The 10 Scariest Pokémon (Who Aren't Ghost-Type)

Spooky season is here, and with a stable of over 800 different creatures, Pokémon has the spooks in spades. In fact, there are tons of different scary Pokémon around that really shouldn't be aimed at kids. And it isn't just the usual suspects. Today, we'll be taking a look at ten scary Pokémon that aren't ghost-type. There are many to go through, far more than you would ever expect. Without any further ado, let's jump right on into the list at number ten.

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10 Drampa

Drampa might not be what you would look at as scary at first. It's a cute little grandpa dragon that loves making friends with Alolan children, how sweet! That is, until you look a little further. If you bully one of those Alolan children that is friends with Drampa. Drampa will find you. Do you know what Drampa does when he finds you? He burns your house down.

Drampa isn't a scary story like the boogeyman to keep children from doing anything too crazy. He's an actual dragon that lives in close vicinity to you. He will not hesitate to destroy everything you have. In conclusion, don't be a bully or a dragon will burn your house to the ground.

9 Darkrai

Darkrai inflicts nightmares upon people on nights of the new moon that they can't escape, and it is likely that he feeds off of these dreams as well. Yeah, that's terrifying. The Pokédex likes to state that this is done in self-defense, likely story Darkrai. Then why did you inflict nightmares on a literal child in Diamond and Pearl Darkrai? Hm? No answer? Liar. Stay away from this one, he cannot be trusted.

8 Drapion

Drapion doesn't seem too bad, right? He's a scorpion Pokémon, and actually looks like a little bit of a cute little idiot in the above picture. However... picture this. A huge, four-foot-tall scorpion running at you at full speed in the middle of the night. This spider will attack everything, and has the power to destroy a car with ease. Not as important, but it can also turn its head completely around just to add to the nonsense. Basically don't go near Drapion or you'll just die.

7 Yveltal

Yveltal is the counterpart to Xerneas. While that Pokémon is a giver of life, Yveltal is a taker, feeding off of the life force of creatures around it. Okay so to begin, do not put this Pokémon on your team under any circumstances. When Yveltal's life comes to an end, it goes into a cacoon to begin anew. That is, only after it takes the life force from... everything. Well, let's hope that Yveltal has a nice, long life, because we really don't stand a chance against this thing.

6 Mega Pinsir

No one really thinks about just how truly terrifying bug Pokémon would be if they existed in the real world. Humans don't like regular bugs already. Give current bugs some steroids, make them 10x bigger, and give them superpowers. Bug Pokémon. Mega Pinsir is a nightmare fuel on for sure. Look at this thing. The huge horns, the terrifying teeth, the wings, the malice in the eyes. Mega Pinsir is terribly powerful, don't find yourself in a dark alley with one. Or a regular Pinsir, for that matter.

5 Shedinja

Shedinja is a floating carcass, let's get that straight before we even delve into this thing. If you have an extra Pokéball and a free slot on your team after evolving Nincada, you get Shedinja. It is Nincada's molted skin come to life, and looking inside the crack on its back steals your soul. Well, yeah that's refreshing why wouldn't it do that? If a Shedinja is coming after you, good luck. It can only be defeated by super-effective moves, so you'd better have a flamethrower on hand or something.

4 Pheromosa

Pheromosa is terrifying. This very, very tall bug lady came from another world, and she wants death. While she is for some reason codenamed as beauty, she is far from it. This cockroach-like Pokémon can move its body at unmatched speed, and can produce pheromones that leave onlookers unable to attack it, making it a very strong Ultra Beast to try and contend with.

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With unmatched power, Pheromosa is one that you really should stay away from.

3 Hypno

Hypno is an absolutely terrifying Pokémon. While the above picture already shows just how unsettling this thing is, it gets worse. Many Pokédex entries describe Hypno as dangerous. It uses its pendulum to put people to sleep, and then feasts on their dreams. Alright, pretty unsettling, but not horrible, right? Except, there are a few Pokédex entries that reference a child that was taken away by Hypno after it had been hypnotized. With this in mind, stay away from Hypno. Stay away from its pre-evolution too, Drowzee. It really isn't much better than the big one.

2 Gothitelle

Well, while we're on the topic of taking children... let's look at Gothitelle. It's base evolution is always staring at something only it can see. Its pre-evolution is known for leading people astray after hypnotizing them, seemingly to make new friends. Gothitelle uses its abilities to see the future and learn its trainer's lifespan. After doing this, it will cry. That's understandable. Wow, every single one of Gothitelle's forms has something horrible going on. While the middle evolution is probably the worst, they're all scary. Just treat your Gothitelle with kindness and nothing will happen probably?

1 Gorebyss

Gorebyss is a cute little Pokémon, right? It's a wonderful little sea creature who swims around all day, causing no one harm. Well, that isn't entirely true. Gorebyss is a monster. While it looks unsuspecting, Gorebyss is known to be incredibly vicious. Once it locates prey, Gorebyss inserts its mouth into the prey's body, and then sucks the life force out of it little by little. No, you really did hear that right. The pink fish Pokémon with comically long eyelashes is known for slowly draining its prey of its lifeforce. Isn't that just lovely?

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