too keen on the monster that this evolves into, we know that a lot of people are, so it's no surprise that a lot of them are willing to keep this cute fox around for a while before it evolves into something much more glorious. We've also put it higher on the list than a handful of other monsters as we feel that it does actually have quite a lot of hidden strength, offering people a chance to throw out some really strong fire attacks that other monsters won't be able to deal with, despite the monster's small size and cute demeanor.

11 Gloom

via yachimecautogroup.com

We personally love this monster and the monster that it evolves into, but we knew we couldn't put it any higher than this on the list purely because there are others that aren't too keen, and it doesn't get strong enough moves until its final form. That being said, we don't think that people realize just how sneaky this monster is! When a lot of people see what looks like drool, they think of it as a rather lazy Pokémon, something that they don't want in their party, but this drool is actually a sweet nectar that the monster uses to attract their enemies!

10 Primeape

via deviantart.com/raizy

Despite how much we do love a cheeky chimp, as we've already said, we couldn't put this guy any higher. While it contains the same amount of rage and can quickly inflict some damage on an enemy, there isn't enough of a change between the monster that evolves into this for us to be that interested evolving it in the first place! A frightening monster that can flip at any moment, attacking everyone around them, but that doesn't do too much damage to higher strength Pokémon, just sounds like a nightmare waiting to happen if we're being totally honest, so we're going to keep it low!

9 Ninetales

via geektyrant.com

Despite being one of the most beautiful Pokémon that has ever existed, we couldn't put this monster any higher as we've never been impressed with the amount of strength that it has to offer. What we have to remember is, we're trainers, meaning that we're here to make our caught monsters battle. While this may not be too pleasant to think about, we're not looking for a pet here, so while some people in the Pokémon universe may want something like this, we're not too keen on the things!

8 Sandslash

via blogspot.com

While the monster that evolves into this one is rather cute, it doesn't have a lot of strength and power to take on enemies, so we can understand why a lot of people wouldn't want to stick around with it. If they do, they will end up with this beast, a monster that we would always be happy to have in our main party, especially if we knew that we had made the effort to build it up to where it was. We can only imagine what sort of damage those claws can end up doing once this monster is left to unleash its fury on an enemy.

7 Vileplume

via deviantart.com/ Art by kuitsuku, BG Photoshopped by Me

While we can see why a lot of people would believe that this monster isn't worth keeping around, especially as they have to get to it by working on two monsters that aren't too great until they finally evolve, but we have to say that they're definitely wrong on this one! Anybody that can't see the potential behind that scary smile, the worrying smirk coming out from behind the shadow left by its own petals, clearly has no idea about the power and strength that can often be hidden in nice packages...

6 Victreebel

via eviantart.com/paulinog

Rather than the goofy version of this monster that comes before its final evolution, this genuinely looks scary. If we lived within the Pokémon universe and found ourselves coming up against one of these things in the woods, especially if we didn't have any monsters on us, we don't think we could run fast enough. Throw in the fact that it actually does have enough strength to be worth having in a battle, and what we have here is one of the best exclusives to have in a fight between two trainers!

5 Magmar

via reddit.com

All we have to say is, any monster that looks like they're made entirely of fire is probably one that we want to have in our party. The Pokédex entry says that it looks so much like fire that it can even hide within flames to try and stay away from anyone that is trying to take it on. While it didn't have any sort of evolution back in the early days of the Pokémon series, we never really cared when it came to this guy, as it arguably looks unlike any other monster that we had come across throughout our entire adventure!

4 Meowth

via imgur.com

While we know that our view of this monster will have been colored by the fact that Team Rocket has one that can actually speak English, we actually think that the developers put a lot of effort into its character design, and it has ended up with a lot of personality. A lot of people will want to let their Meowth evolve if they're given the option as it means they'll turn into a much stronger Pokémon, but we've already pointed out that with strength comes boredom, as the design of Meowth's evolution is not interesting at all!

3 Arcanine

via game-art-hq.com

Is there any trainer out there that can look at this glorious thing and not want it to be a part of their party? On the surface, this Pokémon has actually been well loved throughout the ages as a beautiful look at what agile monsters can end up becoming, which will be enough to get most people interested in having them as a monster! However, they also have a lot of power to back up this agile beauty, meaning that even trainers that are only looking for strength will find what they want by training a Growlithe into an Arcanine.

2 Electabuzz

via bulbagarden.net

This guy didn't have an evolution back in Blue and Red, so it's no surprise that some people turned away from him, as taking on monsters that will eventually change was one of the fun things to do in the original Pokémon series. If people are interested in how powerful this monster truly is, they should see what happens when it moves away from the power plants that it usually lives near. When they wander towards a town, the electric power within this monster can end up causing huge blackouts throughout an entire city.

1 Scyther

via magickie.deviantart.com

We can't speak for anyone else, but we've always found the design of Scyther to be really interesting. Not only does it look very cool, but it looks dangerous as well, something that many people found out he actually was when they chose to make him a member of their main party! Back in the day, he was overlooked by a lot of people as they couldn't catch him early on in the game and he didn't have an evolution, but we imagine they found out later this was a mistake when they actually came up against somebody who did have one!

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